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Copyright Bullshit

I frequently get worked up by the way big companies take an extreme position with regards to copyright.  As a creator of original work (in my own modest way) I’m not a fan of people making money from the work of others without fair recompense to the originator.  But some of the practices of media companies are simply fucked up.

My personal pet hate is being subjected to anti piracy messages when I’m at the cinema or watching a DVD I’ve bought.  Listen up you fucking geniuses: if I’ve paid money to watch the fucking movie I’m not a fucking pirate so your fucking anti piracy message is a waste of fucking time and nothing short of insulting.  JUST FUCKING STOP IT, OK?

And I’ve never understood the way they go after their most loyal fans.  You literally can’t buy the sort of rabid fandom that makes people want to promote music, TV shows and movies to all and sundry.  Yet when people make fan tributes the copyright lawyers go after them like a pack of hyenas.

Their biggest target these days is YouTube.  Partly because there actually is a lot of infringing material on there.  Partly because it’s owned by Google and Google’s billions make them a prime target for lawsuits.  And honestly, I think a big part of it is jealousy.  None of these fucked-up companies has a clue on how to launch a successful online video site.  It’s way easier to sue a success story than succeed on your own.

By now the apologist are gearing up to leave comments saying how the media companies are in the right, they’re protecting their property, people are stealing their content online.  I don’t fucking care.  You know why?  These companies are liars, hypocrites and thieves.

The poster child for aggressive legal action in the name of copyright protection these days is Viacom.  They have a billion dollar lawsuit pending against YouTube (which they’re going to lose – big time.)  They go after people at the drop of a hat.  And it doesn’t seem to matter to them whether they’re right or wrong.

You’d think if they were going to go after other people so aggressively for copyright infringement, they’d make sure they were squeaky clean themselves, right?  Wrong.  VH1, which is a Viaom channel, run a show called “Web Junk”.  In this show, they post online videos with what they think is witty commentary.

But they don’t get permission to run these videos which is textbook copyright infringement (you don’t have to assert copyright – simply creating something gives you copyright over it).  Case in point is Christopher Knight.  He details in a post on his blog how VH1 used a video he’d created on their Web Junk show.  They didn’t even ask permission, let alone pay for the right to use it.

Turns out Knight didn’t mind.  He was actually flattered that they thought his work was worth showing.  He put a video up on YouTube showing his material being used on Vh1.  And Viacom had the audacity to issue a takedown notice to YouTube.  For copyright infringement.  These people deserve to have a rabid chipmunk rectally inserted.  In fact, these sick bastards probably already do that sort of thing for fun.

This bullshit has got to stop.


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I was right – Web 2.0 IS a government plot!

Sometimes my powers of deduction amaze even me.  A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a go at the way people blithely put and absurd amount of identifying information online for all the world to see.  To exaggerate things in my standard style of humour, I suggested that this was all a government plot.  Who needs warrantless wiretapping when people willingly tell you every goddam thing about their lives?

Well, the conspiracy theorists are all over this like Bob Allen on dick.  (I wonder if he also hits the crack pipe like Ted Haggard?)  Anyway, the truth of it all has been uncovered:

Facebook is run by the CIA!

Well, maybe not.  But there are certainly enough crumbs of evidence to drive the tinfoil hat brigade crazy.  Crazier than they already are.  Hard as that is to believe.  So bear in mind I’m not only angry I’m also psychic.  Right here is where you find the news that matters before it even breaks.

Oh, and to the Digg commenter who said in response to my original “government plot” post: “I  don’t know what’s more ridiculously inaccurate; the term Web 2.0 or the idea it’s a government conspiracy.”  Congratulations!  That whistling sound you heard was the joke sailing right over your head. 

You fucking moron.


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Web 2.0 is a government plot!

I have come to the conclusion that this whole “Web 2.0″, user created content craze is a fiendish government plot.  We’ve learned about the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping.  We can see the UK turning into a surveillance state with what seems like more CCTV cameras than people.  All over the world, government are inflicting repressive measures on their people.

But I’ve uncovered the real plot.

Blogging, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace and all the rest… they’re nothing but a global conspiracy to trick the populace into voluntarily giving up all their secrets.  And it works way better than kidnapping people off the streets and spiriting them off to another country where you can torture them.  The CIA does that for fun, not for information.

I’ve read articles that show how easy it would be to rob, stalk or kill someone based solely on information the victim makes public.  I’ve seen one of the highest profile people on YouTube give out so much identifying information that literally anybody could find his home address.  Sucks to be his family.  And there are no end of stories (some apocryphal) of children placing themselves in harm’s way via “social networking” sites.

