Well, I'm pretty excited today. I've shared with you before how shallow I am with my shameless pursuit of blog traffic. I hit some new highs this week with my post on Moroccan chocolate. It's been quite popular with my regular readers (thanks for all the comments – as usual, it's the interaction with all of you that keeps me motivated) but the stats went a little wild when it was posted to the Joel on Software Reddit. I hit a freakish new one day high of over 900 hits yesterday and it looks like being over 300 today. I'd say about 1000 of those come from Reddit. Yowza!

This was all on the WordPress version of the blog, the Blogger version (which I don't promote very much) is maintaining its steady 30 or so hits a day. Blogger readers shouldn't feel bad, it's more… intimate. I was particularly happy that the post was well-received on the Joel sub-Reddit, I've been a big fan of the Joel on Software site for years and I often use his stuff for my work. It feels quite good to have gotten such a positive response from that forum. And now the post has appeared on WordPress's "Top Posts" listing – I've often wondered what the hell you had to do to get on that listing. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why posts appeared there. I will be interested to se if that provides any sort of boost to traffic.

I remain very interested in what search terms point to my blogs. My gratuitous "Foreskin King" post last week worked far better than I expected. My WordPress and Blogger blogs are the number 1 and 2 results on Google for "foreskin blog" now. Words can't express the pride I'm feeling right now.

I'm also amused with how often searches for "how to hang toilet paper" end up here. I have to thank James and Pirate Jen who used my blog to settle their office argument on the topic. Particular thanks to James for pointing me to the Current Configuration site. More than one person has told me I didn't make it clear which way I intended for toilet paper should be hung (I thought I did) but this site actually uses illustrations:

toilet paper image

And Check this out:

toilet paper 2

I thought I had too much time on my hands. Truly teh internets are wonderful things. Tomorrow will be a big day; post number 100.  Damn, that got here fast.



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12 responses to “Updates

  1. Honey, I think we both have too much time on our hands, but isn’t this blogging thing fun?!?

    I especially like the visuals on toilet paper hanging, as this is one of my pet peeves.

    Today American and Australia…..tomorrow the WORLD!

    And if anyone doesn’t like us…..fuck them in the neck with a wooden spoon! (still thinking about the Moroccan chocolate!

  2. Hell Boy

    wow so educational, thanks heaven i hung the t.p. right! aha i have another problem, what should i do to get a better access to t.p. it’s hung on the right side & im lef-handed.
    go figure this for me! thanks 😉

  3. Salaamat,
    you have been tagged! ha..i bet you thought it was only for girls huh?

  4. i’ve never seen quite a detailed approach on how toilet paper shld. be hung?! it even has logical explanation to it! proves blogging isn’t just a waste of time, it’s an art. it requires talent combined with good timing, precision, a bad case of delusions and shitty everyday experiences! voila, you’ve got yerself a masterpiece called BLOG! 😉

    @Hell Boy –> jst a suggestion, why not get enough toilet paper in yer hands before you sit on the throne or better yet, have the toilet paper holder positioned in front of yah! 😀

  5. be

    lol @ how to hang toielt paper

  6. the pictures still do not make it clear to me

  7. Howard: the remedial class starts soon (everybody else: don’t shake hands with Howards

  8. Sandra: I’m all about world conquest!

    HellboY: treat it like an aerobics workout – bend and stretch

    Maliha: So you think I’m a girl, eh? Glad to see your new chapter up too!

    Mayang: I think that blogging is the perfect therapy for us OCD sufferers

  9. Pus

    Haa.haa…funny diagram yet very educational for the adults.

  10. Salaamat,
    you? a girl? pleasee…anyone who thinks girls can’t be smelly/dirty/icky is certaintly NOT one:p

    man..i am finally getting a breather to get online..took a couple of days off to go to the beach (yayy!) and came back exhausted to a mountain of work…

    so yeah..its friday and i am happy and breathin’ 🙂 free at last:)

  11. Capri

    I get alot of porn search words even though my site is a gossip site. lol But the other week I got the search “13 year old underage porn”. 😦 What the fuck on my blog says that?? But they group words together from different posts on search engines. 13 year old can be from any post of mine. But the porn and underage porn is because of my Charlie Sheen posts about him killing porn star Chloe Jones and also visits underage porn sites.

  12. Yeah, I get creeped out most by the kiddie porn searches too. I feel dirty by association. And not in a good way.

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