Stormfront come out as gay support group

I feel compelled to bring some fantastic news to the blogosphere. White supremacist group Stormfront, long thought to be nothing but a bunch of brain-dead loser fuckwits who tried to over-compensate for their own inadequacies by blaming everyone else for how pathetic and worthless they were, have come out as supporters of gay Jews everywhere. This will come as a surprise to many but the signs were always there if you looked.

gay stormfront member

Why else would a bunch of buff young men spend so much time together with their shirts off if it wasn’t to get some of that man love?

gay stormfront member

Stormfront are to be congratulated on this move. Yes, there is nothing more pathetic than some loser piece of shit who belongs to the most privileged ethnic group on the planet (white males) complaining that other ethnicities are keeping them down, but Stormfront are moving past that.

gay stormfront member

Yes the days of hate are over for Stormfront, it’s all man-on-man action for them from here on in. They are going to love their neighbour… and I mean looooooove.

gay stormfront members

Stormfront are a lesson to us all. Anyone can grow beyond being being a knuckle-dragging moron who should wake the fuck up to the fact if they are the “master race” then white folks are doomed. Stormfront have learned their lesson.

gay stormfront members

You should love your fellow man. Stormfront certainly do. I think all concerned bloggers should promote this news. Feel free to link to this post and/or promote Stormfront by linking their name to this URL: This is their chosen gay support group. Spread the word.


To the best of my knowledge, Stormfront have not become a Jewish gay support group. As far as I know, Stormfront are still the same ignorant racist fuckwits they have always been. My clue was when some racist pigfucker put some comment spam on my blog stuffed with links to racist Stormfront propaganda.

I FUCKING HATE COMMENT SPAM! The usual stupid commercial spam is bad enough,but when some pigfucker tries to push racist propaganda through my blog I take action. Nothing would make me happier than if someone putting “Stormfront” into Google was directed to a gay Jewish support group. This is why I’m recommending linking the word Stormfront to

White supremacists are such dicks! I mean, come on! White people already rule the world. If you see a minority getting ahead of you, it’s fairly likely that the reason is not that they’re getting preferential treatment, IT’S THAT YOU’RE A FUCKING WHITE TRASH LOSER! I know there are racists of every race, creed and religion who preach hatred against those they perceive as “other” but whitey thinking the darkies have an unfair advantage? Just fuck off OK?

Oh, and in closing, I would like to point out that I don’t think “gay” is an insult. I just couldn’t think of anything that would piss off those Stormfront losers more than being linked to a gay Jewish support group.



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  1. Oy,
    I agree.
    The new theme doesn’t work with cocomment firefox extension. Just thought I’d let you know.

    BTW, I hate racist pigs!

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  3. Black people totally have an advantage. They can work all day in the sun and not get sunburned. If I were forced to work construction I would literally burst into flames.

  4. By the way, you should really change back to your old theme. Something about this one is messing with my eyes and it’s making it hard to read.

  5. greenlightsabers

    Man I’m with you. Racism is here in Australia. I’ve indirectly experienced it. Just because there’s an Asian (as they like to call us) bus driver who stuffs up, like driving up on to a curb, the fucking idiotic teenagers at the back throw harsh racist comments like no tomorrow.

    Well I’d just like to see them learn how to drive a car: no doubt that they will make a mistake and ended up driving their car in to a tree, the way they’re going.

    The last thing we need is some imbecile posting spam comments on your blog promoting racism. Like it isn’t bad enough.

  6. You demonstrate such a limited knowledge of what Stormfront stands for, that no reader of the forum could possibly get more than a brief, soon-to-be-forgotten giggle out of your hateful rant towards them.

    “Racist” this, “racist” that. Maybe if you properly informed yourself to the tenets of White Nationalism, you’d know that it’s almost never about the darkies “getting ahead” or “keeping the White man down”, but rather the urgent need for White self-determination in the face of an increasingly aggressive, top-down agenda for multiculturalism in our nations. An affirmation to one’s heritage and it’s continued posterity.

