100 Posts – Where to now?

Anybody who's been reading this blog for a while knows how self-indulgent I am so it should be no surprise that I take time in my 1ooth post to get all self-reflective and think about… me. It's taken me less than three months to get this far (first post on Blogger was March 23rd) but I'm still looking forward to maintaining my original goal of posting at least once every day for a year. One thing I don't think I've ever shared is why I actually started the blog.

The character of Mr Angry (yes, it's a character, I'm not really like this – well, not completely) was originally an idea for a standup performance. I had written some material and was getting ready to try it out on some open mike nights when I started to think a blog might be a lower-risk way to get some feedback on whether or not the material was actually funny. Then I found what looked like a a reverse goatse picture in the local paper – something that absolutely cried out to be in a blog. So this was what sealed the deal for me; a chance to inflict my sick humour on the world demanded I start a blog. The fact that nobody apart from me seemed to find the goatse picture funny is an ongoing tragedy in my life.

I used up the first batch of material by halfway through April so I've had to come up with something new every day since then. The funny thing is I've has very little trouble coming up with that new material each day. If I didn't have such good feedback going on with readers I'd probably give up but so long as y'all keep commenting, I'll keep writing. The twist is, I've been so focused on the blog I haven't had a chance to think about rehearsing any live performance. I'm feeling comfortable enough with the blog I might actually start converting some of the crowd favourites into a standup routine. I'll be sure and let you know what happens if I ever get around to it.

The other things about the blog that has changed as I have continued along is that I am not as scared of failure as I used to be. In the early stages I was a wuss. The posts were really short, I was doling out my stored content in constant fear that I'd run out of things to blog. I wouldn't post more than once a day because that would be a waste, I should save it for tomorrow. If I was smart, I'd be writing material in advance now but I guess I work better under pressure. Also, I have come to the conclusion that the world is even more fucked up than I thought when I started – I'm never going to run out of material.

One thing I know for sure, writing is definitely what I want to do for a living. I sort of do that now as a BA but not in the way I really want to. I can get paid quite well as an IT contractor, so it's very seductive to give up "dreams" in favour of the comparatively easy money. I think by the end of one year I can work out how to parlay my blog writing into filthy lucre. So save up your pennies, because as soon as I work out how I'm going to be hoovering your wallets dry.

Hmmmm, I'm getting a vision… Mr Angry – The Movie. The feel good hit of the year. Watch out for it. Step one to this goal: I have broadband now, maybe I should podcast. Would anybody be interested in a Mr Angry podcast?



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18 responses to “100 Posts – Where to now?

  1. Kerryn

    If you do get that standup routine together, I’m there. Don’t know about a movie (why am I getting visions of Mr Bean – The Movie at this point???) and I’m still on dialup, so a podcast would want to be worth it 😉 But standup… now that’s an idea I could get behind.

  2. Hell Boy

    hhhmmm tell me about the release of yer movie & i promise to bring a bunch of anger maker for your next!

  3. Since I am an old person I had to look up ‘podcast’. I think that would be a great idea.

    When you are the rich and famous ‘Mr. Angry’ you need to remember US…the little people who made you famous. The sick, warped ones who gave you material to blog about. You can take us with you on your world tours. Mayang and I will feed you Morrocan chocolates. Hell boy will antagonize you to give you new material. Happychick can be your cheerleader.

    At the end of each routine you can end with the statement: ‘And if you have a problem with any of this…..fuck you in the neck with a bazooka.’

  4. Yeah, whats a podcast? I am one of the Y generation- we are lazy. Spoon-feed me the answer to my question. Do a stand-up routine. Write a book. Create a movie. I will pay. Create a podcast (whatever the fuck that is). Whats stopping you? The fear of failure? Lol. Too long has fear ruled my life. It will no longer do so. Branch out, Mr. Angry- I’ll come to your book signing. xx

  5. I will happilty write for you buddy. I have done so for 20 years. Time for an australian comic to make it in the states. Let’ stalk. i did stand-up for a while. Hated the crowds, loved the writing.

