6/6/6 Update

No significant satanic manifestations to report although my WordPress counter did pass 6660 while it was still 6/6/6 in other parts of the world.  Does this mean I have 10 times the power of the beast?



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8 responses to “6/6/6 Update

  1. Yes! Did you call 666-6666 yet? I’ve heard that since the advent of the gregorian calendar this whole 6-6-06 thing might be just a tat over blown… what do I know…

  2. My good sir, you are a beast. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  3. Idubya: yes, it’s incredibly arbitrary and so meaningless to any rational person. Lots of fun though.

    Simon: the rarely do, they rarely do.

  4. saly

    And 10 times angrier than the Satan:-)

  5. You are crushing me. I need to get more shameless.

    I am just going to write about market crashes the rest of the year

  6. Thanks Saly

    Howard: shameless is good. My most successful shamless act was to get a post on http://joel.reddit.com/ (the moroccan chocolate one) I like to think it was a good post but it was most definitely tailored for that audience. It has real “legs” with that audience and has been responsible for a couple of thousand hits over the last week. If you could write something on getting funding for a start up/who’s funding startups/how to approach an angel investor/VC I think it would do well there.

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