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I’m pretty much done with Sarah Palin

I don’t think I can bring myself to make much more comment on the GOP election campaign.  The cynicism of nominating Sarah Palin for VP pretty much indicated the contempt they have for the whole process but the last few days of speeches have made it abundantly clear.  I am absolutely at a loss for how to respond to the lies upon lies upon lies being spewed by the neocons and they way their vomit is being eagerly lapped up by their fanatical followers.

Look, I get that the evangelicals who form a small but inordinately powerful section of the Republican base don’t respond to logic.  They want god, god, god and most seem incapable of understanding that there are bigger and more important issues.  In fact I’m sure that they are mortally shocked that I consider the possibility of anything being more important than their imaginary friend in the sky. 

I also get that there’s a core of the party that couldn’t consider voting Democrat no matter what.  I truly understand that.  To be honest, I don’t think I could ever vote for a socially conservative party no matter what else was going on. 

I also get that there are people who aren’t fanatically aligned to the Republican Party but on balance, they honestly feel that the policies most likely to be implemented by a Republican administration will be of most benefit to them personally and/or the country generally.  People have different value systems.  I get that.  Intelligent people can disagree.  This doesn’t by definition make them stupid or evil.

But I am beyond disgusted by the behaviour of the people forming the public face of the Republican party.  It is one thing to be partisan.  It is one thing to attempt to spin things in your favour.  But these people are fucking liars.  Scum-sucking, shit-eating utterly contemptible lying sacks of shit.  If you don’t watch The Daily Show follow this link to see some video of these lying bastards directly contradicting themselves.

They straight up 100% contradict themselves.  They describe a set of circumstances one way when it applies to Obama (for instance) and they describe the exact same circumstances in a 100% contradictory way when it applies to a Republican (usually Palin).  These people are contemptible fucking scum.  I am so fucking angry about this.

This is not even put on the Mr Angry mask and make a ranty video type of angry.  Every time I play that possibility out in my head I come up with dozens of good lines to scream at the top of my lungs.  But it’s too serious for that.  It frightens the fuck out of me that people do not get how serious this is.

And don’t get me started on the stupid bastards who say “You don’t live in America – you’re not allowed to have an opinion about our president.”  First off – fuck you!  Second, how can someone be oblivious to the impact American politics has on the world?  Worse still, the sort of fuckwit who usually goes on about foreigners not having a right to comment is usually the same fuckwit who actively advocates military attacks on anyone they disagree with.  Third, if the US economy tanks, the rest of the world gets hit hard.  And Bush and the neocons have done their level best to utterly fuck the US economy and lie through their teeth while doing it.  It astonishes me the degree of ignorance that exists regarding just how close to total collapse the US economy is.

Also, you guys are our fucking allies!  It really hurts to see a country you want to support being led into some truly vile actions by an administration that has devolved into outright criminal behaviour.  It’s like watch a woman who repeatedly goes back to an abusive partner or seeing a friend slowly kill themselves with alcohol or drugs.

The small saving grace is I don’t think it’s going to work this time.  I think the neocons have been lying for so long about so many things and getting away with it, they don’t know any different.  But I think enough of the American public is sick of this bullshit.  Maybe I’m deluding myself.  But I hope enough people are sick of the havoc wrought by Bush, the lies spun by the neocons and the negativity of these fanatical right wingers to kick the republicans in the arse.  Hard.

There is a small glimmer of hope that at least some of the media are sick of running blatant Republican lies without questioning them.  Time will tell if they actually have any balls or they will run scared at the predictable and patently false claim of “liberal bias”. 

The false reality being pedalled by the GOP, the blatant lies that are so easily provable as lies, stuns me.  I have to assume that enough Americans see through this bullshit.  Because we’re all fucked if they don’t.


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The most important Vice President ever

I wonder how much longer John McCain can delay announcing his vice-presidential running mate?  Clearly he’s going to wait until the Democratic convention is over now but I wonder if he’ll wait until just before the Republican convention?  I did a bit of online checking and people have been predicting the announcement (and getting it wrong) for over a month now.  The hot prediction now seems to be Friday the 29th of August with the reasoning being that it will take some of the steam out of the focus placed on Barack Obama accepting the Democratic nomination.

