Flooding is Fun!

Ahhhhh, nothing quite like a restful Sunday. Relaxing to the sound of running water that turns out to be running down your hallway because the shower drain has been transported to a parallel universe where instead of draining water away, it has become a fountain which is flooding your home.

Oh the joys of living in an apartment block are never-ending, and shared plumbing is just one of these joys. See, when I noticed my shower wasn’t draining properly I stopped showering thus avoiding disaster. This was all for naught when the upstairs neighbour emptied their bath and thus hundreds of litres of water rush down the same blocked hundred year old pipe, hit the blockage and spurt back up to the lowest release point: my shower.

The joys of seeing water cascading towards all your electrical appliances aren’t easy to express, although I tried.  I may have been nominated by my neighbour for an award for "Most creative profanity in a stressful situation". So after paying $500 to get an emergency plumber to come out the source of the problem is fixed and things aren’t going to get any worse. The trouble is, 75% of the carpets in my flat are soaked which is pretty damn bad already. And I have to talk to the real estate agent today to deal with that and get my $500 back.

The fact that I am entirely blameless in this and have already been through huge amounts of stress should have absolutely no effect on the real estate agent. I’m sure they’ll keep things simple and blame me. These are paragons of virtue I place on about the same rung as car dealers and truck drivers.

Oh joy, I have such fun times to look forward to!

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2 responses to “Flooding is Fun!

  1. crapola, did you meet with them? what was the outcome. i’m sure you would’ve blogged about it if it had eventuated… yes?

  2. Ahh, it was a real anticlimax Maryam. Everything got fixed without too much drama so I couldn’t make myself angry enough to blog about it :)

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