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Angry at my car

I am really angry today.

My goddam car wouldn’t start this morning so I’m 45 minutes late for work. This is a less than 6 month old car so as far as I am concerned absolutely nothing should go wrong with the bloody thing. The anger started when I went to get into the car. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I couldn’t open the doors with the doohickey on the keys – no response at all.

Then I remembered the concept of using the key to physically open the door as opposed to electronically.

Anyway, in the car – no response at all when I turn the key. My first thought is that there is something seriously wrong with the key doohickey and the engine immobiliser is still on therefore the goddam engine remains off. Then I fiddle with a few more things and it’s starting to look like the battery is flat.

Now, I didn’t leave the headlights on (in fact, one of the things I like about this car is that it won’t let me leave the headlights on) so I’m trying to work out what could have caused it. Then I remember this intermittent problem the car has where the brake light stays on after I’m out of the car. If I notice it I can just tap the brakes to make it go off but if I don’t notice it…

So I have an hour of stress working this all out and jump-starting the car and I end up angry as hell before I even get into traffic (as opposed to the normal five minutes after I get into traffic) and I have a whole work day ahead of me yet to make me angrier.

I have to put up with a four hour workshop this afternoon so it will be a miracle if I make it through that without smacking someone’s face into a whiteboard. The one saving grace is I already had the car booked in for a service next week. Getting the car fixed is only incidental to making me feel better.

The real bonus is I get to abuse someone face to face while the outrage is still fresh in my mind.



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Why am I Angry?

So to start with: what’s the main thing that makes me angry? (besides people asking me “Why are you so angry?”) In a word, it’s people. I’d be a hell of a lot less angry if it wasn’t for all the damn people.

Everywhere I go, people! I swear, do you all get together somewhere and formulate ways to make me angry? Because when I look at the average knucklehead making me angry I figure there’s no way they’re smart enough to consistently find new ways to frustrate me the way they do. The only logical explanation is that you’re all involved in a conspiracy against me.

I know, you think it’s all fun and games, but I’ll warn you right now: my time is coming. That’s right, you’ll have to answer for your stupidity one day – everyone who pisses me off goes on THE LIST. And when I’m running things everyone on the list pays! Think about that next time you cut me off as you change lanes without warning.

Don’t think it won’t happen. You’re on notice.

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