Oh, and I think Friday might also be McCain’s 125th birthday.

It’s clear he needs something to make him appear exciting and newsworthy.  The Democratic convention has been marked by a series of high quality speeches and that isn’t turf on which McCain can compete.  It’s actually quite painful to watch him try and appear interesting and then compare that to an Obama speech.  Obama is without a doubt one of the most inspiring speakers in the modern world.  And you know what?  If being inspired doesn’t matter to you, I don’t give a shit.

No, really.  Save it.  I don’t give a shit what you think.

I wonder how nervous it makes McCain to have to follow Obama?  Seriously, having to compete with someone who’s young, charismatic, eloquent and inspirational when you’re a barely animated corpse can’t make you feel good.  Oh, and John?  Stop smiling.  I mean it.  You’re scaring the children.  And the adults.  That scary death’s head rictus that you force out on the advice of your handlers does not humanise you.  It makes it look like you’re thinking of eating babies.

I want him to hurry up and announce his running mate because whoever becomes Vice-President is without doubt going to become President.  Let’s not fool ourselves, neither of these candidates are going to survive a term in office.  The Feds may have decided the meth heads saying they were going to shoot Obama didn’t actually have the mental capacity to carry out their threat but does anyone doubt there’s a long line of crazy crackers with guns who refuse to accept the possibility of a nigger running the country?  And McCain is looking like a bad re-run of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.  There’s no way he’d survive the stresses of office.

So we’re looking at the most important Vice-Presidential picks in history.  They aren’t people who might become President if something happens to their boss, they will move into the big chair when something happens.  The reaction to Biden in unsurprising.  Some people love him, some people hate him.  He seems to have attached his name to some good policies and some bad policies.  He certainly has a reputation for mouthing off and being a loose cannon but he also seems to have a good track record of speaking truth to power

Frankly, the method of attack employed by the Republicans has surprised me in it’s stupidity.  Biden’s a bad choice because he’s criticised Obama before.  Really?  Is there a Republican who hasn’t hung shit on McCain at some point?  They’re practically writing the democrat’s attack plan for them.  I’m sure the Republicans had scripts of talking points worked out for every possible nominee.  They’re very good at talking points.  Far less useful at actually doing something helpful for the country (and the world).

I think they’ve been so successful in their manipulation of the media they’ve become complacent.  They continue to treat the public like morons by regurgitating clichés completely lacking in substance because they’ve gotten away with it so many times.  I’m desperately hoping that the American public gives them they wake up call they deserve.


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George Bush – president for life

Anyone familiar with my videos will know I’m usually quick to dismiss conspiracy theories as stupid paranoia so you may need some explanation for this video.  The dialogue comes from the web site of a group called “Family Security Matters”.  They’re a bunch of right wing nutbags who apparently think the US should nuke anyone who disagrees with them and that George Bush should declare martial law to make himself President for life and ultimately Emperor of the world.  Oh, and they have direct links with Dick Cheney.

When their little piece of freakazoid propaganda got wide circulation they were apparently surprised to learn that the majority of the population thought they were fucking nuts.  They took the article down after seeing the response but not before a number of websites copied the information.

And if you still think this is paranoid, you might want to look into the presidential order that allows Bush to declare martial law and suspend the constitution.

Personally, I’m working on the assumption none of this crazy shit will come to pass and the coming elections will pass without incident.  But I wish they’d hurry up and happen so this nagging fear would go away.


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Why I love elitists

There are many things about the debasement of the political process in the USA and public discourse generally that make me angry.  Not least is the practice developed and refined by the Republicans (and eagerly embraced by the Democrats) that the constant repetition of a lie makes it true.  This manifests in many ways, from Bush making a speech about the economy (which he has fucking destroyed) in front of a backdrop repeating the phrase “Economy showing strong growth” to my personal favourite, deriding a candidate as “elitist”.