  6. start with the simple stuff.

    1.. do a few minutes about the blogging world

    2. toilet paper

    3. drugs – always good

    4. if you are hurting – get ready for the colonoscopy and gas stuff – always brings em back

  7. Mr. Angry doing financial news. You can do mine.

  8. Salaamat,
    I can totally see you as a stand up comic. I seriously have cracked up OUT LOUD in my cubicle while reading some of your stuff 🙂 (somehow its much funnier when i read them while taking a break at work…its like seeing the stuff in action:)

    go for it…i can alwayz tell my grandkids “see that mr. angry on comedy central? we go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back” :):)

    you better send me free tix to your performances too:) congrats and keep up the good stuff!

  9. i’ll be the first in line for the book signing(coz i’ll be one of yer take-no crap bodyguard w/ Sandra), be one of your avid listener on your podcast(security staff by that time), 1st to watch yer movie(coz i’m on the movie covering yer ass) and eventually once you have your own comedy thing on tv i’ll be one of your take-no crap production team who’ll beat up anybody who talks crap about yer show all the while feeding you tons of chocolate! ain’t it enough, what’s holdin’ you?! we’re givin’ you all the love you need! LoL 😉

  10. Kerryn: I think you are my only local reader, so I will definitely let you know when I am taking the plunge

    Hellboy: Keep giving me ideas dude, it’s all about the feedback

    Sandra: I’ll let everyone know when the world tour starts 🙂

    Happychick: Gen Yers are meant to be all over podcasting 😉

    Howard: I’m in, we can continue to discuss via email.

    Maliha: All my regulars are guaranteed VIP passes on my world tour, you have to promise to let me know when your book signing tour comes out.

    Mayang: You are all indeed giving me all the love I need – it looks like I’ll have to do it.

    And thanks to everyone who reads and gives feedback. I would definitely have given up ages ago without an audience to encourage me, so stay tuned for next steps.

  11. Ooh, the excitement is killing me!!! Hurry up and release a book already…

  12. I’d rather read your work. The podcast would dilute the anticipation. So no podcast for me.

    Also, do you have any advice for me about getting into a BA role?

  13. happychick: I’ll let you know when I close a publishing deal

    Maryam: I’ll never give up the writing, don’t worry. I’ll emial you my suggestions about BA work.

  14. awesome, i shall await your response.

  15. Kit

    As great as a podcast may sound, I think the written text works well and it would be great if it continued. I’m reading through your backlog, and you have some great stuff so far, congratulations on 100 posts.

    Perhaps a domain is the future?

    There would be an temporary drop in traffic until the new site was indexed, but you could pull all your posts from this site into the new one with ease. A domain would offer brandability as well as an easier URI to remember.

    Benefits of using your own wordpress installation include increased flexibilty and easier search engine optimization.

    In the same breath, if a blog has great, interesting content like this one, it really does not matter where it is located.

  16. Thanks for that advice Kit and thanks for the kind words. Although I’m very happy with my progress so far it’s early days for me so who knows where it will all end up.

  17. Rick - a 'merican'

    My second hunch after initially reading some of your posts was that you either already were or certainly *should* be working in comedy entertainment, even if only as a hobby.

    Of the few people I know who write, perform in audio media, and perform live, the three can certainly be considered different branches of the same tree each requiring it’s own unique approach for successful navigation. Your writing certainly shows you have the viewpoint, intelligence, ego, neuroses and possibly even psychoses to be a very entertaining comedy personality. I, for one, would be very interested in podcasts considering that it might be some time before I could manage an evening out for a live performance in your neighborhood. (translation: neighbourhood? (I’ve not quite yet mastered the use of ‘ou’ vs. ‘o’ between the ‘merican spelling and the *real* English spelling of word. (This may, come to think of it, partly explain why I can never seem to figure out the ‘colour’ codes for the highway system when traveling in Canada.)))

  18. It’s good that you’re trying Rick 🙂 Keep watching for news of podcasts and/or public performances

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