Vlog Number One

Okay, I actually did it. This is done all by myself, no rehearsal, no help. And I didn't read the instructions on the video editing tool. They will get better.

This will probably push me to do some live performances too. I'll video anything I do and post that as well.



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15 responses to “Vlog Number One

  1. Pus

    Hey…I really love this one. Good job and good presentation too. Message noted and taken.

  2. Thanks for the ‘cleaning’ visual.

    lmao….This is GREAT! 😀

    We’re ready to go on the road!

  3. 🙂 I love it. Bring on episode number two!

  4. Salaamat,
    Ewww! that last line…and Before LUNCH! *barf*

    a) I am really dumb to have alwayz read your posts with an american accent:p Doesn’t the whole world speak amer-english?

    b) my crutch phrase is “you know what i mean?” yours seems to be “i mean” hee hee..you are answering me:) But keep that in mind for part II.

    c) I know you look a lot better than Daniel Pipe’s twin 🙂

    Take care and great job….

    PS: DO GUYS REALLY NOT WASH THEIR HANDS when no one looks??!

    I am skipping lunch today. Thanks Mr. angry.

  5. Rick - a 'merican'

    Well done! I liked the flow and the continuity of the material. (I especially like the idea of the bank of single user ‘facilities’ with an attendant – pure genius. Add some sort of stink-o-meter to the outside of the doors for their protection – as well as mine – and you’ve struck gold!)

    The delivery was good too. I found myself expecting some more expressive outbursts or more dramatic emphasis on some of the points about the gawd-awful things people seem to do and produce in the communal facilities. Partly, I think the mask may have covered some of what I was looking for – facial expressions of irritation or disgust – and some of it may be cultural.

    By ‘cultural’ I mean that I have a particularly ‘loud’ circle of friends and family plus I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone from Australia upset in person. Mr. Gibson and Mr. Crowe and numerous other Aussie actors have certainly displayed all the emotion and expression one cold ask for but I don’t quite trust movies and entertainment media to be accurate of real people.

    All that said, I definitely think you’re headed in the right direction with the Mr. Angry struggling to maintain composure while dealing with the absurdities of every day.

    Again, well done! I’d rate this bit a solid 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. I’ve paid hard currency and been much less impressed or entertained.

    [Please note that I’m seriously impressed by the effort and the performance and still trying to provide honest (hopefully useful) constructive feedback.]

  6. BRAVO,BRAVO! TOP HAT’S off to you! lookin’ good! can’t wait for the next installment! 😉

  7. Thank you all for your kind words. And Rick, you give good feedback man. Taken in the positive spirit I’m sure it was intended. And yes, Maliha, many guys do not wash their hands if they can get away we it.

    Not me of course.

  8. “wiping my dick all over it”, its almost priceless that quote. I was expecting Mr Angry to be a bit more angrier in person. Hopefully that is to come, a few angry fits here and there never hurt anyone.

  9. saly

    Haha! It is hilarious and filmed really well. From the video blogs, I have seen I was expecting broken links or huge files taking forever to download but this was great. And you are as good looking as Crowe;-) If only all men thought like you do about dicks and hand washing, Mr. Angry…Ah!

  10. Range: working my way up to it. Number 2 is way angrier

    Thanks Saly, I promise I don’t think about my dick all the time 😉

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