The “elitist” one pisses me off the most for a few reasons.  Firstly, in what sort of twisted, fucked-up Idiocracy style universe do you not want the elite running things?  Why is having the world run by unintelligent “average folks” a good fucking thing?  Excuse me, but given the choice between some spoiled, stupid motherfuckers like Bush and/or McCain and eloquent, well read individuals like Obama or Clinton I’ll take the smart ones thank you very much.

My plea to leaders around the world: please be elitist.  Do us all a favour and don’t pander to the lowest common denominator.  There’s a reason stupid people don’t often run things.  They’re fucking stupid.  And they’re almost never worth listening to.  Elitism all the way!

The second reason this line pisses me off is because it’s usually spouted by the most extreme elitists around.  Seriously, I don’t need multi-millionaires enlightening me as to who is elitist and who has the common touch.  Whether it’s mega-wealthy politicians who have led a life of privelege or or gasbag talking head media pricks with multi-million dollar contracts, these fucking hypocrites are the least qualified people on the fucking planet when it comes to knowing the common touch.

It’s enough to make a body angry.

I hadn’t intended to get this angry when I started making the video so i guess this topic must have been getting to me more than I realised.


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The prosecution of George W Bush for murder

Every now and then I see someone else in action and I go “Now THAT is how you do anger!”  Today’s example of well-justified anger at its finest is former Los Angeles County prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.  This guy prosecuted Charles Manson.  He was so pissed off when OJ Simpson got away with murder he wrote a book called Outrage.  And now he is speaking out in the strongest terms against George W Bush saying Bush should be prosecuted for first degree murder.

He isn’t coming at this from a moral point of view, he’s saying according to criminal statutes Bush is guilty of first degree murder.  Okay, I’m pretty sure he’s coming at it from a moral point as well.  But he’s framing it in legal terms.  And then he’s using some very colourful language presenting his case.

For those of you who are not cursed with a short attention span, following this link will take you to a partial transcript of a 2 hour speech he gave along with a lot of video footage from that speech.  Even if you think you have a short attention span, I urge you to check it out.  When you make your career presenting in high level courts you end up with (or maybe start out with) quite a gift for oratory.  And it is awesome to see an intelligent, eloquent, experienced, impassioned speaker get really fucking angry.

OK, I know some people will still use the short attention span cop-out so I’ll provide you with some highlights:

On why Bush should be prosecuted for murder:

“In my book… I present evidence that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that George Bush took this nation to war on a lie, under false pretenses, and therefore under the law is guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4,000 young American soldiers who died so far in this war.”

“If a conspirator, or anyone for that matter, deliberately sets in motion a chain of events which he knows will cause – that’s the key word – cause a third party innocent agent to commit an act, the defendant is criminally responsible for that act.”

“Bush can only wash his hands of culpability if he did not take this nation to war under false pretenses. If he did, which the evidence overwhelmingly shows, he is criminally responsible for the deaths of all those American soldiers who have died fighting his war in Iraq.”

On the American right wing:

“There are no more repugnant, hypocritical and un-American – and that’s the word I want to emphasize – un-American people in our society today than the right wing.”

On possible mitigating circumstances for Bush and Co:

“And there is one thing that I should probably say in partial defense of these people that goes in mitigation, arguably reduces their moral culpability. And what I’m talking about is that many of these people are incredibly stupid. And they make up for their stupidity by being extremely ignorant. And when you combine stupidity with ignorance that’s a toxic combination.”  

Some general fun quotes:

“And the question I have of you, is how evil, how perverse, how sick, how criminal can George Bush and his people be?”

“What type of a human monster is George Bush?”

“If I ever killed one person in my life, even accidentally – a car accident – I’d never have another perfect day as long as I lived. George Bush is responsible for the horrible deaths of thousands of human beings and he is talking about having a perfect day. Bush’s plans to have a perfect day right in the middle of all the death and horror in Iraq goes so far beyond acceptable human conduct that no moral telescope can discern its shape, form and nature.”