    • Lar

      You say that with such an air of innocence. You must be unaware of 70% of the posts on SF then.
      “Asians have flat pan faces, flat asses, and usually no tits. It;’s like fucking a young boy. Is that your cup of tea Davie?? Did you check the local police records before you married your bitch? Most Asian women are whores. That is just why they are here. A dime a dozen. They all look the same like little robots.”
      “Come the great and glorious New Order, if someone wants to miscegenate they can go to Africa/Asia/wherever and perform acts of bestiality to their heart’s content.
      Just do not ever, ever expect to be welcomed back to white society under any circumstances, not even after their death.”
      Not racist (def:a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.) AT ALL.

  7. Unregistered White Man

    Why does a Jewish American Princess close her eyes during sex?

    She can’t stand it to see her husband enjoy himself

    But Wait! You can also read…
    An old lady owned two monkeys…
    One more thing like that
    What is the difference between a ritz cracker and a lesbian?
    What did the dog get when he multiplied 88 x 7?
    Bra sizes


    What’s the difference between a dweeb trying to promote brain dead joke on my blog and me?  I can delete the URL to his shitty site, that’s what.

  8. Mr Angry – I applaud your constant and unaplogetic stance – and appropriate anger 🙂 against racism!

    Dr Nazli

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  10. Steven: well articulated. Pity I still think you’re talking crap. Dressing up retrograde racist crap in dignified tones does not change the fact it’s racist retrograde crap.

    Dr Nazli: thank you, it’s long support from readers such as yourself that gives me the encouragement to keep going.

    Saly: Thanks 🙂 you too!

  11. Mr. Angry HATEFUL, Steven??? Surely you must be mistaken. He has an opinion and a right to express it. Bill of Rights – Amendments to the Constitution.
    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    AND since he is an adopted AMERICAN – I have given him those rights. 😀

  12. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned to anyone who thinks they’ll get me for this, I have a posse! 😀

  13. We really should have a chant going. And why does everyone hate the layout? I like it. Although the writing is a bit small.

  14. Paul Brown

    What’s bothering me more than the “is Stormfront a bunch a racist motherfuckers with shit for brains, or are they just cuddly white power extremists who are terribly misunderstood and just want a country without any dirty foriegners” is, is that or is that not Robbie Williams in the last picture?

  15. Maryam: I’m experimenting as WordPress make more templates customisable. I agree the type is a bit small, but you can change that through your browser quite easily.

    Paul: wow, I didn’t pick that. It totally looks like Robbie Williams, doesn’t it?

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  17. I research this subject. Racialism is femininity.

    Have a read. Tell me what you think.

  18. Paul Brown

    To whomever posted that “Gay WN” link, I thank you – I haven’t laughed so hard since the scary clown story. My particular favourite was the post that said:

    “I had a cousin who was “That way.” Everyone knew it, but it was rarely discussed. The fathers in the extended family made sure he was not left alone with the boy cousins, he behaved himself in public, and no one was the worse for it. It will be that way in our new White Nation. They will be treated compassionately, but they will damn sure keep themselves “closeted”, and their hands off the children.”

    From this I gleaned three important facts:
    1. All these guys consider themselves so damn hot that no gay guy could stand to be in room with them for more than ten seconds without jumping their incredibly fine bones. On this they are partly right in that most people can’t stand to be in a room with them.

    2. White Nobends can’t tell the difference between “homosexual” and “paedophile”; to help them out, it’s a bit like the difference between being over 35 and liking cheese, in that they are utterly fucking unrelated.

    3. On the subject of related, “cousin fuckin'” is, apparantley, still considered the norm within these communities, just as long as it’s good, straight, boy-cousin on girl-cousin action.

  19. Ahahahahahaaha – I let it go without comment, but that is absolutely hilarious Paul. Point one is the one that’s always made me laugh with homophobes… NEWSFLASH: the vast majority of gay men will only go after men they consider hot! You’re safe you ugly bastard!

