Mr Angry Vlog Number 7

While I’m in a flurry of posts relating to work, I thought I’d relate how I’m discriminated against in the workplace, simply for being different.

I’m sick of this prejudice.  Whitey is keeping me down!

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5 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number 7

  1. Honey, you’re different ok, but that is a GOOD thing. That’s why you’re #1. :-D

  2. Great rant. Being a non-alcool drinker myself, I find myself in similar situations.

    Gotta be careful with that cola, it’s not because of the caffeine, it’s because of the calories and sugar. I used to drink a lot of cola. Right now, I drink more tea and water.

    It’s one of the reasons that some Americans are wider than before… soft drinks.

  3. Sandra: yes, I like to think “unique” not “freak of nature”

    Range: I switched to a sugar free version about 6 years ago for health reasons. I used to drink huge volumes of Jolt cola (high caffiene, high sugar) and I’d be dead by now if I hadn’t given it up.

  4. Yeah!
    Mr Angry, good for you, when I really want to stay up, I drink smart drinks.

  5. Diet for me too. My brand is Coke. Even if it was Dr. Pepper, in Texas soda is Coke.

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