And I’ll close with Bugliosi basically summing up my life philosophy.  He’s raging against Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr (who he calls “one of the most reprehensible figures in American history”) and he says:

“I seem to be getting more angry and acerbic and caustic and that’s because I am always in a state of rage, how can I help but be?”

I enjoy my own outburst of creative anger but occasionally, I just like to sit back and watch a master.

Wax on, wax off.


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The value of internet trolls

One of the more interesting aspects of spending time contributing to online forums (including this blog and YouTube) is getting a front row seat into what is essentially the biggest anthropological experiment in the history of humanity.  In fact, it’s a widely held misconception that the internet has its roots in a military project. 


What actually happened was a bunch of very smart people sat around and came up with the idea of creating a worldwide computer network that would provide a method of interaction that appealed primarily to people with poor social skills.  An integral part of the plan was to remove the primary constraint that makes most people behave reasonably (namely, the fear of being smacked in the mouth).


The central hypothesis of the experiment was that a significant proportion of the human race will behave like total jerks if you give them the chance.  Well done those boffins.


All sarcasm aside, I really do see some value in bearing witness to what seems to be the proliferation of anti-social personality disorder that one sees online.  (N.B. sarcasm will not actually be set aside in the writing of this post, that’s just a figure of speech)  It certainly helps that I’ve chosen an angry persona for my online activities – at the very least, the morons I have to deal with on a daily basis provide plenty of fuel for angry rants.


But it also goes well beyond that.  I have come to realise that the insane behaviour of trolls/haters/ whatever you want to call them is a useful reality check.  Not in the way they usually mean.  Here’s a tip: anyone who claims the reason they are behaving like an obnoxious piece of shit and harassing people online because they’re “keeping it real”, “speaking the truth to the posers” or anything similar is an A-grade fuckwit.  If you’re such a fucking genius, create something of your own rather than spending all your time trying to drag down people who are actually doing something.


Where I find this behaviour to be a useful dose of reality is that it keeps me from forgetting one important fact: There are some really fucking stupid people out there.  And I’m not talking solely about uneducated people (many people without a significant formal education are wonderful, insightful, thoughtful people.)  I’m talking about people who will believe any shit that’s fed to them, particularly if it plays into their prejudices.  I’m talking about people who go beyond ignorance to the point where they aggressively assert their ignorance and loudly celebrate it as a virtue.  You know, as opposed to taking some crazy approach like giving thoughtful, reasoned consideration to topics.


You’re not exactly separating yourself from the herd by saying you don’t believe the media.  Many people say this reflexively.  Ironically, they’re usually the ones who will automatically believe outrageous lies (like Barack Obama is a Muslim) so long as it fits into their set-in-concrete bigoted mindset.  But when you put yourself out there, even in a very small way like I have, you see something very interesting first hand.  People will deliberately make up lies about you.


I’m not talking about people who say I’m not funny as opposed to bowing down and worshipping me as the god-like being I am, so far beyond their comprehension that they could never hope to understand how much better than them I truly am.  No, I’m talking about people who fabricate lies out of whole cloth.  Not people who draw incorrect conclusions about me.  I’m talking about people who spread stories that they know for a fact are untrue.  They assert that easily demonstrable lies are the truth.  I’m talking, in short, about people who are deeply, deeply fucked. 


It’s easy to translate that into the obvious media liars – the tabloids, gossip mongers and entertainment “reporters”.  When you pay attention to them for a while, it becomes clear that gossip magazines don’t just exaggerate, their favourite trick is to start with a photo and then completely fabricate a story to go with that photo.  “Ooo, look at the bags under her eyes… let’s say she’s on drugs.”  “Hey, there’s a shadow on his cheek… let’s say it’s a black eye from a night of drunken brawling.”  “Check out her having the audacity to tell the paparazzi to fuck off… let’s say she’s violent and out of control.”