    I saw a comedian comment on this topic the other day, he had to tell his homophobic friend: “Buddy, you know that ‘stupid’ problem you have with the ladies that always ruins your chances? It works with the fellahs too.”

  20. BITTER

    Fuck Stormfront. Those trailer park losers totally have a misplaced sense of entitlement. It wasn’t them who founded the US – maybe some of their ancestors, but NOT them. They are riding the coattails of their ancestors.

  21. ReplytoMr.Angry

    Mr. Angry,
    Let me guess, you are the stereotypical pseudointellectual-want-to-be left wing extremist who fails to realize that you are more of a Nazi yourself than Steven or anyone else (including myself) on the Stormfront page. You are entitled to your beliefs as we are. I personally have no genocidal predispositions of any sort, nor am I a fascist or neo-nazi. You left-wing extremists are just as bad (if not worse) than any other extreme-right political activist presently known to human society. As a political science major at an Ivy League school I have made my own conviction that anyone who believes they have the innate right to impose their beliefs upon another is a tyrant, and therefore is dangerous, regardless on which side of the political spectrum you place yourself. I will reiterate what Steven said: We simply want to ensure that the socio-political extremities of our super-liberal era don´t go so far that we forget about our own culture and people, therefore leaving nothing for our children, and their children thereafter and so on… Do you really believe that affirmative action and job quotas “level the playingfield” or do they simply tilt it in a completely different and non-egalitarian, non-democratic direction? Think about that for a little while, it may make sense eventually. Face it, you´ve been brainwashed by the new political fad of our era: Extreme liberalism. Mr. Angry, I suggest you go seek help as you are quite confused, and your emotions have gotten the best of you which is why you wrote such a hateful message in the first place. Oh, and by the way, from the looks of your picture, you have no right to attack others with an insult such as “ugly;” you yourself are fat and repugnant and probably wrote this to see if some uber liberal, hippy, confused girl may give you a lay or to for being so “brave” and “wise.” But come on, physically, you would not have the balls to tell a 6´8´´ skinhead TO HIS FACE what you wrote on this page; and your mental facilities bore me quite frankly. Don´t even try and act like you are more intelligent than me, I have an IQ of 166. And as for education, must I reiterate for my own perveted pleasure: IVY LEAGUE, that´s the education level I have. Try me. Its okay, I understand it must suck to be a middle-aged, desperate virgin who is currently being talked down to by a 22 year old college student. As a matter of fact, don´t bother with getting help, just swallow 30 Advils and you will do everyone a favor. “Bitter,” your too easy, I won´t even dignify your response, at least Mr. Angry displays some form of literacy and political understanding rather than repeating a grotesquely stagnant liberal argument in reference to the post-200 year effects of White Southern Aristocracy on America. Point: Nobody here is right or wrong, as Reinaldo Arenas (a homosexual, hispanic, intellectual) wrote in his Masterpiece “El Mundo Alucinante” politics have no place for moral, religious and political doctrines. Don´t take my word for it, also read John Rawls “Political Liberalism.” Opinions are like assholes, keep assholes out of politics. Anyone else want to have a go?

  22. Okay dickhead, a few points:
    1) use paragraphs if you want someone to read a screed like that
    2) make less assumptions
    3) Storfront is a neo-nazi group no matter what apologists/liars like you say
    4) I’ve seen the mesage boards, the incitements for race war, the death threats against me, the decrying of english people who eat curry (for fuck’s sake, how uptight are you losers?)
    5) Being a left wing “extremist” in no way compares to people who incite race war. Don’t bother denying it, I’m not interested in your lies.
    6) You wouldn’t have the guts to say your shit to a 5’2″ black man’s face.
    Cowards, liars, bullies, morons the lot of you.

