Punishing Ann Coulter

So it appears scary-almost-beyond-belief nutjob Ann Coulter might be the next high profile person to get nailed in a plagiarism debacle. Rude Pundit has been doing a good job (with the help of some friends) to detail the extent of Coulter's transgressions in her book "Godless" but doesn't seem too upbeat about the chances of her being nailed for it. He may be right, people have been calling her on plagiarism for years to no significant effect. Still, it would be humourous (ironic?) if her career was damaged not by being an evil, screeching, hurtful, cruel witch who deserves to be on the receiving end of the torture she supports but by simply not crediting people whose ideas she stole.

I posted in the deep dark past about how, thankfully, the whole "pundit" thing is nowhere near as big in Australia as it is in the US. The only place it has taken off is in talkback radio. And here's another potential difference between the two cultures (someone who knows US-based right-wing shock jocks better than me might answer this). Would Rush Limbaugh (or whoever) get away with inflaming the youth of a mostly white suburb who felt they were being "invaded" by some aggressive young men of middle-eastern background to the point where a "rally" degenerated into a drunken rampage where idiots in the mob attacked anyone with brown skin along with (non-brown) police and ambulance officers trying to do their job in an ugly situation? If not, Alan Jones is lucky he's in Australia, not America.

If that wouldn't raise eyebrows, how about a conservative pundit getting arrested trying to pick up an undercover cop for gay sex in a public toilet while holidaying in London? (Alan Jones did this too.) Would their career survive after an adventure like this? And would W step in to help one of his mates from Fox News if they got caught doing this? (Bob Hawke, PM at the time, used his influence to get the charges against Jones dropped.) Anyway, Alan Jones is an obnoxious loudmouth who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. So what if he enjoys anonymous gay sex in public toilets. Allegedly. Good for him.

There is one writer in Australia who clearly has Anne Coulter as his role model. I've avoided mentioning him before because, essentially, he's a fucking idiot and I didn't want to provide him with the attention he so obviously craves. His name is Andrew Bolt and he writes for one of the main conservative tabloids here. One thing it doesn't take a genius to recognise is that neither Bolt nor Coulter truly believe the ridiculous shit they spout. Sure, they are strong adherents to the underlying right-wing political orthodoxy but they spout idiotic hyperbole for the sole purpose of attracting attention to themselves and furthering their own interests. The truly evil part of this is that they have hordes of admirers who doubtless take their words as absolute truth.

Like I said, I really don't think Bolt is worthy of attention because it's what he wants but he is good fuel for an angry blog and often he is unintentionally hilarious. At least I think it's unintentional. Maybe it's some elaborate post-modernist prank. This is, after all, the man who saw a sinister plot behind Finding Nemo. More recently he took that rather cynical approach of suggesting Australian residents who don't support Australia in sporting events are unpatriotic. This was in response to the strong support shown for Greece in a recent pre-World Cup Australia vs. Greece soccer match by Australians with Greek backgrounds.

Now maybe I'm the cynical one, but I firmly believe this was nothing but a cheap shot aimed at provoking an inflamed response. Which, of course, it did. I'm not in a rush to support the people who issued death threats against Bolt in response but the reaction was exactly what he wanted and it's disingenuous of him to suggest otherwise. Don't even get me started on how he belittled people for swearing. Fucking loser.

Now, the chances of my humble blog ever being brought to his attention (I have 2 Australian readers that I know about) are very slim but on the off chance it does: swearing does not by definition make you ignorant, you pompous fuck. Spouting cynical, self-serving, inflammatory, stereotype-promoting bullshit is a far worse transgression than swearing. Fuck you in the neck with a thesaurus you cretinous fuckwad.

Speaking of which, that brings me to my proposed punishment for these cynical exploitative shits. Bolt and Coulter should have to fuck each other. Now, Mr Bolt's eyes might light up at this but I said they have to fuck each other. He can go first but then she gets to don a strap-on and fuck him up the arse (c'mon, look at her, you know that's what she's into). And be a bit open minded Andrew – you might like it too.



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16 responses to “Punishing Ann Coulter

  1. Salaamat,
    Ann coulter is weird. you are right they must be smarter than what they say…otherwise, they are just plain crazy. there’s no explaining it.

    Rush has been addicted to drugs forever…always getting busted and always getting back on his high tower of self righteousness condeming other people to hell (for being “other”).

    you are right though, pundits are the new style journalism for US audiences and that has made us sooo much dumber (if that were possible).

    I watched your last two vlogs yesterday and they were hilarious btw. I also (finally) got to see John Stewart blast crossfire…that does it, that man has won over my heart…move over hubby 🙂

  2. “Fuck you in the neck with a thesaurus you cretinous fuckwad.”

    My child…I’m so proud!

    “And would W step in to help one of his mates from Fox News if they got caught doing this?”

    W defends himself, his Dad and fuck everyone else in the neck with a tomahawk.

  3. Maliha: I was in love with Jon Stewart first – stick with your hubby 🙂

    Sandra: You are my inspiration!

  4. “Fuck you in the neck with a thesaurus you cretinous fuckwad.”

    I have to agree with Sandra, that’s a great quote, I’ll have to remember it.

    You have 2 Australian readers? I must have a total of 1. Mainly, being Mr Angry. That’s about it.

    I hate Ann Coulter. She is a total and definite top of the pops nutjob.

    Oh, and I like the new template.

  5. Range:

    The Bastard Jr. invented the ‘fuck you in the neck’ thing. The Bastard clan has proudly spread the phrase throughout the United States and to our friends in Australia. As Mr. Angry has been adopted by the clan, he uses it with regularity, as we do. I have designed a t-shirt with that logo.

    For origin and proper usage check my oldest son, The Bastards, dictionary: http://bofh69.wordpress.com/splains-words-and-shit/

  6. ‘fuckwad’ is my own personal word invention. It can be used as an expression of love, ie when a person is being silly, or usually when someone is being a total prick.

  7. Sandra:

    I’m sure Christopher Walken has used ‘fuckwad’ in one of his movies.

    I kinda like ‘rat bastard’ or ‘fuckface’, ‘asswipe’

  8. you’re hilariously rude!

    you say things like I used to, but having become a Muslim on a mystical path I permit myself no-longer by taqwa (God Concioussness)

    guess makes me the third aussi one time reader !

    Anne who? …oh…ewwwwwwwwwww

    proffesional provocateur, particularly sickening one at that

    I predict a sad, lonely end….suicide perhaps?

  9. Ol Chris musta stolen it from me. 😀

  10. That Chris Walken is a sneaky bugger.

    Welcome Matt, yes, stronger people than me take a higher path – I just expel all my negativity via my blog. I notice on your blog the Saudi govt has blocked Wikipedia. *sigh* good public relations move guys.

  11. Hell Boy

    nothing about ann coulter, i love the new look of yer blog!

  12. Someone on Feministe called Coulter a “hatepuppet.” I thought that was pretty good. Someone else came up with “Fascist Barbie.” There was a whole thread devoted to bad names for her, but in the end everyone agreed that the worst epithet of all was Anne Coulter!

    As in: “He’s so . . . Ann Coulter.” (shudder)

  13. Hellboy: thanks mate, couldn’t resist when they allowed a custom header

    HPS: yes, you know you’ve sunk low when you yourself become an insult.

  14. Fuck, I just noticed that you put me in your blogroll. I guess I will have to put up mine. Damn you! 🙂

  15. Capri

    I hate that ho bag! 😈 . Just plain nasty and vile.

  16. Capri: mee too and she loves the fact she’s hated. How fucked up do you have to be to deliberately make people hate you?

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