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Something is bugging Gruntski

This is another guest post from Gruntski.

Something is indeed bugging the man: bugs. As I’m on holiday, I’ll let him explain it in his own words:


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Hell freezes over – or, there’s hope for me yet

One of my ongoing frustrations is that I’ve never had a video featured on YouTube. Getting featured would be a major step towards my goal of world domination. And I deserve it it, dammit. They feature some real shit on YouTube.

This video is a little tribute to a YouTube mate of mine, fellow Aussie Seanbedlam who was recently featured. If you don’t know Sean’s work you wouldn’t know why I think this is such a major event. In short, Sean is way more offensive than me as a rule of thumb (hard as that may be to believe.)

I’d often thought that one of the reasons I never get featured is the powers that be at YouTube were worried highlighting one of my “clean” videos would lead people to my potty mouth work and make them look bad. But if they’ll feature Sean, there’s hope for me yet. He’s been on YouTube longer than me so maybe I just have to be patient. Anyway, here’s my tribute to Sean being featured:


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Gruntski on driving

This is a guest post from Gruntski.

In this video post, we learn that Gruntski and Mr Angry have at least one thing in common: they both hate fuckwits in traffic.


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The Angry News – Found and Lost

A major air crash is always a traumatic event for those affected. It must be a real treat when the tragedy is made worse by a bureaucratic fuck-up like the one that recently happened in Indonesia as I outline in this video:


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The customer is always wrong

This is a guest post from Engtech

The expression “The Customer is Always Right” was first used in advertising by Gordon Selfridge in the late 1800s, but has been around for centuries in who knows how many different languages. Yet it is a mantra that seems to be falling by the wayside in modern
business.  From the corporate point of view, the 21st century consumer is right less often. Corporations attack our pocketbooks from numerous fronts:

  • an abundance of user agreements telling you what you can or cannot use,
  • product purchase contests now use pins and require registrations to build up direct marketing databases,
  • hints at online retailers doing targeted price increases using your shopping habits to increase the price of items you are likely to buy,
  • digital rights management (DRM) technology — a fancy way of saying “even though you paid for this you don’t get to own it and do what you want with it”.

I didn’t like it when gift certificates changed to gift cards with expiration dates, although I understand the logic behind it. (It’s done for accounting reasons.)

I hate that if I make a mistake booking a flightand I don’t correct it within the grace period that I still have to pay a rebooking fee (and the original expensive fare) when rebooking to a cheaper flight. I understand it is a necessary barrier to prevent people from switching flights willy-nilly, but it sucks. (Always triple check your itinerary well ahead of time). The corporation has you bent over and at their mercy; business as usual.  Pray they use lubricant.

But what really makes my blood boil is the underhanded stupidity that you can only get when the person is right in front of you.  It’s easier to ignore the short-sightedness and psychosis that is assumed from an unseen evil corporate overlord.  It isn’t so easy to ignore a cashier in a green golf-shirt and clear plastic gloves who’s standing face to face with you.

Subway: Eat Fre$h

This first story is a simple one, I’m sure every consumer has experienced something similar at a one time or another. This was back when Subway still accepted “free sub” stamp cards (before the widespread counterfeiting made them too cost ineffective). My significant other and I bought two subs as a Couple Unit(tm) and we were soundly informed that we were only allowed one card per customer.

So we paid for them separately and USED OUR CARDS thankyouverymuch under the disapproving glare of the manager-slash-owner. (And have exercised out rights as consumers by never returning to that specific location.)

The second story happened today. The Subway location near my work offers daily 6″ sub specials for $2.49. Today’s special was the Italian BMT (Pepperoni, Salami, and Ham). Meanwhile, the 6″ veggie delite vegetarian sub was $4 + change. For those of you who are not Subway aficionados, there is no difference between a veggie sub and any other sub with the meat taken out.

So, something that cost Subway less in both ingredients and time was considerably more expensive than the special.  If you fancied a veggie sub, you might think you could ask for the special but leave the meat out.  In the words of StephenR. Covey, this would be a prime example of thinking win/win. I save a buck, Subway saves some cost on ingredients. But instead it was a clear example of No Deal. The only way to get a veggie sub for the low-low-price of $2.49 is to buy a meat sub and throw out the meat in front of them. You can’t even ask for “meat on the side, please”.

As a carnivore, I fully understand the desire to subsidize your business on the backs of the omni-lacto-hippo-vegans and visible minorities who avoid meat products for “religious reasons”. After all, our ancestors didn’t fight this long to get to the top of the food chain only for us to start giving up ground now. Maybe the refusal to play ball was really a neo-conservative judgment on my perceived left-wing hippy vegetarian societal choices?

Or maybe they were afraid what might happen if they started down that slippery slope:

  • trying to exchange two different 6″ subs of a lesser value for a footlong sub,
  • trying to switch cookies for chips in your sandwich, drink and side combo,
  • or trying to substitute a $2.49 cold-cut trio (turkey-based ham, turkey-based salami, turkey-based bologna) for a genuine turkey breast sub.