  23. Reply to Mr. Angry

    Furthermore, Arenas´extended metaphor throughout the novel is as follows: Politics are a product of the beliefs formulated by those in power and are therefore nothing more than shadows in dust. I apologize for the occasional typos above, but I do not, on the other hand, apologize about anything I wrote. I don´t hate liberals. Most of my friends (particualalrly my friends who are minorities) are liberal in political disposition themselves; but I do, on the other hand, hate you and people like you. If you were truly intelligent you would be someone of importnace by now, which you are not, if not, you would not have written that cathartic, grab-bag of shit on the internet in fear of losing your job. Go back to laying bricks, and leave politics to those who are up to date; your kind are slowly becoming dinosaurs (if in case you don´t catch my drift, I am saying your ludicrous beliefs and those like you are becoming politically extinct. Good luck sleeping after reading this.

  24. Reply to Mr. Angry

    Haha, dickhead… how original. Grow up brother. And not everyone on Stormfront shares the same beliefs. They are attacking you because you have no idea what the hell your talking about.

  25. Reply to Mr. Angry

    Oh and by the way, I also do MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu. So bring the 5´2´´ whoever it is on, regardless of race, as if that should have importance, you racist moron.

  26. Last Reply to Mr. Angry

    I´m out. I have better things to do. Go jack off to the sound of your tears and take a clonazepam tablet (generic for Clonopin or Valium) so you can actually get rest. I feel bad for you. Fairwell brother, learn to be more open and only open your mouth when it´s full of well-articualted and supported ideas.

  27. Actually, you clearly don’t have better things to do. That’s another see-through lie. You vile, disgusting scum can try and put a “respectable” face on your filthy, racist views but it won’t change what you are. You might fool some gullible people but you aren’t fooling me. I don’t know how stupid you think I am but I’ll give you two tips:

    1) I’m not as stupid as you think I am.
    2) I’m not as stupid as you.

  28. Minority´s Voice

    Actually Mr. Angry, the guy who replied to you completely destroyed your site. Your comment about the “5´2´´ black man” could have been seen as a racist remark. Are you implying that black people are aggressive? I am black, and I see his point. He just thinks we should all express opinions without attacking each other. You should stop trying so hard to help “us” black people out and other “helpless minorities.” You are the Nazi here, stop putting words in our mouthes and stop criticizing others for believing what they are free to believe. Honestly, I think your pretty one-dimensional… and stupid.

  29. You’re a fucking liar. You’re probably the same person but you’re definitely not black. Do you ignorant racist fucks think you aren’t completely see-through?

    He “destroyed” my site? He rambled incoherently, making it absolutely he was a racist equivocating of definitions because he’s too scared to simply admit he’s racist. He doesn’t think “everyone should express their opinions without attacking” he and all other racists think they can dictate what other people are allowed to do. He and all other racists make judgement on other people based solely on race, not what they actually do.

    I said “black man” because it’s clear the racist fuckwit hates blacks. I prefer the racists who are honest about their racism. They’re still despicable scum but at least they’re honest despicable scum.

  30. Minority´s Voice

    Oh what, now I´m not “black enough” for you, bitch! Is that black enough for you motherfucker!? Your the one who dictates people you loser. Your a fat whiney bitch, and I am as black as they come. I hate you white conformists, your the biggest pussies of all. BLACK POWER!

  31. Let’s see, how many ways do you want to humiliate yourself? Some knuckle dragger white trash makes an absurdly see-through lie and when he’s called on it does something as stupid as you did and expects that to make people think he’s LESS of a dickhead?

    This is a classic illustration of why white supremacists are never going to “rise up” despite their delusions. First, it’s unnecessary as white people already own everything and second, the morons who spout that rubbish are so mind-bendingly stupid they can’t eat dinner without stabbing themselves in the face.

    “Oh, look, I typed an obvious lie on a keyboard – that makes all the difference. Everyone will believe it now because nobody will suspect that someone on the internet is lying.”


