Some Quick Points

Point one: I've already posted once today, so this one isn't too heavy on teh angery. I went to see "I Heart Racism", one of the shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I mentioned this show earlier in the week, it's directed by an old college friend, Adrian Calear. I knew this was a popular show so I booked online during the week. I showed up to the box office and found out Ticketmaster had screwed up the booking – it definitely wasn't me who screwed up the booking, no matter what the evidence suggests.

So there is actually some angry in this post because I was pretty pissed off. The situation was defused when Adrian found me a seat, even though the show was sold out. It's a good show, proving to be a big hit with the audiences during the festival. It's interesting to me that the folk putting on the show spend so much time pointing out that it's "offensive" and "R-rated". Personally, I could survive a lot more on the offensive front but that's hardly likely to surprise anyone who reads this blog.

I think a lot of what they were guarding against is that the show is written by two young white boys. Approaching racism from a humourous perspective is certainly an exercise in skating on thin ice and it's quite hard for white boys to joke about racism without someone accusing them of being racist. If you want someone who's unrelentingly in your face on issues of race while being mind-bendingly funny, try watching Dave Chappelle.
Point Two: I note from the site stats that I passed the 100 comments mark, a little milestone I'm quite happy about. Admittedly, a lot of them are from me but this blog is all about dialogue, not preaching. Okay, it's about preaching first but I'd lose interest without dialogue. Humble thanks to my readers and commenters. No angry at all here.

Point Three: Jason suggest I go nuts on the topic of inappropriate apostrophe use. I agree with him that this is a crime against humanity, but I couldn't do it any better than this:

Bob the Angry Flower on Apostrophes


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