And this is what people do without being deliberately tricked.  Just wait until someone who actually understands how technology works gets into power.  You want to know what jihadis are really up to?  Set up a series of blogs/MySpace accounts/YouTube accounts making inflammatory anti-Islam statements.  Make another set that are pro-jihad/anti-American.  Check the I.P addresses of viewers and commenters.  Find out what other sites the ones who seem particularly scary are involved in.

Hey presto!  No wire tapping, no crushing of civil liberties.  All you do is use the internet to let people out themselves.  People, generally, are stupid.  People act with very little thought for long term consequences.  This is why the death penalty doesn’t work as a deterrent.  It works if you want revenge but it doesn’t work as a deterrent.  Actually, in all honesty, I’d be very surprised if this isn’t happening already.

There have been several high profile instances of police busting pedophiles via the internet (including ones so badly managed that a huge number of people have probably been falsely accused.)  So the same sort of sting set up for political purposes is hardly a stretch.  It’s just that I have very little faith in the intelligence of the people running western governments.  Or maybe it’s more a case that they have very little faith in their citizens.  Hyperbole and fear-mongering seem to serve them well, so why should they waste too much time actually serving and protecting the populace in any meaningful way?

Every time people protest government incursions into their privacy the refrain “you have nothing to worry about if you’ve done nothing wrong” is heard.  I’m starting to think the younger generations are getting so used to the idea of making everything about themselves public, that mantra will be unnecessary.  When making every aspect of your life public is the norm (down to minute-to-minute Twittering) there will be no secrets.

It reminds me of the small town where I grew up.  Everybody knew everybody else’s business.  Strangers were viewed with suspicion because we didn’t know them intimately.  Anyone local who dared to keep secrets or stray outside accepted norms was looked upon darkly.  If they were lucky, being an outcast was the only repercussion.

Won’t it be fun when wanting to maintain some shred of privacy is the only excuse the government needs to arrest you?  And not laying every aspect of your life open online will raise all the suspicion necessary in the minds of a jury of your “peers” for a guaranteed conviction.


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Sick internet perverts spread their Goatse porn

 Somebody has to think of the children.

Long term readers will know this is something I’m particularly concerned about: internet porn.  The fact that I continually give leading titles to posts that lead desperate pornhounds here should not fool you.  I am pledged to fight against the filth of the internet polluting innocent minds.  No, really.

I’ve been on the net for quite a while.  Back in the mid 90s a friend and I played a game where we would email each other the grossest image we could find.  The basic rule was you had to respond with something grosser than had been sent previously.  The game eventually stopped when we descended to far.  We learned an important lesson: that game has no winner.

One of the most notorious bits of internet grossness is known as goatse.  I’m not going to give much in the way of description on this blog.  But I will provide a link that describes it… accurately.  Explicitly.  Without actually inflicting the image on you.  But before providing the link, I will provide a warning.

Don’t go there.

Seriously.  If you aren’t already familiar with goatse, trust me, you don’t want to be.  There are some things you can’t un-see.  If you get my drift.  If your mind has been spared this particular horror then cling to that little bit of purity.  Don’t lose that.  It’s precious.

Before I give you the link that explains goatse, I’m going to provide you with a warning link.  This is what happens if you search for “first goatse” on Flickr.  You get a bunch of images of people seeing goatse for the first time.  Ask yourself if you really want to share that horror.

If you’re determined to discover what I’m on about, here’s a link to the Wikipedia article explaining what goatse is.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Those who already know what goatse is and those who read the article will have no doubt what this image is:

internal goatse image

It’s obviously an internal view of goatse.  This image was in my local paper!  The cover story was that they were illustrating some story about recycling plastic bags.  But they aren’t fooling me.  They’ve obviously placed a digital camera… inside the subject and taken a picture.  You can see the veins and everything.

And can I just add: that guy looking in?  He’s enjoying himself waaaaaaay too much.


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YouTube and copyright – who is the greediest?

A lot of people are discussing the latest tiff involving copyrighted material and YouTube.  Viacom (parent company of MTV and Comedy Central, among others) have issued YouTube with an order to take down 100,00 videos they claim are infringing their copyrights.  A lot of media are reporting this as a black eye for YouTube but I’ll take a wild guess and say the Google/YouTube attitude can be summed up as “see if we fucking care.”  It’s hard to imagine the removal of 100,00 videos having much impact on a site that sees around a million video uploads every day.