  32. Minority´s Voice

    Oh so now white people own everything. You truly are a racist. Actually, fuck it, your just a low-class confused retarded dumbass. Go kill yourself. Your the racist, bitch. Stop putting words in people´s mouthes cuz that guy (who happens to be my friend, I´ll admit) told me about this and I know for a fact he is NOT a racist. His argument was clear and concise, nobody knows what the hell your rambling about. Stormfron (from what I´ve been told) has neo-nazis and racists in it, but its not that simple. You´re too simple-minded to comprehend that. I made the “Black Power” point above to prove that there are all kinds of people, and nobody needs or wants help from one-dimensional retards like you. I agree with my boy, your just doing this to get attention, and you really are a racist if you think white people control everything. How can you not see that the liar and attention-seeker is you!? And stop calling people profane names and learn how to speak like a person, you low-class, simple-minded cretan. God, you really suck. If you want to get ass stop making this website, go to Amsterdam, I´m sure if you pay 100,000 Euros you may (no promises) get banged by one of the fat prostitutes who usually only cost 30 Euros. Loser. You´ve probably bee called that all your life, and he (my friend) may not want to return to this page out of his own egotistical pride, but I on the other hand, who am a minortiy hate you. I HATE YOU! And I won´t stop this till you are at your bitter end.

    • Lar

      lol, your “friend”?
      “Hello? My friend accidentally kinda shoved a pipe up his ass the other day, and is wondering how one would remove it. Yeah… my friend.”

  33. So I called you on being an utter liar and you think people are still falling for your shit? You lied, pure and simple. You’re a racist, pure and simple. It’s blindingly obvious what a fucked up loser you and your inbred loser mates are, pure and simple. I love blowing losers like you away, it’s the best laugh I get all day. Go home to your mother’s basement, it’s the only place you can be where people don’t despise you. Until you mother gets home that is.

  34. Stormfront White pride

    “I hate racists”

    “White trash rednecks crackers”

    Gotta love wog logic. Keep sooking Choc, that’s all you burnt toast twats do. Cry me a river bitch


    My angry – ” you wasists mwake mwe cwy.”




  37. ahahahahahahahaha

    Gee, I got put in my place there. I bunch of racists spout mindless racist shit the proves my point exactly. Wow, the level of stupidity on display discredits the moron movement far more eloquently than I could. A few specifics:

    Your racial epithets wouldn’t be insults if they were accurate about my race. They’re not accurate so they still aren’t insults, they just make you look stupid. I’m not racist against whites, I’m white. I hate white trash and brown trash and black trash.

    And as for giving you a free plug, I’m glad you really are promoting gay membership. Maybe you are capable of being open-minded.

  38. By the way, did you boys know your IP addresses get logged when you leave these comments? Just thought I’d let you know in case you were stupid enough to think you were actually anonymous.

  39. fhhsgst

    “I’m not racist against whites, I’m white. I hate white trash and brown trash and black trash.”

    Right, it really shows too, how come you don’t display the same level of concern or outrage and response to other races and their sites that preach about homogeneous issues? at least White nations have Multi-racialism and Multiculturalism, and it’s not like White racists are out there committing crimes against people more so than the average “Non-Whites” are doing because of diversity. Shouldn’t you focus your moral crusade
    against those who’s nations and people haven’t given in to the iron fist of Diversity ?. God knows what you’re trying to write or the point that falls in the midst of your endless anti-white Rhetorical Moralism but your true colours were shown, and they weren’t White.

  40. fhhsgst

    You don’t have to be Non-White to have beliefs that contradict the existence of Whites. Indoctrination that stems from School or Media induced beliefs are far to common in White Nations. Thanks to Marxism and Fabian socialism that is rife through the Australian government and Schools resulting in many people believing in Newspeak and the truth falling silently down the memory hole. Have a look in the mirror and find some pride with your white heritage. We only make up around 8% of the worlds population and within about 5 generations we will only exist in small pockets and eventually not at all. The Egyptian empire took 600 years to fall. We have only took 30 years to fall to our knees.

    As for the I.P? do you worst hero.

  41. fhhsgst

    Why don’t you talk about “afrochat” ?

    Got about 140+ replys about the extermination of White poeople. Show me the link on Stormfront that’s as bad or worse?. You will not find one.

