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Melbourne Comedy Festival preview – a chat with Richard McKenzie

Here’s another of my fireside chats (sans fire) with one of the stars of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Richard McKenzie is presenting his show “Mint Condition” and it’s a celebration of all things nerdly – Richards humble attempt to explain to the uninitiated why World of Warcraft” is more important than they think.  Add to that he’s the only person I’ve met who’s received death threats from 14 year old Insane Clown Posse fans and you’re on a winner.

Also, he said my mask reminded him of fat 45 year old men dressing up as Sailor Moon and you’ve gotta love that.

Find out more about show times for Mint Condition on Richard’s MySpace:


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Melbourne Comedy Festival preview – Tommy Dassalo in “The Third Guy”

I had some sit down talks with a few of the performers doing shows at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  I was going to call them fireside chats because that sounded rather cosy but I did the interview in my friend Adrian’s shed and he wouldn’t let me set his shed on fire.  He’s a bastard.

So this chat is with Tommy Dassalo who is performing his show “The Third Guy” both in Adelaide and at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.  Despite the lies he tells in this interview he is actually performing although his show is more about history’s forgotten people.  You know the name of the first guy on the moon (Armstrong) and you probably know the name of the second guy on the moon (Aldrin) but who remembers the third guy?

Find out show details and more about Tommy at his MySpace:

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival feature – Miss Rochelle’s School for VERY Naughty Schoolgirls

Here’s one that’s both informative for people looking for a good show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and somewhat rewarding for the porn hounds who keep stumbling upon my blog.  I have the distinct pleasure to present to you Miss Rochelle.  Miss Rochelle is the headmistress and chief disciplinarian at McQueen Academy where very naughty young girls receive some VERY strict discpline.

You’ll also meet the lovely Benne Harrison, part of the impro comedy group “The Crew” who will be presenting Miss Rochelle’s School for Very Naughty Schoolgirls at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

So if you want to know what is taught in schoolgirl Sexology classes, now you know where to go.  You can find more details at Benne’s MySpace:

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Stars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Danny McGinlay

Another special comedy performance for you – this time from Danny McGinlay.

Danny has a pile of performances coming up including his show in the Melbourne Comedy Festival – “Star Spangled Bender”. For details see his MySpace:


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Stars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Richard McKenzie

Here’s another taste of the comedic hilarity that can be had at this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival – a special performance from Richard McKenzie.  Quite a few people who have seen this video think Richard and I are so similar we must be related (we aren’t) and/or all angry Australians sound the same (possibly true).  Judge for yourself:

Richard’s geek tribute show “Mint Condition” can be seen at this years festival and he’s appearing at the Guildford Blues & Roots Explosion. Check his MySpace for details:


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Stars of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Dave Bushell

Another of the stars of the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival performing live for you: presenting Dave Bushell!

I realise Dave’s bit contains a lot of Australian-centric references so I included pictures of the people he’s talking about for context.  I hope that helps!


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Stars of the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Tommy Dassalo

Here’s one of the young stars of Australian comedy, Tommy Dassalo, being funny in a special set recorded just for you.  No expense was spared in the production of this video – we went to all the trouble of hanging a sheet against the back wall of Adrian’s shed.

Tommy is performing his show “The Third Guy” in Adelaide this week as well as at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in April.  Check his MySpace page for all the details.

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2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival – teaser video

Here’s a taste of both the upcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival and what I was up to on Friday night.  As I’ve mentioned before, my old college friend Adrian Calear is directing eight shows during the festival (I know the guy’s an underachiever – only eight shows, what a pussy!)  We got together with five of the performers on Friday night to shoot some videos to promote their shows.

Each person did one “performance” piece (not material from their Comedy Festival shows) and one sit down chat to talk about their shows.  Well, the idea was to talk about their shows but we ended up talking about all manner of bizarre things.  Pretty entertaining stuff all in all.  I’ll be posting them over the coming week and maybe doing some follow-ups as well but here’s a taste of what’s to come:


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Leave it to the professionals.

I’ve been spending a bit of time over the last few days doing videos for the new series of the Fizz (to be known as The Fizz Newzz) which will be going to air on DirecTV in the US over the next six months.  Essentially, they’ve given me some topics to rant on and some news videos to comment on – playing to my strengths in other words.

The news clips they have provided have trended towards the “wacky” end of the spectrum, most of the are fluff pieces done by the Associated Press which are syndicated to networks worldwide.  They have another common element: a disturbing tendency to make really fucking appalling puns to try to highlight the fact that they think the stories are funny.

Every time one of these journos cranks out one of their god-awful lines (“maybe you should eat a chocolate chip cookie while you watch this – what else goes better with milk?”) I’m torn between the urge to cringe in horror and the urge to hunt them down and beat some fucking sense into them.  There’s a reason these people aren’t making a living as standup comedians – they aren’t fucking funny.  Michael Richards got more laughs with his “nigger” routine.

The funniest story (or at least the one that made me laugh most) was done totally straight.  It was all about this animal lover who had been killed when she got into a cage at a zoo with some cheetahs.  Seriously, what’s funnier than someone who actually sponsored the animals to pay for their food ending up as their actual food?  I’m pitching this one as an early front-runner for this year’s Darwin awards.

I’m yet to do a video rant for the Fizz Newzz saying I wish these journos would shut the fuck up and stop trying to be funny, but I can feel it coming.  After all, what could possibly go wrong as I try to start a career on TV with saying the people already on TV are totally fucked? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.

That’s the news and that’s the truth.


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Arseholes aren’t funny

I feel compelled to point out this obvious fact: arseholes aren’t funny.  The reason I do this is there’s an increasing trend in “comedy” to put together a show or an act that simply consists of people being fuckwits.

Arguably, people like Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Ali G, AKA Borat) are responsible for this.  His comedy revolves around  behaving in a way that makes people uncomfortable.  At his best, he really pushes the  envelope of what he can do without being punched in the face.  Why I think he gets away with it is (a) he’s almost always funny and (b) he makes himself the “stupid” one and acts in such a disarming way that other people end up making fools of themselves.

It seems that other people see his success and think: “I can be more successful that him if I act like a total prick.”  Funny doesn’t enter into it.  Some of these shows go for full on physical assault and call it comedy.  There can be a fine line between having fun and humiliating people but not in the case of these shows.  They take the express train over to Fuckpeopleoversville.

It isn’t as if I’m a shrinking violet – I go after people all the time.  But not defenseless people in the street.  It’s marginally funnier when they go after celebrities but they still don’t seem to think it’s necessary to be funny.  “Hey, if we hit a celebrity, what more do we need to do?  That’s pure comedy gold!”

There was a time when being a sociopath was an impediment in life.  These days it seems like a guarantee of getting a TV show.  Or even elected president.


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