BoingBoing do a good job of pointing out that this action goes beyond obnoxious to the point where it may well be illegal.  There are a lot of competing forces and motivations at work here but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the dominant one, for pretty much all parties, is greed. 

The most obviously greedy parties are the film/TV/music publishing conglomerates who seem to think that it’s their god-given right to be paid again and again and again for the same thing.  Although this isn’t really the issue here, it seriously pisses me off that it isn’t enough when we, the consumers, pay for a legal copy of something.  These companies think they have the right to dictate what we can do with something after we purchase it.  What devices we can play our legally purchased entertainment on.  Where we can enjoy it.  Fuck these companies.  They know they can’t beat criminal pirates and profiteers so they fuck over the soft targets – us.

The one that that gives me a sense of satisfaction is that the actions of these companies are so brain-bendingly wrong that they are essentially committing a slow and painful suicide.  Ask any marketing maven what’s the best sort of advertising and they’ll tell you: word of mouth.  Actual recommendation from real people who truly love a product.  They spend millions faking this.  And who is the most common target of the legal actions taken by these companies?  The most passionate evangelising fans they supposedly want so much.

There are a lot of complexities to the situation, not least a fear that many companies express: if we don’t actively seek to protect our property from everyone then we’ll have no defence against the really serious abuses of criminals who are straight up stealing and making bootlegs for commercial gain.  The fact that this reasoning is neither logical nor legally accurate (it’s a conflation of trademark dilution with copyright – a legal fallacy) doesn’t seem to bother the companies in question.

The most flattering thing I can say about these companies is that they’re confused and scared.  They don’t understand what’s happening and they’re scared of being left behind.  Google have come along and invented (or at least improved and popularised) a whole new industry – ad supported targeted search –  that’s making them billions.  Content owners of various stripes think to themselves:

“Hey, Google couldn’t sell ads if people weren’t looking for our content.  They’re making all those billions off our property!  I want those billions!”

Note that I didn’t say content creators.  While many content creators are similarly up in arms it’s the big publishing companies that are behind this.  The actual creators of content rarely make much money.  Of the billions made worldwide by the entertainment industries, probably less than 1% goes to the people who actually created the content.

Google (for example) is taking nothing away from these companies.  They are opening up potentially huge and lucrative new markets.  Revenue streams beyond the wildest dreams of these greedy fucks.  But they can’t look beyond “someone else is making money and I want it.” 

To be fair, there’s abundant evidence of considerable greed on Google’s part.  Their business is built on the fact that other people have created content that users want to find.  They’re making billions off this fact.  And any smart businessperson would want to keep as much of that for themselves as possible.  And steadfastly maintaining the line “we’re not making money from your content, we’re making money from our technology” is ethically a grey area at best.

Plus, the arrogance repeatedly displayed by Google has to be pretty grating.  We’re smart, you’re dumb, do what we say and everything will be all right.  Even when they’re right, that sort of talk pisses people off.  I can imagine a conversation at GooTube proceeding like the following exchange:

Entertainment Company: You’re making money from our content.

GooTube: We’re giving you free advertising.  You don’t understand how this generation thinks.  They don’t watch TV, the go online for entertainment.  We’re delivering the next generation to you, you should be thanking us.

EC: But you should share all the money you’re making from advertising with us.  You wouldn’t be making that money without us!

GT: Your content is a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of videos on our site.  We don’t need your content, you need us.

EC: But people are seeing our stuff without paying!  We want more money!

GT: We’ve changed our mind – you pay us for the privilege of being on our site.

EC: That’s it!  We demand you remove all our copyrighted material!

GT: Whatever.  Don’t let the door smack you on the ass on the way out.

And to bring it back to YouTube, there’s greed of a different sort being displayed by the users who upload copyrighted material.  It’s the greed for attention.  For all the high-minded talk of community and sharing I think it’s fair to say users who upload quality content created by other people are hoping for some reflected coolness to rub off on themselves.  They want people to watch what they’ve put up and think they’re cool for having posted it.  This is a relatively small sin but I think people need to be honest about their motivations. 

For my part, I’m really greedy for attention for my original work.  So I’d be really happy if all these TV, movie and music clips fucked right off.  I really think YouTube is untouchable on this front.  Maybe I’m too close to the whole “community” part of YouTube to see the importance of these clips to the continued health of the site.  The most popular “channels” are either original content creators or officially sponsored corporate ones.  Maybe usage would die off if every unauthorised clip was taken down but I’d doubt it.

