Mr Angry Vlog Number 9

So I’m taking Sean’s advice on how to conquer YouTube and responding to a highly watched video that I could relate to. So I suppose this is the first vlog I’ve done that isn’t based on previously published blog material.

I probably should get over this desire to dominate the online world but I’m very shallow. And I don’t have a nice enough bum to wave it around in front of a camera so I’m trying this method.  Also, you might notice my new camera style – I’m experimenting.  I hope it isn’t too annoying, the way it moves around.  I think you can feel the anger vibrating.



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2 responses to “Mr Angry Vlog Number 9

  1. I wonder if it will work!
    Loved it. The automated systems are made to piss you off so that angry customers don’t stay on the line.

  2. I loved the video – automated systems make me crazy (ier).

    However the moving camera made me motion sick. 😡

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