An Angry Dream

I can barely keep my eyes open today because my sleep was disturbed all last night by weird dreams.  I was always angry in the dreams (which isn’t weird – that’s normal for me) and that was making my heart rate jump up like I was running a marathon, hence I’m really tired even though I slept. 

The dream started with me being really small, surround by this swirling mass of people.  I was being totally overwhelmed by them and their words.  When they spoke it was literally words – I could see typed words flowing out of their mouths.  These words were crashing down on me, trying to crush me.  I can’t remember the specific words but I know I didn’t like them.  I have a suspicion the words were just gibberish but I knew they were trying to use the words to control me.  I wanted to fight back but all I had to use as a weapon was a toothpick.

At first I thought this was useless, but I found I could skewer the words with my toothpick.  The words would deflate like baloons when I skewered them.  This made me feel better and I thought I was the only one who could see this but then I realised some of the crowd were behind me, they has started to support me instead of crushing me.  As I realised this, the toothpick changed into a stick that was heavy enough to swat the words away, I could sweep away whole waves of these words that were trying to overwhelm me.

Slowly I realised I was actually rising above the words.  Instead of the words I didn’t like crashing over me, I was over them, smashing them away.  The stick had turned into a huge club and better still, I found I could create my own words.  When I shouted, my words would buffet against the others and they would smash each other into oblivion.  I started to see recognisable faces in the crowd that had been hurling words at me: George Bush, Alan Jones, Anne Coulter, that bastard who cut me off in a carpark last week.  I directed my word straight at them and more of the crowd got behind me and started adding their words.  It seemed each figure I recognised could resist my words but slowly it started having an effect.

The first signs were just some chips at the edges of their faces but as more and more words hit them from more and more people they started to bruise and bleed.  Slowly, they began to realise how big the crowd was that had turned against them and they were swept away.  Or so I thought.  I realised they hadn’t been beaten, they’d retreated to another strong point.  As I had fought, I had grown in size until I could stand above the crowd that was originally standing over me.  Now my enemies had joined a mob that dwarfed the original.

This new crowd of giants all had TV sets for heads and it seemed my enemies could control the TV-heads to turn them against me.  The TV sets had originally shown individual faces but waves of change would sweep through them where they would all change to one or another of my enemies’ faces.  It was hideous.  Huge clumps of talking heads on TVs swarming to attack me.  Attack of the vampire pundits.  Their attack was to vomit a rainbow out of their screens which seemed to infect surrounding TV heads and change them into the same face so they could attack me en masse.  They were also cross-infecting each other’s TV heads, trying to cancel each other out and take control for themselves.  I sensed their weak point and attacked.

At the fringe of the horde of massive TV-heads was an even larger mass of smaller TV heads.  These had different heads and I thought they could be persuaded to help attack the killer pundit heads.  The smaller TV heads seemed to be dominated by vapid, pretty individuals but slowly I was able to gather them together to strike at the monsters.  At first, the individual TV-heads had no effect on giant pundit TV-heads.  Even worse, whenever one of the small TVs started to make some headway one of the big TVs would reach down, crack its head open and suck the life out of it.

But the individual TV-heads started to find cracks between the monster TV-heads and force the cracks wider.  And no matter how many individuals were crushed, more and more of them swept in.  They were eating away the ground beneath the behemoths, smashing their controls and slowly but surely, forcing the big TV-heads to change or switch off forever.  The battle seemed to go on for years (which could explain why I feel so tired) but eventually we won.

There was a massive explosion.  All the giant TV-heads fractured into millions of individual TV-heads.  The force of the explosion scattered the individual TV-heads far and wide and wherever they landed they replicated.  They didn’t form new giant TV-heads, instead they were forming hundreds of individuals.  I was mildly disappointed that after all the struggle it wasn’t my face on all the TVs but I was glad the lumbering giants were gone.

Now if only I could figure out what it all means.



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3 responses to “An Angry Dream

  1. Paul Brown

    What it means is that you shouldn’t’ve eaten that half pound of Gorgonzola before bedtime. Oh, and you should track down the person that cut you up in the car park and bitch slap them. Anne Coulter, too.

  2. Sounds like a music video to me. Aphex Twin anyone?

  3. Hell Boy

    hhhhmmmm too much television, too much eating & too much thinking spoiled yer mind, that’s what i think so dont pay attention 😉

  4. Paul: Anne Coulter I’ll just shoot in the face if I ever get a chance

    Range: ohhh yeah, what a great aphex twin video that would make

    Hellboy: it was definitely the product of a damaged mind 🙂

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