Mr Angry’s Cavalcade of Masks

Well, it’s audience participation time!  I’ve been experimenting with different masks for the videos and want you votes for which ones work.  Check it out:

Leave me a comment, let me know which ones you like.  And in case you wanted to check my collection on YouTube (or I screwed up the embed again) the link is:



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10 responses to “Mr Angry’s Cavalcade of Masks

  1. Number one is too much – too dominate.
    Number two is good for the really angry ones.
    Number three is good for when you’re silly.
    Number four – give it to your kids….better yet – trash it.

  2. I like #2, Demonically evil. I think it’s compatible with angry.

  3. The 1st two don’t work
    I vant to suck your blood was funny
    the other is a bit silly

    you should try a hockey mask, like Jason, that could always freak people out.
    I like the original one.
    Maybe you could improvise, with a fake moustache or beard with fake nose and glasses. That could be hilarious and maybe a bit more comfortable.

  4. I think you should stick with the original one.

  5. I gotta say, I think the original is best. If I have to choose a new one, though, the third one, I think. (though others thought it was silly) Perhaps if you shout about how stupid Ann Coulter is in all of them it would be easier to decide. I agree that you need to trash the fourth one, thouhg.

  6. OMFG, Mr Angry! been rollin’ on the floor clutchin’ my tummy so long! you’re really funny! honestly, doesn’t matter w/c mask you wear, it’s you who’s behind the mask that’s making it work! LoL 😀

    but really so you’re money won’t be put to waste i’ll just make a choice, the red one’s ok!(the original’s still the best!) 😉

  7. It seems pretty universal to stick with the original and I’m quite fond of it myself. I might play around with them a bit, let the red one make some cameos perhaps when I’m really angry.

  8. The original one is definitely the best. It’s what drew me to watch you the first time on youtube – I saw the thumbnail and I thought – ‘fuck me, that’s a weird looking bloke’. I’m not sure I would have clicked if you were wearing any of those new masks.

  9. bigstarlet

    Frankly, I don’t like any of the ones that you picked. Tho’ when you yelled “Ann Coulter must die” using the first mask, you totally convinced me! 😀

  10. Paul: well, that’s the ultimate reason to stick with the original

    bigstarlet: yelling “ann coulter must die” works no matter what you’re wearing 😀

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