Mr Angry Vlog Number Two

Insert gratuitous "number two" joke here. This one is way angrier. Lots of swears too. Don't play it around the kids. I really like how these have gone so far and I'm looking forward to making them better so any feedback is appreciated. Even negative feedback – because if you're a prick about it I'll just make fun of you in comments.

By the way, if you like these, go nuts with spreading the word. Put them on your own site, send them to friends, go viral, pretend you wrote the script, whatever. Have fun!

UPDATE: After this initial flurry of activity, you probably won't see any new vlogs for a while.  My kids arrive in about an hour and I don't really want them to se me acting crazy like this.  I don't know if I'll get around to doing any more during the week so you might have to wait until next weekend for a new vlog post.



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10 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number Two

  1. omg – I sat here laughing out loud! That is the FUNNIEST THING! I agree – there are some ‘fuckwits’ out there!

    Much better, much funnier than #1. I esp liked the graphic effects as well as your shirt being torn…

    Don’t worry about your kids….you can’t hide the fact that you’re FUCKING CRAZY! Take it from a Mom that has very perceptive kids. 😀

    I will certainly pass it on.

  2. Man, this is hilarious, its the unspent anger I have, but never truly express. Truckdrivers, do they drive you insane or what?

    What about the cellphone while driving talkers. Those are pretty damn bad too. Talking away, swerving around, with no idea about what they are doing.

  3. Pus

    You did it again! You are such a funny character and what was said in the V is so true. Much worst when driving behind truck drivers who kept stepping on brakes. I will link this V in my own page since you said we can.

  4. Sandra: my kids know I’m crazy but I don’t think they need to see me like this 😉

    Range, thanks, there are plenty of things to be angry about, so I’ll have plent more vlogs coming

    Pus: Very happy for you to feature any of my content, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned

  5. Hehehe. I especially liked the Eyore character in the background- it really adds to the angriness. 🙂

  6. Nice attention to detail happychick, I placed him there deliberately 🙂

  7. Rick - a 'merican'

    I’m late to the party but glad to be here!

    Brilliant! Well done and more.

    When you bring your show to the US, I’ll try and get tickets. When I travel to Australia, I’ll check your performance schedule and see you there, too.

    Keep them coming, as you’re able, please. I think this is a fan-gasmic opportunity to witness the growth of real talent.

  8. Thanks again for the feedback Rick, I will have to make sure my world tour visits all my regular readers’ home towns 😉

  9. Capri

    My speakers haven’t worked in ages. What are you saying in both of them?

  10. It’s stuff that’s already been in blog posts 🙂 I’ll have to look into subtitles.

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