I’m Still Angry at Hippies

Q1: What's worse that hippies prattling on about "spiritual healing"?

A1: People who form cults built around hippie spiritual healing concepts.

Q2: What's worse than silly new age cults?

A2: Silly new age cults that charge money for "energy conversion sessions"

Q3: What's worse than religious/hippie cults ripping people off via bogus new age crap?

A3: Cult leaders who sexually assault little girls.


Guess what happens to child molesters in jail dickhead? Get ready for some "enlightenment" you really aren't going to like.



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9 responses to “I’m Still Angry at Hippies

  1. Ironically, this guy has been on charges before and his defence was that he had erectile dysfunction…

  2. Salaamat,
    I think child molesters should be executed. period.

  3. I like to think I’m a reasonable man but if someone threatened my kids I’d kill them with my bare hands.

  4. No baddie will ever get to touch my future kids or my nephew, if there’s some psycho who does that, he will not live to breath for even another minute once i find him.

  5. I used to work in an adult male penitentiary. Sex offenders in Texas get up to 40 years for the “first offense” and have to register as sex offenders in the USA all their lives. When they go to prison they are separated from the rest of the prison population because they are the most hated by the guards and other inmates. Frankly I think they should be put in general population and daily announcements making their names and living quarters known.

  6. There’s no such thing as protection in prison – they want to get you, you get got

  7. Lee

    You been following South Park from the sound of it, (Gawdarnd hippies): Eric Cartman quote.

    Why not put all the hippies in a big camp and give them freedom to work as the reaction to one news report would seem to indicate.

    Catholic Priest are far more active in that area.

  8. You’re absolutely right – sex abusing cult-leading hippies are far rarer than sex abusing religious authority figures. This was just how I felt on the day (yes, it was Cartman-inspired)

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