  42. OK, you’re a moron. Nobody except your own little circle jerk believe the stupid lies you push. I tell you who’s going to die out, ignorant racists like you. You’re so repulsive to the majority of humanity that nobody will breed with you. Your gene pool is polluted with inbreeding you’ll all be drooling morons within two generations.

    Oh wait…

  43. Sam

    The very worst thing about Stormfront, above all else, is it’s pathetic censorship which just proves what losers they are. All your posts are “moderated” by some redneck fuckwit and then never appear on the forums if they actually happen to make any sense. It’s disgusting brainwashing of the worst kind, because they allow any old trashmouth to speak filth, but if you present reasonable arguments or ask any real serious questions that would expose the flaws in their thinking, or threatens them in some way psychologically, it just gets trashed.

    For example I started an innocent thread which was simply asking what the average level of education was of stormfront users, nothing judgmental or anything, I said in my post that “I know education doesn’t equate to intelligence” etc etc…just wanted an idea. But the mods didn’t allow it, simply I guess because they knew it would expose what a bunch of stupid losers their user base is, and they would probably feel intimidated seeing as I wrote that I personally was a doctor and also have a degree in psychology.

    Fuck Stormcunt!

  44. hahahaha, I can’t imagine why that confronted them. “What’s the average education level of a Stormfront member?” Awesome work!

  45. Sickkk

    Good god, i just seen a picture of you. lol fucking gross man. No wonder you hate Nazis, your genes would have been killed off at birth. Ugliness is a hereditary illness.

  46. It never ceases to amaze me how inbred freaks who’d be the first to be executed by nazis are always the quickest to promote nazi views. There’s rarely a better indicator of stupidity than when someone preaches the virtues of an outdated, discredited pile of shit like nazism.

  47. Nonchalant repartee

    Why is it that if a non-White person says that they have “Black Pride” or “Latin Pride” or “Native Pride” etc. then that is acceptable. But if I say I have “White Pride” or “German Pride” or “Hungarian Pride” or whatever it may be, then I’m automatically labeled an Evil Nazi/Racist/White Supremacist?

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I am most definitely NOT racist. I have Native American friends, Saudi Arabian friends, a half Japanese girlfriend, Jewish friends, Indian friends, Black friends, and a Mexican ex-girlfriend who I was with for almost 3 and a half years.

    True, there is a portion of forum posters on the site that I don’t agree with, for example those who advocate violence or superiority. But there are those on there that are intelligent, successful and simply proud that they are White. Not everyone who has White Pride hates non-Whites.

    It’s time to people dealt with the self-loathing they have for their race (that goes for everyone, not just Whites or Blacks or Asians, or what have you) and embrace their culture, ancestors, and history. I’m not out to destroy anyone’s way of life/culture/race, but I do want to see mine survive. I don’t “hate” other races, I love my own. I don’t think any single race is superior to any other, I believe they are equal.

    People generally want to congregate with others who look like they do, talk like they do, etc. Look at any school cafeteria where there the races are mixed. The students are all intermingled during classes, but interestingly at lunch, a huge majority of students (in many cases all of them) sit with their race. It’s not that they’re intolerant of other races, it’s that they’re comfortable with their own.

    You’re stuck with your race, so you may as well have a positive racial identity. Not one of loathing and shame.

    Please, feel free to tell me if and then why you believe I may be wrong. I would enjoy hearing your reasoning. OOOOooooo, and for the record, I am not a member of this website, I just read what people have to say from time to time.

  48. Shut the fuck up. Every single person who joins stormfront aligns themselves to nazi ideology because stormfront preaches explicitly nazi ideology. Anyone who says different is a blatant liar. I have NEVER said anything about pride equaling racism. That said, I have never felt so fucking insecure that I had to take “pride” in something as arbitrary as the colour of my skin.

    And do me a favour and NEVER say how much you support a bunch of racists but “some of your best friends” are of different races. It’s such a pathetic lie it’s a standard line used by comedians to mock racists. If you tried to talk to anyone in stormfront and told them you had a half japanese girlfriend they’d kill you.