Like I said, it’s one thing to know in the abstract that the media are probably lying.  It’s quite another thing to get first hand experience of some people’s compulsion to lie.  I mean, I’m nobody and yet people feel compelled to make up stupid bullshit about me.  So why should I be surprised that when something that actually matters is on the line (like, say, a US Presidential election) that self interested thugs spread the most vile shit imaginable? 


And nothing is so extreme that you won’t find some freak willing to believe it.  Even I don’t believe that George Bush is a pedophile rapist.  But apparently there are those who do.


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My brain won’t behave

I’m having a lot of trouble settiling on things to write for this blog.  It isn’t for a lack of ideas, rather the opposite.  There is an overwhelming mountain of things consuming my focus at the moment.  Some of them are:

The RIAA seems to be getting desperate.  They are going after radio stations exactly the same way they go after file sharers on the internet.  And the radio stations are using exactly the same defence that file sharers on the internet use.  It’s kinda funny and kinda weird and kinda interesting and, I strongly suspect, kinda important.

Why are so many white people so freaked out by Michelle Obama?  Why do they not see the positivity of her “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”  statement?  And how can they possibly delude themselves into thinking black people shouldn’t be angry at whitey?

What role will the US media play in debunking/reinforcing the lies being spread about Barack Obama?  Fox News have shown their hand clearly, sinking lower even than I thought possible by calling the fist pound between the Obamas a terrorist fist jab.  Will any mainstream media actually spend time saying this Muslim stuff is all bullshit?

Speaking of Fox News, exactly what do you have to do to be able to face the world when you’ve become that sort of scum?  I’m thinking something like massive doses of heroin injected straight into the eye so they never have to see their reflection clearly during the day.

Will anyone ultimately be swayed by the “elitist” bullshit being spread about Obama?  How do rich white people get away with saying that shit?  They’re pushing a doubly nonsenical line of bullshit.  The first bit of stupidity is suggesting an even richer white guy from a long line of rich white guys is somehow less elitist.  The second is the implication that you should want some dumb motherfucker running the country.  Do you want the smartest, most insightful, most thoughtful person running the country or do you want your preferred drinking buddy running things?  Wait, don’t answer that.  The response might depress me.

Who will Obama and McCain choose as vice-presidental running mates?  This is more important than in any other election because neither of them will survive a term in office.  Obama will get whacked by some crazy if he gets elected and McCain is too old and unwell – the stresses of office would definitely kill him.  So whoever gets VP is a lock to sit in the big chair at some point.

You may notice a slight obsession with the US Presidential elections in my points above.  This is because beyond the usual no other political process has such a huge effect on the whole world thing, I find this race fascinating for what it represents.  The choice could hardly be starker.  I would have been far less interested if Clinton had won the nomination, that would have just been the Republican machine versus the Democratic machine.  But Obama represents the possibility of something truly different.

I understand why change frightens some people.  The astonishing thing is the level of change represented by Obama would have been literally unthinkable, say, five years ago (as brilliantly illustrated by this cartoon).  Everyone always thinks the moment they are living in is the most important moment in history.  But, damn this seems like a tipping point.


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Seat-sniffing quokka-fiddler

It seems that open season has been declared on the Australian conservative leader Troy Buswell. I made a video recently celebrated the fact that he had been outed for sniffing the seat of a female staffer (which he apparently thought was hilarious and/or sexy).
This guy is actually the leader of the conservate party in Western Australia. You know you’re in trouble when someone this pathetic is the best you’ve got.
It seems he’s now been written off to such an extent that the media were willing to bait him with completely unsubstaniated rumours. For a day or so the media kept asking him about rumoured indiscretions with a quokka which is a small Australian marsupial, indigenous to an island off Western Australia.
He gave some fairly exasperated replies which would have been fairly funny to see, considering how pathetic his non-denial denials of the chair sniffing incident were, right up to the point he was forced to admit to it. My personal favourite was when he denied having done anything to cause offence to a quokka. Phew! At least hasn’t been saying mean things about the quokka’s mum!
I was a little disappointed to learn that the rumours didn’t actually involve anything sexual (if he’d go chair sniffing, I’m sure he’s not above quokka fiddling). I was even more disappointed to learn they had been made up by a blogger as a joke earlier in the year.
Still, now they’ve started having a go at him I say they should really cut loose. It’s about time politics was fun.
“Mr Buswell, any truth to the rumour about you being caught sniffing bike seats in a convent?”
“Mr Buswell, what’s this I hear about you asking schoolboys to give you wedgies?”
“So Troy… There are reports that a labrador and a 44 gallon drum of baby oil were selivered to your office. Care to explain?”


