The Joy of a Break

Who'da thunk slow drivers would touch such a universal nerve? After another day's driving I can report that not only are they slow here, they take "give way" as an optional recommendation rather than a rule. Gotta make up for their passiveness by being passive-aggressive in another field I guess.

It still beats being at work. I was thinking today that I am spared conversations like the following for a while:

Me: How you doing?

Psychotic fuckwit I work with: Well I've been having some family troubles lately

Me: Oh… I hope that works out for you.

PFIWW: It turns out my ex is actually having an affair with my dead brother's widow.

Me: Oh…

PFIWW: It's really tearing the family apart.

Me: Ummm OK.

PFIWW: I thought I was over him but this has set me back and opened all the old wounds.

Me: Uhhhh you know…

PFIWW: How could he do something so cruel and thoughtless?

Me: You know, when I said "how ya doing" I didn't want to hear anything personal.

PFIWW: It makes me lose all faith in human nature.

Me: I don't even know you.

PFIWW: Sometimes I feel like I can't get out of bed to go to work.

Me: You're really freaking me out now.

PFIWW: There doesn't seem to be any point in going on…

Me: Oh hey, my mobile is ringing. It's on silent but trust me, somebody is ringing me. Oh what, you need me right away? Gee sorry, this has been great but I've got to get the fuck away from you as quickly as possible. I mean I have some work to do. See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya! Really.

I suppose I should point out I haven't had that exact conversation at work. But there are some people who need to work on keeping work life an private life separate.



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11 responses to “The Joy of a Break

  1. saly

    Haha! This is funny, but you don’t seem angry at her at all.

    OK, now this is definitely funnier. As I was reading this post I automatically assumed that the ‘fuckwit’ was a man! If you read your post with the fuckwit as a man its hilarious! I thought the ex was a wife/girlfriend and was a lesbian and was sleeping with the widow and this guy was mad with the dead brother for leaving the widow behind to screw things for him!!

  2. Heh, yeah, when I read about the ex having an affair with the dead brother’s widow I was thinking lesbian affair, too.
    But, well… that’s just like, umm, the kinda stuff I think about, ya know…?

  3. It’s the type of stuff you just don’t want to know from your workmates

  4. my policy…avoid all eye contact and always have “a meeting I have to run to.”

  5. There is a guy I work with that has no problem saying ANYTHING to me. (kinda like my kids – sigh). When he starts in, I have learned to say: tfmi!!! (too fucking much information). Jeeezus whothefuckcares?

  6. would rather all people i work w/ shut the fuck up than share stories i don’t care about w/ me! LoL don’t want to act like as if i care coz i honestly don’t, have lots of problems i have to deal w/ on my own. don’t need more! puhlease! πŸ˜‰

  7. You’re all sick weirdos with lesbian fixations. Which is of course a good thing. I know I’d be much more interested in being told tales of sordid lesbian passion.

    Two of my ex-girlfriends actually went gay. Good on ’em. I was only pissed off they weren’t into experimentation when I was with them πŸ˜‰

  8. zomg, i cannot believe you passed up the opportunity to play along and see if you could convince her that life really wasn’t worth living and she should commit suicide. sounds like she’s halfway there already. It would have been so funny.

  9. But then, what would we blog about? πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I get suckered into these things… I end up sitting there and listening πŸ˜›

  10. I’m (laughing) sorry. But isn’t life about sharing the roller coaster ride, ferris wheel…someone inevitably gets sick, stuck at the top…or spit upon.

  11. moonflake: you are a worry

    Maryam: you and me both. we must have friendly faces

    Kristine: nice analogy

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