It wouldn’t be an angry blog without angry comments

I'm not sure if everyone who visits this blog reads all the comments, if not you miss some gems.  It seems my anger give my readers license to unleash their own spleen, which is entirely my intention.  The funny thing is how often people feel compelled to apologise for long comments when to me this is the best possible outcome for my blog.  In lieu of a guest blogger (something I might do – drop me a line if you're interested) I provide some of my favourite recent comments:

Provided by Tom, a rant from his friend Chopper:

"Here's why we're fucked in this country, why 'our kind' will always be a tiny fringe group and why these idiots re-elected Bush:

'Yet this voluntarism and this separation of church and state have not ledto religious indifference or religious apathy. Indeed, with the exceptionof Ireland, the United States is the most religious society in the Westernworld. Nearly 90 percent of Americans say they consider themselves religious believers of one sort or another, about 80 percent identify withsome Christian faith, 79 percent believe in the Virgin Birth, 78 percent say Jesus physically rose from the dead, 48 percent claim to have had a "born again" Christian experience, and more than 40 percent of Americans say that they are weekly churchgoers, although those who actually attend church may be closer to 25 percent.

At any rate there is an enormous number of different religious groups, over 1,500 by one count, with seventy-five different kinds of Baptists alone. Even in the face of the relentless "secularization" of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, religion in America still flourishes.'

–Gordon S. Wood, from an article in the New York Review of Books

It's that fucking supernatural Jesus! I just reread (or listened to) the New Testament again and i think it's a really odious document. Jesus himself is not too bad, though he is annoying, but Paul is a big fat dick! Really. He says probably half a dozen times: Slaves obey your masters. How could anyone descended from serfs or servants, indentured men or slaves–and that's most of us–ever call himself an adherent of that particular religion? And there's not one nominal christian in a thousand who actually agrees with even a tiny fraction of what Jesus said or stands for. Big fat fucking hypocrites! God's been dead for a long time and these assholes just don't get it."

Boy is Chopper pissed today or what

From Sandra:

"Ok, I hate to take over other peoples posts, but I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!
My workplace is becoming more and more toxic. We have a ‘multi-disciplinary’ team. Case management, corrections, medical and psychiatric. More and more the corrections part of the team is treated like brainless baby sitters. I received an e-mail yesterday via the case managers supervisor. I started to send a nasty response back to him, but I remembered that anything in writing can and WILL be used against the writer.
I printed off the e-mail and ask for audience with the superintendent. I showed her the e-mail and told her I was extremely offended by it and told her why. She asked the case manager supervisor to come into the meeting, where we discussed the e-mail and my problem with it.

While I was at it, I also defended the corrections staff. I told them both how fortunate we were to have the people who work day in and day out with these kids. They are dedicated the their resocialization and spend hours every day not only supervising but providing theraputic interventions to help them change their behavior. When kids are leaving and ask who made a difference in their lives and motivate them to change, it is invariably one of these corrections staff. That these guys have a 10 minute break one time a day. And if the case worker needs for them to communicate personally on the behavior of the youth, then that case worker needs to come out from behind their computer, and seek out the corrections officer.
How did the meeting come out? Who the fuck knows. I said what I had to say. The superintendent said she was in agreement. The cw supervisor said he would have a talk with his sub-ordinate. We’ll see. He needs to send her ass to a therapist. "

A classic bit of dirt from the anonymous "REVEALOR":

"The real Jack Marx.

I managed a small band about to sign a major record deal many years ago in Sydney Australia. Just before it was about to happen one JACK MARX a part time reviewer for the free music mag “ON THE STREET” wrote a scathing, nasty and reprehensible live review, stating that the band were stooges for EMI and set up as street credible.

Nothing could have been further from the truth, they were hard working country boys who had played together since early school years. The record company ran a mile and the band never got the chance to release their music. We later found out that MARX had been offended at the gig he reviewed when the singer was paid too much attention from some girl he had fancied on the night, hence a jealous and low act of revenge followed.

Not long after that the ferret left to work for the Melbourne TRUTH, a grubby little X rated paper specialising in sex and dirt, right up his alley.I think MARX has got everything he deserves but be very wary of his confessions to truth, this guy is a certified liar and weasel.Good night and good luck. "

And finally, short and sweet, a fabulous piece of revenge from Range:

"I got woken up on the night of Saturday to Sunday by someone named Jason Green at 04:30 am. He had the balls to leave me a message because I told him to fuck off, after my wife did the same thing. Needless to say, I posted his name on a lot of gay classifieds with  interesting comments and his phone number, which is 514-823-9952. Hope he enjoys his week."



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6 responses to “It wouldn’t be an angry blog without angry comments

  1. Man that post is a classic. It’s funny to see them this way, it’s like a recap of the week’s comments. Most interesting.

  2. saly

    I read range’s angry comment and I loved it! I visited his blog and told him I loved his meanness. Sometimes, it brings out this inner bliss to act like a mean ****hole!

  3. ‘to me this is the best possible outcome for my blog.’

    Glad to help out honey! 😀 You know I always have something to say about everything. This does not, by any means make me wise, it just means I’ve grown old enough to have opinions on nearly every subject one throws out there. There are several subject that gets my dander in an uproar….to say the least.

    Hope you’re having great fun on your trip.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed the comments, I probably wouldn’t keep bloggin without feedback.

  5. I learned later on, after this episode, that it probably was a student of my wife. The guy messed with the wrong husband. When my wife calls students to kick them out or talk, she never blocks our number, so I guess that’s how that happened.

    Anyway, I don’t regret a thing. The week didn’t get any better after that. It is St-Jean-Baptiste day in Quebec, it’s the national holiday. At the same time, the wankers from the GP decided to put the Montreal GP. Now that’s terrible. I wanted to take some interesting pictures this year at the GP. Think I can’t right now, since I cannot be 2 places at once.

  6. I had to share this with you. I tore some wanker a new one. It wasn’t a good day today. See here for the complete details.

    As I can see, you are clearly illiterate. If you had bothered to read the entire review, you will notice that the 1st sentence says

    I have been listening for the past few days to this LP by Swedish indie rock band Love Is All.

    Since the Swedish language is a North Germanic language, is appropriate to say Germanic accent, since in English, most people speaking German, Swedish, Danish or any other North Germanic or Germanic language will have a similar sounding accent. You probably have to either hear them speak clearly and/or be a linguist to tell from where people come specifically when hearing their accent.

    Can you tell a Swede from a German when they both speak English?

    From Wikipedia, to solve the problem of your ignorance:

    Swedish (svenska ) is a North Germanic language (also called Scandinavian languages) spoken predominantly in Sweden and in parts of Finland, especially along the coast and on the Åland islands, by more than nine million people. It is largely mutually intelligible with two of the other Scandinavian languages, Danish and Norwegian.

    And BTW, I rarely bother with haters like you, but I didn’t have a very good day, so there you go. Hope your new arsehole matches your old one.


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