Mr Angry hates the Haterz

Another video treat 🙂 I decided to respond to a video done by one Seanbedlam whereing he taunts the Haterz.  Anyone with a blog has probably met the Haterz but they are particularly prevalent on YouTube.  They are essentially worthless little no-life sacks of shit who are achieving nothing with their lives and so feel compelled to spew hate at people who are actually doing something.  Fuck ’em.

Sean was also kind enough to give me some tips on shameless YouTube self-promotion, and you should all know how much I like shameless self-promotion.

And here’s the link in case I messed up: 



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3 responses to “Mr Angry hates the Haterz

  1. Liked the laugh.
    Angry alliance rules!

  2. danbdow

    I am with you all the way Mr Angry. I know exactly how you feel. I have been the target of these simple minded fools in the past.

  3. So here I am laughing like an idiot outloud when you say, I like your laugh. WTF can he hear me? Oh he’s talking about Sean. Shit I think I’ll go back to bed.

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