In Praise of Percussive Maintenance

Is anyone else a fan of percussive maintenance? I love it. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it's a technical term that means smacking the shit out of something that doesn't work. It isn't the most productive method for dealing with out of order machinery (assuming your goal is to make the machine work) but it remains popular with people of all works of life. I think there are two reasons people keep doing it: one, because sometimes it actually works and two, because it feels so damn good.

I've just had what I am determined will be my last fight with the laundry facilities in my apartment building. I've previously shared with you how I won't use the washing machines any more because they keep making oily stains on my clothes. As an aside, "oily stains from washing machines" is a popular search term that leads to my blog. To anyone who comes here looking for solutions, I'm not much help – my only solution is to stop using the fucking thing. Well, I was still using the dryer, right up until the bastard machine just took my money and didn't work.

It wasn't a lot of money ($2) but it pushed me over the edge. I kicked the absolute crap out of the dryer which resulted in nether the return of my money nor the dryer suddenly working. But I think I heard some of the machine's inner workings fall out. Which made me feel good. Then I ran away before any of the other residents came in and found me. Won't the next person who uses it get a surprise? There's probably a slowly spreading pool of oil on the ground now from the dryer slowly bleeding to death.

Fuck this, I'm going out to buy my own dryer.


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11 responses to “In Praise of Percussive Maintenance

  1. Suns lost so I just kicked my dog.

    I have to go get another one too.

  2. You know what amazes me most about you? Okay, it’s totally unrelated to the topic but ha on you- you see, it’s weird because, for such an amazingly angry person, you are very level-headed too…. Hmmmm…..

  3. Howard: don’t kick your dog, that’s what furniture is for

    Happychick: on my own blog I am crazy for therapeutic purposes. Occasionally level-headedness rears its head here when I want to make a point. When I comment on someone else’s blog it is far closer to my true self commenting. It has been noted more than once that I don’t act angry on other people’s blogs.

  4. memo to me, don’t be alone in the laundromat with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. saly

    So, blogging isn’t helping you? You still seem angry to me;-)

  6. is that what it’s called?! hell, i’ve been doin’ it all my life didn’t know it was even considered a concept!

    kick the door when my key won’t open it, kicked the washing machine just bec. i hate doin’ laundry, beat the crap out of my PDA when it went shitty on me more than once even slammed on the tv when one time i thought the screen’s fucked! so you can say i’m a calm person i seldom get angry! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Maryam: so long as you aren’t the machine, you’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Saly: I have to keep trying, the blog therapy is slowly working.

    Mayang: it’s important to let it all out!

  8. Capri

    I usually throw things away if they’re giving me problems. I don’t need the headaches. Or I just leave it on our sidewalk in a seperate bag and damn, someone usually picks it up for themselves.

  9. Capri: isn’t footpath recycling awesome? I’ve have gotten rid of heaps of useless crap and picked up heaps of good stuff that way.

  10. note to self….join Mr. Angry in the laundry room for some anger management.! ๐Ÿ˜€ I always wanted to throw dishes but I knew I would be the one to clean up the slivers of glass….prob with my bare feet.

  11. I just got a brilliant new therapy toy. A playstation 2 with an eye toy camera. These are cheap now because they’re superseded and now I have this boxing game where I can punch out a cartoon character with actual punching motions. It’s great!

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