You Always Hurt The One You Love

Christian love or S&M fetish? You be the judge. is one of my regular reads and they have a feature article on an apparently growing trend among some Christians known as "training up" or more commonly known as corporal punishment. You have to watch an ad to read full articles on the site but I think it's worth it.

Read it here.



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3 responses to “You Always Hurt The One You Love

  1. If little children weren’t being hurt, the hypocricy on display here would almost be funny. Almost. I find it so astonishing how people pick and choose verses from Scripture and make it fit what ever point of view they happen to have. Somehow “love one another” and how-to instrictional guides for inflicting pain on human beings don’t mesh real well.

  2. My Mother was a firm believer in corporal punishment. She used either a belt or a willow limb (not switch). When we bled – she’d stop. I got married at barely 17, became an alcoholic, divorced more times than I care to share today. Now I’m not saying that my mother is to blame. I’m just saying if that is the way you ‘train up’ a child, wtf are we training them up to be? Abusers of themselves and/or others, I think.

  3. Newwordsmith: Scary thing is they’re proud of it

    Sandra: You know the cycle of behaviour first hand, I think the studies show, not all abuse victims become abusers but all abusers were once victims of abuse

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