Vlog Update Number Two

Everyone seems to like the idea of an “out-takes” vlog so I’ll work on that later this week. I’ve been looking at the test video I put up on youtube and I think the noise problem might actually be tolerable. I screwed up the edits but it was only a test so anyone who feels like being a guinea pig, check the following link:

Mr Angry’s test video

If I get enough feedback that the video is watchable despite the awful high-pitched noise I’ll do a proper edit of it. It sounded horrible when I was editing it but with the reduction of quality in the youtube version seems to have worked in a good way – the noise isn’t as noticeable.

Then again, I have permanent tinnitus so I’m not the best judge of how bad a high-pitched whining noise is. Let me know.



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4 responses to “Vlog Update Number Two

  1. I am very sensitive to high frequency squeels and I didn’t hear a thing. Maybe I’m going deaf in my old age and losing the sensitivity. 😀 This is do-able!

  2. it sounded good to me.

  3. Sounds fine to me. Funny too.

  4. I couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary.

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