Mr Angry Vlog Number 3

Some mid-week madness for you. I'm glad my apartment has thick walls but I'm reasonably sure my neighbours can hear me screaming as I do these. It's only a matter of time before one of them calls the cops. This is from my very early material, some stuff I intended to try out in a standup routine. This was intended to be "fish out of water" type humour, highlighting the small but angryfying differences between spoken English in the US and Australia. My goal was for a high-flying Hollywood agent to see it and give me my own sitcom.

It could happen.

As always, spread the word however you see fit if you like. Embed it on your webpage, email it, tell people it's you, I don't mind. I just want people to see it.

OK, getting some weird error messages as I try to post, so in case the embed doesn't work, here's the link:



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13 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number 3

  1. hey mr angry, i found it hilarious. some more shouting and screaming, and maybe a fit of kicking and sceaming would have been good. for some reason, seeing you get angry makes me feel better. i just got angry at another blogger for some reason.

  2. When I forwarded the vlog to the Bastard Boys this is the comment I made: This guy is a fucking nut, but he’s funny!

    I wish you could hear me talk just once. I’m sure you could make all kinds of fun of my Texas drawl. I started to say that I ‘always’ use proper English and never reassign words. But I already did it in the first sentence. The Bastard Boys are not, in fact, bastards in the literal sense as I was married to their dad.

    This was very funny! Waiting anxiously for the next installment!

  3. Pus

    Is it suppeosed to be a boot or a bonnet??? Hmmm..boot is one of the pair of boots where u put ur foot in it right? Haa…haa….u really are a funny guy.

  4. OK, so I have a ‘scone’ problem myself. When the Bastard children were little we traveled all over the united states. We were living in Wyoming and every restaurant served scones instead of dinner rolls. They were wonderful fluffy yeast things, excellent with butter and honey. Never after leaving Wyoming have I had anything like them. Once I ordered one at Starbucks and was given the ‘rock cake’ that you discribed. That is the basic description of everything I’ve been given called a ‘scone’. It pisses me off to no end. If there is an intelligent Aussie out there with a recipe for scones that calls for yeast – please send it to a ‘scone deprived’ Texan. I make some killer homemade biscuits and gravy. 😀

  5. Range: catharsis is good, more coming

    Sandra: Texas drawls are good, by wild coincidence, I was watching “King of the Hill” when I read when I read your comment

    Pus: Are you talking about cars? In Australia, the boot is the back and the bonnet is the front (yanks call the front the hood and the back the trunk I think)

    Mmmmm scones. My girlfriend is a good cook, I’ll try and get you a recipe.

  6. boot is what we put up the arse of a complete fuck-wad. 😀

  7. hehe. It’s cool how your voice goes all high-pitched and flustered… And I like the screaming and general having-a-cry-ness of it all. I love scones. Go the Aussies!

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  9. so why the um… face paint?

  10. also the high pitched near screaming, VERY funny hehe

  11. saly

    And why the bunny in the background? 😀

    Oh, and I have a new software that modifies audio to sound like it is coming from various environments like auditorium, loo, or a stone hall and I played your first Vlog in the ‘bathroom environment’ and it sounded very real!

  12. Ahhh, the mysteries of the vlog. I’m wearing a mask because… well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It was an idea of how the character would look – a bit freaky. And it helps a little with retaining anonymity. I might experiment with different masks or I might give up on the idea.

    And the bunny lives in my house. I decided there will be a different kids toy in the background each time I do one in my house. Just because.

  13. Mr Angry, the closet angry person!

    Actually, I think the mask is a good idea. Wouldn’t want to get dooced!

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