Mr Angry Vlog Number 6

For this vlog I decided to revisit the nightmare of my worst ever boss.  Dare you rate your boss on the croc meter?

And all I can say is that if my neighbours don't think I'm insane, there's something wrong with them. 



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8 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number 6

  1. My supervisor is definately a 9 on the croc meter.

    His latest. I called in this morning to tell him that I’d been in an auto accident last night and I wasn’t going to come in today. “ok” he says. Me….’do you want me to fax in my medical papers?’ Him..’just bring them when you come in tomorrow’. click

    I wanted to say ‘fuck you in the neck with that pickup truck that ran over my ass last night’.

    An angel must have been watching out for me. I’m sore from the seat belt/shoulder harness holding me while being slung around like a rag doll. Not a scratch or bruise. My nerves are shot, but other than that, I’m fine. My car is quite another story.

  2. Worst boss?

    Pathological liar, couldn’t help himself from lying about anything. Fuck him up the arse with a donkey stick.

  3. Sandra: I’m glad you’re OK. This boss must have missed empathy training, eh?

    Range: A common problem with sociopath bosses. And teh bastards always get away with it.

  4. Yes and nobody dares to call them out for that, in fear of loosing their jobs.

  5. Salamaat,
    Sandra: I am sorry to hear about your accident and am glad to know you are okay.

    Mr Angry, I need to stop listening to these at work..i look crazy:)

    really funny stuff:)

  6. saly

    This is so fuuny! I should send the link to my boss.

    I showed your first Vlog to my students last week to give them an example of humour (if you read my post on ‘I failed!’ you’d know what I’m talking about). Anyway, they missed the whole point; it went over their heads (I failed again!) and after the Vlog they said, “Teacher, why the man wear veil?”!! ARGH!

  7. Maliha: thanks 🙂 I’m the crazy one, not you

    Saly: just tell your student I wear the veil because Australians have a very confused idea of Islam.

  8. saly

    Haha! That is funny.

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