Mr Angry by Request

Well, Howard thinks I'm not angry enough lately. The miserable fucker. I suppose he has a bit of a point but I thinking recommending the execution of spammers is pretty goddam angry. Howard gave me a few suggestions for angriness which I'm going to try and follow up on (with some help – what's some good stock market dirt to be angry about Howard?) and while I'm at it, I may as well hold open the door for requests. Anything in particular y'all want me to get angry about?

Also, to update my sad desperate plea for attention, WordPress is still acting totally wacko so I'm going to hold off updating the site design until they stabilise things. So anyone who links to let me know via comments and I will return the favour later this week.

Also, I'm working on another vlog tonight so you might see that tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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11 responses to “Mr Angry by Request

  1. saly

    I get angry with dog owners who let their dogs poop in public parks. You can’t God damn jog without dog poo sticking to your trainers. Do you get angry with that, Mr. Angry?

  2. I showed my boyfirend your vlogs. he said “he’s very angry”. lol

  3. Paul Brown

    saly – when I left for work this morning I found two nice fresh piles of dog crap on my path outside my front door. I don’t know if they were strays or just owned by the world’s most inconsiderate people, but it didn’t make me angry – it made me evil. I have spent most of the morning thinking up nasty traps and surprises that I can set up for dogs, not to mention the bloddy revenge that I intend to exact upon the owners should I catch them.

    Anyone with any anti-dog ideas please pass them on (must provide safe passage for postman etc.)

  4. My daughter in law’s fucking cat make me angry enough to pull it’s owners head off and scream down the hole. In fact I almost mistook my self for YOU!

  5. I got woken up on the night of Saturday to Sunday by someone named Jason Green at 04:30 am. He had the balls to leave me a message because I told him to fuck off, after my wife did the same thing. Needless to say, I posted his name on a lot of gay classifieds with interesting comments and his phone number, which is 514-823-9952.

    Hope he enjoys his week.

  6. Range – that is so damn funny! 😀

  7. Range – this reminds me of something that my sons, the Bastard boys would do. Jason should be fucked in the neck with an alarm clock!

  8. Salamaat,
    people at my job who insist on “hanging out after work”…

    OMG i am already stuck with them for 8 hours (on a good day) and they want me to socialize?

    some people can’t understand the notion of a “real life” outside of cubicles, endlessly boring meetings and chirpy people who are actually excited to be in cubicles and boring meetings…


  9. Capri

    I just added you. 😛

  10. So it seems like out of control pets is a good bet. I’m going to spend a bit of time thinking about that, something should bubble to the surface in the next week or so.

    Range: nicely done! Notes to everyone else (1) Don’t piss Range off (2) consult Range when you need a revenge plan on someone else

    Happychick: I’m assuming he liked the angry? 🙂

    Maliha: Yeah dreggy cow-orkers. Gotta love ’em.

    Capri: thanks! I will try updating mine tonight.

  11. Indeed, he liked the angry;
    “Hey, the guys’ got a point!”. 10/10

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