Hot uncut raw action with Mr Angry

Well, you asked for it so here it is. Behind the scenes with Mr Angry. This gives you a hint of my pain – it’s hard being angry all the time. And incredibly banal.

Oh, this comes complete with a nekkid lady to try and dupe the YouTube freakazoids into watching it. I will actually be rather disappointed if it works. But then I’ve always had a low opinion of humanity.



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7 responses to “Hot uncut raw action with Mr Angry

  1. saly

    Oh this was funny; really wicked! Your ‘nekkid lady’ appeared in the middle of the video as well so some jerks would not be disappointed afterall. You work so hard, Mr.Angry. This was cool, thank you!

  2. Hilarious. You should add a separate page for all your vlogs to access them all easily. I dunno, just talking off the top of my head.

  3. Saly: thanks 🙂 that’s how you get the nekkid lady to be the preview pic, you put the image right in the middle of the video. At least she was a nice nekkid lady so they wouldn’t be totally disappointed.

    Range: followed your advice dude, 5,000 view overnight. Damn. An dthe separate page is a good idea, I keep meaning to get around to it. Maybe this weekend. At least they are all classified under “video blogging”

  4. Pus

    Such a hooter you are. never fail to make me laugh with your videos.

  5. Yeah, Mr Angry, that worked. Imagine if you had a live hot chick cut in there. Like if you cut in 10 seconds of Filthywhore crying or 10 seconds of Emmalina dancing. Not that’s a cracker.

  6. The answer to fame is obviously to find a hot female who wants to be famous (even though Rocketboom had more depth, it’s hard to understate the appeal of Amanda). I know I can write quality content, I just don’t have any young female to put in front of the camera.

  7. That’s a problem. I’d get my wife to say stuff, that would be interesting.

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