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Victim Blaming

Some people have been saying I’m too calm and restrained when I make videos with Eva. So I get really quite angry in this one. In this video we rant about a topic that makes us both very angry. Namely, when people blame the victims of crime, especially sexual assault and rape.

This is NEVER EVER OK. There’s no such thing as “Oh, but she was wearing..” “Well, she shouldn’t have…” Rapes happen for one reason and one reason only: A rapist decides to rape.

And I’m also sick of idiots who say things along the line of “It’s pointless saying don’t rape because only reasonable people would listen. It won’t have any effect on a crazed rapist.” The problem is that, besides the fact that’s rapist talk, rapists are “normal”, they are often incredibly mundane. They have jobs and families. Even if you never have and never will sexually assault anyone, statistically, you know a rapist. You work with a rapist. You socialise with a rapist. you are related to a rapist.

This is everyone’s problem. The focus should ALWAYS be on the rapist. It is NEVER the victim’s fault. Until everyone wakes up to this, rape will always be a problem.


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STFU Cards

I’ve gone a bit mad recently making things on various websites that allow you to create custom products. I’ve done this previously with a lot of t-shirts (why not go here and buy one?) but this splurge has been more “branding” merch which I intend to give away.

The first cards arrived today and I got a tad excited.

When I posted about the new cards on Facebook, the suggestion of doing paste-ups was raised and I said I’d provide some images for anyone who wanted to do that. Without further ado, here’s a download link for the image on the card.

Also, I played with it on the site which turns images into pdf files that print over a number of A4 pages. Click here to get a version that runs over 4 pages. Click here to get a version that runs over 8 pages.

Or download the original link and play around on Blockposters to make it whatever size you want!


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Tour of a sex shop

I’m always interested in diversifying the videos I make and recently I’ve been having a bit of fun making videos with my friend Eva who works in (among other places) a sex shop. She also blogs – check the link to the side for her blog “Deliciously Bad”. In this video, Eva gives a guided tour of the sex shop where she works:

Some interesting feedback came from a Facebook friend:

Be careful about promoting the big vibrator with “if you are up to the challenge…” ,XL or XXL or XXXL sizes in toys are not for amateurs but only for experienced fetished ppl who know what they are playing with. Actually those kind of toys are generally even higher grade material then the normal sized ones. And that one… well *witholds most of my potential comments as they might be tmi imo*

It’s also a mistake be only thinking vaginal. A vagina is limited in its intake. An anus can take a whole lot more, as it is a double flexible muscle. Any experienced anal fetish person knows this, but also knows that with anything one does in life, muscles must be trained, warmed up and cannot be forced overnight, but take years to get to them suitably flexible. 

The big vibrator  shown is actually one of the most amazing ones ever designed. It can be used by mildly experienced people as well as truly experienced ones, since it has two vibrators in it. One in the head, and one in the shaft just above the ball area. Both can be operated individually, so depending on penetration, is perfect to stimulate the prostate no matter how deep or shallow it gets used (hence that it is an anal toy, not a vaginal one). The material it is made out is a soft jellly substance which makes it less harmfull when reaching stretch limits during penetration. It bends easily and can withstand pressure without tearing. The anal muscle will be much more relaxed than with a hard material toy of that size.

So what do you think? Did he share tmi with me?

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Meeting Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

I don’t know what 2012 will bring but it certainly started on a high note for me. On New Year’s Eve I met my long-time literary hero Neil Gaiman and his lovely wife Amanda Palmer. The tickets weren’t cheap but they were certainly worth it. I think I can still hear myself from 15 years ago screaming with excitement as the echoes of this event reach me.

I hope I didn’t make a mess of my Sandman comics.

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Sexy Strippers at Trash Masque New Year’s Eve Party

I usually don’t make a big thing of New Year’s Eve, it’s too much of an arbitrary thing for me. But it was a little different this year when my all time literary hero, Neil Gaiman decided to host a New Year’s Eve party here in Melbourne with his lovely wife Amanda Palmer and a host of other performers.

The theme of the night was Trash Masquerade and there were lots of impressive costumes. Among the entertainers were the following pair:

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TFU Friday – Norway, Australia and ComicCon

The awful events recently in Norway have united all decent people in their support of the Norwegian people. Sadly, not all people are decent.

It’s predictable but sickening that so many people use this tragedy to further their own agenda. Glenn Beck calls the shooting victims “Hitler Youth” and Bill O’Reilly is delusional about Christianity. Why do the American right in particular find it so hard to concede a point or admit fault? A competitor in the TFU response stakes was ex-Smiths frontman Morrisey who said the killings were “nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried shit every day“.

But the winner of worst response for my money, was an ally of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who actually supported the murderer’s manifesto.

On a lighter but still fucked up note, there were the usual animal attacks in Australia and a real tragedy for the nerds of Comic Con.


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Hey retard, you’re an idiot!

There is a lot of argument over whether calling someone a retard is a good idea or bad idea.

Is choosing not to use “retard” as an insult political correctness or simply being nice? While doing some research for this video, I found this site that details how the word idiot, imbecile and moron once all had medical definitions linked to degrees of mental retardation. Maybe the insult retard/retarded is destined to go the same way as these words and pass into common usage, losing its link to medical definitions of intellectual disability.

But isn’t it fun knowing “idiot” is the worst insult of all?

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