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I love it when politicians self-destruct

Everyone knows politics is a dirty business. But the dirtiest business is usually kept behind closed doors so politicians can continue with the public lie that they are deeply virtuous and not subject to the same failings as you and I. So I really love it when the facade collapses and politicians are shown to be as two-face, disloyal and spiteful as anyone.

We’re getting a real sideshow in Australia this week, specifically in the state of Victoria where I reside. The conservative party (known as the Liberal Party, which I know is confusing to Americans) has been in opposition for ages here and I think they’re starting to crack under the pressure. Too long in opposition makes political types crazy.

The current Liberal leader (they’ve churned through a few), Ted Baillieu, is seen as too much of a lefty by the staunchly conservative wing of his own party. He’s even derided as “Red Ted” (yes, the Red Menace is alive and well for some). So some party members started up an anonymous blog dedicated to attacking him and undermining his leadership to the point he would be replaced.

All well and good. I fully support anonymous blogging. If you don’t like your parliamentary leader, go to town white-anting him. But here’s what you don’t do. You don’t run the blog from your work PC that has a fixed IP address. Guess what these morons did?

Yes, they wrote their attacks on their boss while at work. Work, in this case, was the state headquarters for the Liberal Party. As the saying goes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. These clowns were net-savvy enough to start up an anonymous blog but too fucking stupid to know how easy it was to trace them if they ran the blog from work.

But sacking the two blamed for writing the blog was jut the start of the problems for the Liberal Party. The boil of discontent had been lanced and now the icky pus of revenge was spraying everywhere. The sacked opponents of the leader had some dirt on one of his supporters so they let fly with some payback.

One of the leader’s supporter had called another party member a “greedy f—ing jew” in an email (I’m not being coy, the email actually said “f—ing” not fucking). Of course, once they made that public she had to resign. This article covers in loving detail how fucked up the Victorian Liberal party actually is. The stuff they say about their own party is astonishing. I expect politicians to say things like that about their opponents but about their own “team”?

My guess is the bloodletting isn’t over yet. I for one can’t wait for the next round of payback and counter-payback. I’m a big fan of politics as bloodsport.


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Women don’t work hard enough