The thing is, Google have at least as much money to fight this cause as anyone who’s going to come after them.  Plus, Google are the experts in this field – the entertainment companies are started from a position of ignorance.  Greed, ignorance and huge egos – what a combination.  The big entertainment companies have fucked actual entertainers and audiences for years.

The time may have come for them to realise that it they don’t make nice and hold hands it will be their turn to bend over and take it.


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It’s official – Google have decided to kill all of YouTube’s competitors

What almost everybody has predicted for a while is now apparently a fact: Google have decided to enable revenue sharing for content creators on YouTube.  This is effectively a death warrant for every single YouTube competitor (interestingly, they’ve effectively killed Google Video too).  None of them have managed to make the remotest dent in YouTube’s popularity, even when they have tried paying contributors and YouTube hasn’t. 

YouTube has consistently beat out any competitors by a handy margin in terms of how many people watch and contribute.  Now that they’re going to be providing an opportunity for content creators to make money, all of their competitors are going to become digital ghost towns.  I mean, more than they are now.  While this development has obvious appeal for me (is YouTube going to provide my post 500 milestone for me?) I can think of one obvious drawback.

People are arseholes.

YouTube has one of the greatest concentration of arseholes on the internet.  They come in many flavours, from the common or garden variety of hater to racists and other zealots to those who game the system.  It’s this last group of arseholes who are going to have the biggest impact on the success (or otherwise) of YouTube as a paid medium.

In the current YouTube world where there are NO direct rewards for how many times a video is viewed, there are still hundreds of “cheaters” who employ various methods to raise their profile.  And by this I mean methods other than actually being so good that thousands of people want to watch them.  And they do this for… nothing.

The truly bizarre thing to me is that many of these people who spoof the system truly gain nothing by doing it.  They don’t feature themselves in the videos so they aren’t going to gain any “fame”.  They don’t produce other videos so they aren’t gaining attention for their “real” work by proxy.  They gain nothing but they frustrate thousands of legitimate users.  For what?  So they can say they got a million views on YouTube?  Maybe I’m missing something but this seems like the epitome of fucked up to me.

I think it’s distinctly possible that the “cheating” will get so out of control once there’s money involved that the resulting disaster will make YouTube implode.  Not likely but possible.  The one area that YouTube is still a long way from getting right is the user/community aspect.  The paid model could very well degrade the user experience even further.  A truly scary prospect for anyone who’s been trying to cope with the dog’s breakfast that is YouTube today.

I wish YouTube wasn’t so opaque.  I wish I knew what was going on inside.  I wish I knew what they were planning to do with the “community” aspect.  I wish I knew what they were planning to do with cheaters.  But my crystal ball is on the fritz.  So we’re going to have to wait and see.


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How to screw up eCommerce

Working in IT, I come into contact with a huge number of techno-idealists.  The sort of geeks who think technology is going to change everything.  Nerds who think the internet is the pinnacle of achievement.  Even zealots who believe that computer programs will spontaneously develop self-awareness and intelligence.   I’ll tell you why these idealistic views of the future are never going to fully come true:

People are fucking morons.

Every now and then I stumble across a website that really brings home the fact that intelligent computers are never going to happen because unintelligent and/or lazy people are getting in the way.  People are always talking about how eCommerce is going to put bricks and mortar shops out of business; a view I take with a grain of salt.  Mostly because of how hard most websites make it to give them any money.

Your average shop doesn’t make you jump through hoops to spend money.  Usually if you even look like getting your wallet out they’re all over you.  The biggest difficulty you usually get is a disinterested teenager behind the counter who’d rather talk to her boyfriend than serve you.

Recently I had to deal with the height of stupidity from a website.  I was trying to buy a “gift certificate” and the had a few denominations listed: $10, $20 and $50.  I thought I’d get a $20 voucher but is was marked as “SOLD OUT”.  How the fuck can it be sold out?  It doesn’t even exist as such.  It isn’t as if they have to run out and print some more, it’s a fucking electronic transaction.

So long as there are fuckwits doing things like this with websites, eCommerce is never going to take over.


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Somebody’s saying something on the internet!

One thing that will be experienced by anyone who spends more than five minutes online is an argument with some fuckwad who asserts their superiority over you by asserting some “fact” about their “life”.  The utter pointlessness of this as a line of argument does little to diminish its popularity among knuckleheads who seem to really enjoy picking fights with people they’re confident they’ll never have to face in real life. 