    If you’re going to waste time with lies at least take the time to make one up that’s less obvious and less of a cliche. Oh, and learn to be more concise you driveling fucking moron.

  49. crazycatlady

    Hahahaha! The comments are the best part, but the post was brilliant. Nice way to combat idiocy.

    What a damn shame the a previous poster wasn’t allowed his question. I would’ve been very interested in the answer, but I bet it would’ve gone something like this:

    Some high school – 62%
    High school – 32%
    Some college – 3.75%
    Undergrad – .25%

    It never fails to amuse me in ‘debates’ like this – the grammar and composition skills of one side is always better than the other…

  50. I suspect you are close to the mark with the education levels. The level of illiteracy I have been exposed to since encountering these goons is truly stupendous.

  51. Susan

    Mr Angry,personally I find some of the comments coming from you far more offensive than anything I have seen written by Nonchalant Repartee.He argued logically and rationally and all you can come out with is: “Shut the fuck up.” Great debate,eh?

  52. Fuck you, you worthless, shit eating nazi sympathising piece of shit. Just fuck you! You think you’re worth anything more than that? WRONG! FUCK YOU!

  53. Simon

    My god, this is dating back from 2006 and i just saw it in the box on the right for recent comments
    Susan did you really dig up something from 06 and post a hater comment about it? what the fuck….

  54. Rob

    I guess Susan wanted to remove any doubt about whether or not idiot racists really are that stupid. I for one thank Susan for providing such proof.

    Stupid cow.

  55. Simon and Rob – The interesting thing is the only way you would find this post is if you were searching for nazi stuff. I find it really humourous that racists have a big spray about how speaking out against racists is intolerant. It’s as if they seriously expect people not to see through their bullshit. Hilarious!

  56. Rabindranath

    As a non-White anti who spent quite some time in Stormfront (and I’ll always regret that), I agree it’s the gayest site on the planet. In my opinion, these people are darn confused on their agenda and take hatred to a “nauseating” level which defies common-sense. OK, if I don’t like Blacks maybe I should be prejudiced against them but come on, don’t be such fucking retards. All of us are prejudiced in one way or the other which I feel is more healthy compared to living in denial. What these bunch of morons do is invent hate against other races to justify their movement. The amount of time I spent there I never had a problem with their core philosophy “Preserving White Heritage” as they call it even though they always do things which are just the complete opposite to that interest. If denigrating non-Whites makes you feel better about yourselves (just go through their Opposing Views forum to get an idea), then you’re actually doing a lot of disservice to your own race. For the amount of time I spent there (like 80 posts or something), I never heard a kind word for non-White people. They treat us like we’re all a bunch of cockroaches who deserve to die. You should check some of that bullshit in their newslink section where they celebrate it whenever non-Whites get killed due to accident or murder rather than sympathizing for a dead human being. They have as much concern for non-White lives as most of us would for rodents and termites. Some of them have the delusion to believe God is exclusively White and communicates only through the White race.

    Basically, all these Stormfronters and other Nazi gay website people have built an isolation wall around them where they don’t want to accept any ideas which differ from their own. HATRED is central to the sustaining of their business no matter how much they live in denial. There are a few people out there who’re truly intelligent and used to get along well with me. God knows why they choose to remain with such a brainwashed bunch of haters. They could contribute their knowledge in more pleasant surroundings.

    To cut a long story short, if you’re someone who has to preserve their sanity on the Internet, stay the fuck out of places like Stormfront. I learnt this lesson in a painful, hard way. Do not stand for stupidity and revolting ideas no matter how nicely they dress it up. Racism is Gay and it’s not difficult to see why these bunch of narrow-minded bigots remain so marginalized and unwanted. Let the sad souls die with hatred in their hearts – do not feel sorry for them. They choose this life of stupidity.