Gender issues can be difficult for men to talk about with women.  You could say it’s a minefield but only if you’re talking about a minefield that probably won’t kill you but stands a really good chance of setting off an explosion at the level of your balls that will almost certainly shred them.  As most men see some value in their balls, this is territory in which sensible men tread very carefully, if at all.
In Australia, studies have shown that on average, women earn about 15% less than men (which is to say, for every $1.00 a man earns, a woman will earn 85c).  There are a lot of things that contribute to this, not all of which involve an evil plot by men to steal from hard working women.  For a man to have a conversation with a woman about this is the equivalent of holding a grenade with the pin pulled.  Staying alive depends on being fast enough to get the pin back in before the inevitable explosion.
Of course, with some men the intention is to lob a whole bunch of hand grenades and then laugh at the carnage.  Somewhere between “You’re so right, I wish I was a woman so that I had more empathy for all that is good in the world – I am so ashamed at being part of the phallocentric patriarchy,” and “Shut up bitch and get me another beer,” there is some rational territory for discussion.  But it’s a brave man who enters there.
This week there was a panel discussion on the topic of gender-based pay inequity at the National Press Club in Australia.  Several prominent women including the federal Minister for the Status of Women were on the panel.  As was one man, a social researcher (whatever that is) from the University of Melbourne, Professor Mark Wooden.  I imagine the audience was heavily dominated by women as well.
(Side note: with a name like Wooden, do you think he’s a really boring speaker?)
So where would the professor sit?  Was he going to surrender his balls, focus on protecting them from shrapnel or swing them around in the breeze and see if there were any takers?  Judge for yourself.
The summary of Professor Wooden’s position is “women don’t work hard enough”.  He said high achievers in all walks of life put in long hours of work and many women simply weren’t willing to put in the same hours as men.  One report described the response as “gasps from the mostly female audience.”  I bet.  And there was probably the sound of sharpening knives as well.  Not to mention a bit of walnutting* from the Prof.
Another panellist, federal minister Tanya Plibersek, (unsurprisingly) disagreed.  She raised the extremely valid point that the notion of needing to work until all hours should be challenged.  I personally think it’s bullshit and refuse to do it.  Which probably explains the fact I’m not CEO of anything.  Along with the fact I never went to a private school.  And I refuse to suck the boss’ cock.  And the crack addiction.
For the record, I don’t think Professor Wooden is completely right.  But he isn’t completely wrong either.  Only a tiny minority of the overall workforce rise through the ranks of management.  If men are more prone to do stupid, life-destroying things to get there, is it any wonder they dominate the field?  I don’t think women (or any minority) are done any favours when they are given a benefit “just because they’re a woman”.  But anyone who says there aren’t situations where an equally or better qualified minority loses out to a white male whose sole advantage is being a white male is either deluding themselves or simply lying.
If he made his rather contentious statements just to stir up shit then he’s a bit of a dick.  But if his intention was to get people to face some unfortunate truths, then good on him.  Maybe the reason some women don’t get as far as some men is they just don’t want it enough.  I certainly know I don’t want to give up my free time just to get more money in the bank.
He did seem to get a bit silly in the discussion.  He was quoted as saying:
“The only way we can achieve this is if we have lots of role reversals, lots of men behaving like women and lots of women behaving like men.”
“I don’t think women in Australia want that, I don’t think that women anywhere in the world want that.”
I’ve never liked arguments that seem to be based on the idea that there’s only one way for men to act and one way for women to act.  And I’m not sure what qualifies Professor Wooden to say what women want.  Speaking from experience, if you have one woman in your life it’s hard enough to know what she’s thinking, no matter how much time you spend with her.  Speaking for all the women in the world is a little bit audacious.
But his “careful what you wish for” tone did remind me of my college days.  There was certainly a very strong feminist culture there, right down to a hardcore group who fit right in with the “all men are rapists” stereotype. 
A fellow alumnus, Sue Ann Post (self described as “Australia’s favourite six foot, lesbian, ex-Mormon, diabetic, comedian and writer”) described them in a recent performance as feminazis.  So there you go, Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only person who uses that term.
Mind you, at the other end of the spectrum was an appalling boofhead culture that dominated the social scene which was basically run by rugby players.  I enjoyed the company of most of the feminists but I fucking hated the rugby players.
Quite a few impressionable young women were cultivated into a reasonable approximation of man hating lesbians while they were there.  The trouble is, a lot of them realised after college that they actually wanted to be with a man and even have a family with a man.  And all that time spent man hating put them in a bad place.  Most men really don’t like being treated as if there’s something intrinsically wrong with them simply because they’re men.
And the ones who do knuckle under to this treatment are usually really bad in bed.
So ladies, when you look at inequality in pay rates and management positions, it’s well worth asking yourself: “Is that what I really want?”
*WALNUTTING: To understand this term, you need to know two things. (1) What men’s testicles look like and (2) The fact that, under certain circumstances, men’s testicles will retract and appear to shrink.  Men’s balls look a bit like walnuts.  Round and wrinkly.  When it is cold or when a man feels threatened his balls will retract.  Which makes them really look like walnuts.  Hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if Professor Wooden suffered some walnutting while making his speech to a group of women.


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