They’re absolutely right of course.  Increasing your business by making choices that benefit the consumer while saving your business money at the same time is the first step down the slippery slope to anarchy.  Arbitrary rules are always a better way to go than allowing people to make independent, intelligent decisions based on changing circumstances.

Besides, the customer is always wrong.


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Leaving on a Jet Plane

As I was packing my bags for New Zealand, I couldn’t resist the urge to make one last video before leaving home.  Besides packing I had a few big announcements, namely, I’ve reached 500 subscribers and over 300,000 video views.  Woohoo!  Small potatoes compared to the big YouTube stars but major milestones for me.

Now we’ll see how how addicted to YouTube I am – how many videos from New Zealand will be posted while I’m still on holidays?


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Angry at the airport

OK, here’s a short angry rant.  I’m waiting for my flight at Melbourne airport and I paid for some time on one of their stupid internet terminals and the fuckers have diabled the control and alt keys.  What the fuck is that about.

I tried to work around it but for some reason the ignorant pricks have disable copying and pasting between windows.  What stupid fucker thought that was a good and/or necessary idea. 

Way to go ignorant airport fuckwits.  You found ANOTHER way to piss off travellers.


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I’m gonna kill my neighbour

If my neighbour is really lucky I’ll have left for my New Zealand holiday before I kill the fucker.  The cheap bastard has a shitty car that never starts properly and he’s too cheap to get the fucking thing fixed.  I know this because I’m always hearing him try to start it.  You know that annoying rrrr-rrrr-rrrr noise you get when a car engine won’t turn over?  I get to hear that very regularly.

In itself, that wouldn’t be so bad.  But when it finally kicks into life, the ignorant prick revs the guts out of it for about a minute.  I’m assuming he does this in the hope the engine won’t cut out again.  Now, I’m not a mechanical expert but I think he’s actually damaging his already fucked engine by doing this.  Maybe someone who knows something about engines could confirm this.  But it’s a pissy little van and the engine sound like an over-worked lawn mower when he revs it.

He’s done this once while I was making a video and I had to stop until he’d finished because of the noise.  Maybe I should actually make it the topic of the video next time it happens.  He’s also done it very late at night but he stepped waaaaaaay over the line when he did it this morning.  At about 6-fucking-a-fucking-m.  The only reason he lived through it is I’m so out of it at that time of the morning he’d made a getaway by the time I’d stumbled into some clothes.

Assuming he lives through tonight, he’s got the two weeks I’m away to fix the fucking thing.  If it happens again after I get back I’ll muffle the noise by jamming his fucking head up the exhaust pipe.


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A noisy computer makes for an angry blog

The fan in my computer is playing up and making a horrible fucking whining noise.  At least I hope it’s the fan.  If it’s the hard drive I’m in serious trouble.  It’s so loud I can’t stand being on the computer for long so this will be a short post.

If I wasn’t goin on holidays in a few days I’d be arranging to have it fixed but I have too much on my mind to deal with this at the moment.  Besides, I have a backup in place now.  I went out yesterday and bought me a sleek black MacBook.  I’m taking this on holidays so I may well be able to maintain posts in New Zealand by finding wireless internet access points.

It’s pretty cool.  I can hear the Mac faithful chanting now: “one of us, one of us…”  I haven’t gone online with the MacBook yet, once I do I’ll probably be totally hooked.  The kids already think it’s fantastic – they spend hours playing with the PhotoBooth software making funny distored pictures.

I may even experiment with the Comic Life software and do some Mr Angry comic strip blog posts.  It’s a fun little piece of software that splices images into a comic book type of template and lets you add voice ballons etc really easily.   It’s true what they say about Macs – even the stuff that is essentially toys make them seem better than Windows machines.

Anyway, for now I’m going to sign off and punch my desktop PC for a while.


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Cleanliness is next to…

Cleanliness is next to impossible for some people apparently.  This is a rather personal rant today, I’m not sure if anyone will actually identify with it.  We’ve had a very hot week in Melbourne – temperatures over 35C pretty much every day.  When this happens, I like to go down to the beach towards the end of the day, cool off in the bay and have a barbecue.

One of the nice features of this area is that there are free barbecues near most of the beaches.  One of the not nice aspects is that no bastard cleans the fucking barbecues after using them.  I reckon nine times out of ten the barbecue is filthy when I go to use it.

I actually left a barbie dirty once and I felt awful about it.  I realised too late that I’d brought all my barbie supplies along but hadn’t brought anything to clean up the mess I made.  The next day I went out and bought a nice set of implements that included this scourer/scraper thingie to clean all the crap off the cooking surface.

It’s all about having the right tools, people.  Don’t take on the job if you don’t have the right tools!  Little Miss Angry thinks I should make a video showing how filthy most people leave the barbie and compare it to how clean I leave it.  I may well do this – it really pisses me off.

Cleaning up after ourself, people – it’s what separates us from the animals.


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