The first area where this argument usually falls down is that it rarely has any material relevance to the issue being discussed.  It’s usually self-aggrandisement for the sake of self-aggrandisement.  The second (and to my mind more important) area where this falls down is that the facts are totally unverifiable.  What the fuck is the point of saying “I have millions of dollars,” “I have ten post-graduate degrees,” “I had sex with five hotties last week”?  You can’t prove it (unless you’re a well-known public persona - and if that’s the case, why are you wasting your time arguing online?)

One of my favourite completely un-PC jokes I’ve ever seen on a website is “Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics – even if you win you’re still retarded.”  I’m sure I’ll get heaps of hate mail for using that one.  Let’s simplify things by saying if you hate me for using that line, you’re right. 

Having said all that, it’s often very difficult to resist responding in kind.  The most common attack launched on me is “You don’t have a life, you loser!  Get a job!  You’re obviously unemployed and don’t have a girlfriend, that’s why you have so much time to do all this stuff.”  This is usually nothing more than a generic insult with no meaning but some haters think they are justified in saying this because it seems logical to them.  All of my output suggests to them that this is all I do.

I feel compelled to say that I’m an IT professional who makes quite a bit of money and has a rather lovely girlfriend but really, what’s the fucking point?  Anyone who launches an attack like that is obviously a fucking moron and should be utterly disregarded.  Plus, I’m pretty much doing the same thing as them; making an unverifiable statement in an online environment and pretending that actually means anything.

Anybody who’s had the fortitude to struggle through the mountain of abusive comments I’ve received on YouTube for having the temerity to post anti racists videos will see that my responses go in cycles (I’ve linked to these before).  Sometimes I laugh at them, sometimes I taunt them, sometimes I respond with incredibly angry and abusive comments of my own. 

My current mood swing has me saying to them “You know I don’t give a shit about anything you say, right?  You are totally meaningless.”  At the moment this feels like the easiest way to respond to them and it’s certainly better for my mental health to not bother engaging with these idiots.  I’ll probably change my mind about this in another week or so.

One thing I’ll never change my mind about: anyone who disagrees with anything I say is an ignorant loser who doesn’t make as much money as me and doesn’t get as much hot sex.  It must be true because I said it on the internet.


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Shopping for stage make-up, masks and costumes in Melbourne

Nobody in Australia knows how to use the fucking internet! I know this because every time I try to find something I want online I can’t fucking find it! Case in point: recently, I was doing exactly as the topic of this post says, shopping for stage makeup, costumes and masks here in Melbourne. I had this crazy idea that if I plugged those terms into Google, I’d find what I was looking for. No such fucking luck.

I had a bastard of a time finding what I was looking for. I did find one place that had bought the appropriate adsense keywords, so they at least knew how to pay to show up at the right time on Google. But the free listings (search results) were fucking useless. I’m desperately trying to give someone my money and they don’t know how to take it!

I eventually found a few places that weren’t too far away but it was a hard slog. I’m willing to bet that within a week I’ll be one of the top search results for this sort of thing. And I won’t have paid a cent to get there. I should get these stores to sponsor me. The good ones are REALLY good – they’re like Aladdin’s cave to me. So many possibilities with props, make-up and costumes. I’m thinking of taking a video just walking around one of these shops showing the various things and asking for suggestions on which ones I should use.

So when you see me occasionally introduce a new character in a video, it’s because I’ve been shopping and found a mask I like. Usually I find a mask and have no clear idea of how I’m going to use it – I just like it and so I get it. Then I spends some time (sometimes a long time) working out what sort of character suits the mask. I did this again on the weekend, I found a silver, almost featureless mask. It looked very android-y and I decided almost straight away I had to have it. It was so devoid of expression it was almost the anti-Mr Angry.

The initial idea I had was that this character would send back videos “from the future”. Quite a few people do this on YouTube to varying degrees of jokiness and success. Why should I be any different? I shot a video on Sunday but didn’t put it up until Tuesday night because I honestly thought it was kind of dorky. I have been surprised by the reception yet again – he seems insanely popular on YouTube. That surprise happens to me often – I’ll post something here or on YouTube thinking “people really aren’t going to like this” and everyone thinks it’s great.

Without further ado, I present the Blogging Bot with an important message from the future:


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GooTube – cutting through the bullshit

After yesterday’s post, I think I have the measure of my audience.  You want to hear stories about me being incredibly mean to people.  Fair enough, and I have a few good ones in mind – notably one about me being an angry clown at a school fete.  But today there’s something I want to vent on.

