Mr Angry solves the Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds

I’m sick of these uppitty little bastards on YouTube showing off that they can do a Rubik cube in two minutes, 60 seconds or even 20 seconds.  Here’s the real deal: a video of me solving the Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds.  You thought I dealt with everything through anger but I have other talents.

Solved as only Mr Angry could do it.



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7 responses to “Mr Angry solves the Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds

  1. That’s my solution too babe!

  2. I got angry at the rubic’s cube, so I took off all the colored stickers and put them back. Problem solved.

  3. Now THAT is some funny shit!!!

  4. Glad y’all liked it 🙂 My initial response on youtube show that the rubik cube weenies don’t have a sense of humour. Maybe they should work on getting a girlfriend rather than spending all their time fiddling with the damn cube. Even masturbation is a better use of your time than that!

  5. You know when things are so predictably stupid it’s funny?

  6. logistas

    Nice video:),it’s my favourite

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