Mr Angry on Design

Want to bet I can’t find the common thread between movies, toilets, BMW and web site?  Here goes:

The steps that had to be taken to have this ridiculous fucking tap design come into existence simply boggle my mind. First, some deluded wanker had to come up with it. Then it had to be approved for production. Then it had to be manufactured. Then it had to be distributed to wholesaler. Then it had to be stocked by retailers. Then somebody had to buy and install it.

In all that long line of people, couldn’t one of them have stopped for a minute and said: “Hey, this tap design is really fucking dumb.”



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5 responses to “Mr Angry on Design

  1. Okay, you make me laugh too much.

    The German accent had me in stitches 🙂

  2. German accent! Pakistani working @ BMW, that one even had Mr Angry pissing his pants!

  3. Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time but even as I was doing it I realised how much the accent sucked!

  4. Next assignment – Mr. Angry sounding American. That would be a hoot.

    In Texas we have these water taps that have no handles. You just stick your hands under and the water comes on for x amount of time. Too hot??? To cold???? Sorry bout your fucking luck.

  5. Some fucking loser tries to hijack my blog comments eh?  I wonder if at any time, when these little weenies sit alone in the dark with their empty lives they can actually face up to what worthless sacks of shit they are.

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