There is no god

Every now and then I have a theological insight. Today it’s conclusive evidence there is no god. I’m as surprised as anyone that it came in the middle of a 30 Rock marathon. In one of the episodes they had a mock product that was a cross between pajamas and overalls called Pajama-Alls. As in a spoof of Snuggies and their hideous brethren.

Except those things are impossible to satirise.

A little while later there was another ad for a product that was a cross between pajamas and jeans. Pajama Jeans. Except this was in a commercial break. It was for real. A. Real. Fucking. Product.


All right, if you’re the type who gets upset at people challenging your concept of a supreme deity let’s just say Pajama Jeans are proof the devil exists. 

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3 responses to “There is no god

  1. And I thought denim underwear was just a fad.

  2. Pajama Jeans aren’t proof of the non-existence of God but rather, proof of the limitless inanity of mankind.

  3. Screw you! You’re just jealous they don’t make them for men. God bless Pajama Jeans!

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