A Bit of Perspective

scobles blog stats

Christ on a fucking bike. The image above is from Robert Scoble's blog. It shows even the number one blogger on WordPress can be impressed with his statistics. It shows that a "normal" day for him is between 4,000 and 10,000 hits but when word got out he'd left Microsoft, his traffic spiked to 90,000.

Wow. I can't think of anything else to say. Wow.



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7 responses to “A Bit of Perspective

  1. Capri

    He left Microsoft? When did that happen and why? I got my most traffic like last week for pictures of baby Shiloh.

  2. except hes a dork and a nerd and a goober – can you please get angry for me.

  3. Carpri: He did it to take up video blogging. Right after I posted my first vlogs. I’m not saying he’s scared of me, I’m just putting the facts out there.

    Howard: He is a dork and pretty boring. I have never seen a single post on his blog that made me feeel like he was anything special. I think he got noticed simple because of his MS insider status, not because he’s a particularly good blogger. But I think I sound more like a whiny bitch than Mr Angry when I say that.

  4. Its the everybody hates him but wants to be him phenomenon. I dont know, personally, I don’t like his blog that much, its plain ugly. He’s used it to his advantage though, he would not have gotten into Podtech without his blog.

  5. I don’t actually hate him, but I don’t think much of him either. I think his reputation is overrated – he’s bland rather than bad. I can’t even work up a head of steam over him.

  6. Yeah, I don’t really hate him either. I want to be him though. Or I want his traffic. He looks like an overweight loser. Did you see his wife? I can’t get worked up on him either.

    I get more worked up talking about JamKat in Big Brother Australia.

  7. OH damn I want his traffic.

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