More proof god hates me

Last night for the first time in ages I did some advance work on a blog post for the next day (today) and saved the draft.  In Blogger.  And now, Blogger go bye-bye.  It's had intermittent problems for a week or so and now it seems to be having a loooong sleep.  My post is likely to be a bit later than normal today as a result unless Blogger comes back up in the next hour or so.

If it doesn't, I'll wait until I get home and if Blogger still isn't up I'll restart from scratch in WordPress.  Sure is making my decision to dump Blogger altogether easy.

Also, I'm determined to post at least one video blog this weekend so stay tuned.



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6 responses to “More proof god hates me

  1. God doesn’t hate you honey, blogger does. 😀

  2. If god loved me he’d make Blogger work better. Came good just after your comment anyway, so maybe you’re right

  3. Jason

    Yes Andrew, I DO hate you…you see, you have scorned my dear friends the Hippies, who I love so dearly because they look like me with their long hair and beards. I bless them with lots of nice drugs. So you must ATONE for this sin by growing your hair down to your ass and eating only tofu for one month, or I will SMITE you down with my Holy Hand Grenade!


    – God

  4. Dear god: I hate tofu, as a compromise can I eat nothing but magic mushrooms and hash brownies for a month? Man, I’d do some wicked good blogging then.

  5. I had the same problem. I convinced myself to start using offline blogging software. I went through a handful of free ones, and then found one that I really like called Zoundry ( Like you, I am trying my new blog on both wordpress and blogger, so it is very easy to cross post between the two blogs.

  6. I will have a look, thanks PM. I should be putting more effort into working these things out but I’m inherently lazy.

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