Last minute feedback request

I'm going to start work on Mr Angry's video blog today and I'm looking for some advice from regular readers (or random passing strangers for that matter) who may have formed an opinion of what Mr Angry is like. Which do you think sounds funnier: Mr Angry's natural state is screaming all the time or Mr Angry spends most of his time struggling (semi-successfully) to keep his rage under control and occasionally loses his shit and ends up screaming?

Or do you think I should try both and see which works best?



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10 responses to “Last minute feedback request

  1. Struggling semi-successfully and losing it….that is the way I see you. You know like you’re this really nice guy (with an anger problem) that gets invaded by dumb asses and just cannot control the rage any longer.

  2. you have to try both and let it be voted

  3. Rick - a 'merican'

    I have to say my first instinct is to side with Sandra but either one could serve you well so I sort of agree with howard too. (How’s that for tossing a coin and having it end up on it’s edge?)

  4. Rick - a 'merican'

    One of the things I like (in an added bonus sort of way) about leaving comments on your blog, Mr. A, is that the date and time are nearly always sometime ‘tomorrow’ from my local point of view. You are (well, your blog is, technically speaking) a time machine for me. Extra thanks for that!

  5. Mmmm, OK. I’m aiming for at least one this weekend, we’ll see how we go.

  6. Salaamat,
    I like Sandra’s idea too…

    OMG i am mad you beat me on your stats!

    time for some serious comment whoring:)

    hey…looks like i have a lot of catching up to do on this blog…keep it up:)

  7. saly

    I see you as struggling and losing it sometimes. That’s what I like.

  8. lots of screaming please, and some swearing too.

  9. i dont like either 😐

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