  57. Aislinn

    Actually Susan, it is a wonderful response. No matter how logical it is, or how intelligent it sounds, it is still wrong. I can give you a logical , intelligent reason why all children, puppies, and kitties need to die horrible deaths. Does that make it right? And knowing AA’s response, if they were really intelligent, they should have just let it go.

  58. Rabindranath: Once I found out they were linking here I did spend a bit of time checking through their forums. It is a mix of horrifying and laughable. You make a very cogent point – self pride can’t come at someone else’s expense. If you can only feel good about yourself by denigrating someone else then all you’re doing is pointing out how weak, scared and pathetic you are.

  59. exsilium

    Stormfront is not only heavily moderated by fat nazis on computers (so that they only only posts/threads to go through which suit them), but certain people who post have ideologies that would make terrorists look like saints.

    Worse still, they all seem to have varying ideas on what so-called white nationalism is and quite a few openly admit to being Nazi.

    Am certain that with much of their hate speech they are breaking laws in various countries. They should be put on lock-down for these things alone.

    There was only one time I thought they were looking in the right direction. This is when they had threads about Mosques taking over Churches and being unhappy about it. Not a good thing from any Christian’s point of view (and I’m not Christian).

    On the balance however, they are the most illiterate, warped-thinking, incompatible (yes, they are, not others), narrow-minded bunch of loons you will come across at the current time. They are full of hate and disdain (perhaps because of their own shortcomings?) and are looking to blame others for their problems. If they had busier and fuller lives and were from better backgrounds, they wouldn’t have time to ponder about which of their fellow humans they hate the most. Hate is what they worship.

  60. madmarvin

    i have to agree, i was a member for awhile, i agree with some things they say, and it is a good news source at different times, but i hate neo nazis, and the bastards dont have much of a sense of humour either, i got banned for telling a neo nazi scottish mod that the scots and jews have a lot in common, this was in reference to the old joke of jews and scots being tight with money, the fuckwits reckon i called this scottish prick a jew…..

    and it never ceases to amaze me that these idiots blame “EVERYTHING” on the jews….

    one fool asked if they shouldnt be allied with islamics because of their shared hatred of the jews.

    and one arsehole kid told me that the allied forces of world war 2 fought on the wrong side, if the little cunt could have said that to me face to face, i would have broken both of his frigging legs.

  61. stormpride

    I am a repressed homosexual.
    I have no job to go to, that’s why I spend all day wanking and blaming non-whites for taking my job.

    I want to be a neonazi despite the fact that half of million of my fellow countrymen died fighting the Nazis and I still have the gall to call myself proud American.

  62. ^see i could pretend to be multiple people over the internet as well!

    Just so you know, I LOVE stormfront. Such a diverse population of f@kwits NEVER ceased to amaze with their “intelligence”.
    So if you are so intelligent, why do you need to

    1. moderate my posts? Just because they were against your views? I thought you were all for freedom of speech?

    Okay, let’s say I’m a troll.

    2. Why do you allow people like the idiot who calls himself “China#1” to publish things like “oh we yellows are so much inferior to whites because we lick your boot”…seriously, that’s got to be the dumbest trolling I’ve ever seen and you approve it again, again, again and again.

    What I mentioned in 2, I saw here too. Seriously WNs, do you HAVE to make yourself look dumber? I weep in pity of you!

    Oh, and here are my credentials:
    I am a 185cm tall, 100 kilogram(yes, it’s the METRIC system my inbred friends) Chinese male with an IQ of 170.
    I have a degree in music and medicine.
    I have three trophies in MMA.
    I went to Oxford.

    Ohhh my good, intelligent Ivy league friend. How’s that compared to yours? Unlike yours, at least SOME of mine’s true…

    and oh, by the way, clonazepam isn’t valium, although, to give you credit, it is a benzodiazepine.
    Valium is diazepam. The difference between clonazepam and diazepam is that clonazepam does not produce active metabolites. I wouldn’t expect you to know what “metabolite” means though…

    Angry, mate, if you live in my area I gotta buy you a beer.

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