So I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon and throwing in my 2c worth about the Google-YouTube merger.  My main reason for adding my voice to the noise (this is probably the most over-discussed topic on the internet) is that I’m getting increasingly angry at the fact that so many commentators don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about. 

The commentary I’m hearing that is flat-out wrong seems to fall into two camps: one, the people with a vested interest whose trashing of GooTube is based solely on promoting their own interests (Mark Cuban, anyone employed by Murdoch-owned companies) and two, people that don’t know the first thing about YouTube.

Talking from the inside of an experience is not without its pitfalls, cheerleaders for any service or organisation (e.g. Google, Microsoft) seem almost wilfully blind to flaws that are completely obvious to outsiders.  But the staggering ignorance I keep seeing online and in mainstream media needs to be countered.  So here I go, taking apart the bullshit:

1. YouTube is going to get sued out of existence.  No it isn’t.  This is so absurdly easy to disprove that I can’t believe it’s getting any play.  YouTube can’t be successfully sued because if someone says they are illegally hosting copyrighted material, they take it down.  The “safe harbour” provisions in US copyright law mean YouTube are completely within the law.  END OF FUCKING STORY. 

I am so sure of this that I’ll make a pledge: if anyone successfully sues YouTube for copyright infringement I will not only make a video admitting I was wrong, I will not only do so without my mask (and without using any tricks to obscure my face), I will perform the video completely nude!

I can safely make this pledge because (a) I am not wrong so I’ll never be forced to do the nude video and (b) if I was wrong, the nude video would get taken down straight away.  My nudity is more offensive that normal nudity (offensive to good taste and aesthetics)

2. YouTube is going to lose content creators to pay sites.  No they aren’t.  YouTube has been built up by an army of content creators who never had any hope of being paid in money.  What they are being paid in is attention.  YouTube provides at least ten times the attention and interaction that its nearest competitor can offer.  I think even YouTube undervalues this because many of their social interaction features are utter shit.  This is where MySpace has it all over YouTube. 

MySpace is not about video, it’s about social interaction – any talk about MySpace serving up as many as or more videos than YouTube are smoke and mirrors.  They are without a doubt YouTube’s biggest threat but at the moment, people don’t go on MySpace primarily to access videos.  If MySpace went about it the right way, they could most definitely steal YouTube’s thunder.    GooTube could introduce a payment system for creators overnight (I’m calling it GooTube here because the payment model would almost certainly come through Google, a la AdSense) so this isn’t a problem for them.  If they don’t fix the community aspects of the experience, that’s where they could end up being creamed.

3. Users will leave YouTube if the copyrighted material is taken down.  No they won’t.  First, it’s unlikely the copyrighted material is going away – companies are finally realising they need YouTube to tap into new markets.  It’s just details that need to be worked out now.  Second, even if all the copyrighted material did go away, all of the highest subscribed YouTube “channels” (i.e. content creators) create original content.  It’s these highly subscribed contributors that give YouTube it’s stickiness and they would hardly suffer at all from even the most severe copyright regime.  Third, as I mentioned before, one of YouTube’s biggest drivers is the desire for attention, not the desire to watch clips from TV shows and movies.  The clips are a bonus but they aren’t the engine of YouTube’s continued growth.

4. YouTube will never make money.  Wrong.  Apparently YouTube have been lying to everyone and have been profitable for ages.  The figures are collected here by Robert X Cringely, someone with enough experience to know.  It’s almost embarrassing how wrong this assertion is.  Plus, another blindingly obvious point: Google has so much fucking cash they don’t need YouTube to make money.  They gave YouTube stock, not cash.  This could well go down as one of the best deals of the internet age.

Those are the biggest issues I see clueless commentators pointing to, but there are doubtless more.  What really boggles my mind is when otherwise intelligent people say brain-bendingly stupid things because they have no experience of YouTube.  They talk about it from the outside and completely miss the point of what is going on.  They would do well to take a leaf out of Warren Buffet’s book: during the dotcom bubble when he was under pressure from some shareholders to invest in dotcoms he refused, saying he didn’t know enough about what was happening to make an informed choice.

He turned out to be very astute as his investment company would have lost billions if he had listened to some people who claimed they knew what they were talking about.  I wish more people who didn’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about would admit it.  I don’t know exactly what the future holds for GooTube, there’s a dozen things I could think of that could trip them up and probably dozens more possibilities that i can’t think of.  But I know the majority of the doomsayers I’ve read are talking utter shit.


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