An Angry Video Blog about Sponsorship

This is another video response I did for YouTube responding to Mr Safety – Professional Idiot talking about people he’s NOT sponsored by. I’m not sponsored by anybody so i could have gone on about not being sponsored for quite a while. I decided to keep it short and sharp.

Maybe some big company will recognise how desperate I am to whore myself and offer me a deal. And yes, I did the cheap trick of the scantily clad female in the middle to attract the sad desperadoes on YouTube. And if anyone thinks I should use nekkid men, (a) they don’t attract as many YouTubers and (b) I showed plenty of nekkid men on the Stormfront post.

On that note, I’m starting to get some search engine traffic for “Stormfront”. This warms the cockles of my heart. All those people thinking they will find information about a hateful white supremacist group find instead they have remade themselves as a Jewish gay support group. If only hate groups everywhere could learn from the fine example of Stormfront.



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6 responses to “An Angry Video Blog about Sponsorship

  1. “Anything above 50 bucks will be seriously considered.”
    I like that attitude!

  2. Paul Brown

    Bad news on the nekkid lady front – she doesn’t show as the YouTube graphic for some reason. I don’t know anything about YouTube so I can’t tell you why not – I don’t even know how to make links work in my YouTube comments (yes, angrypom was me)

  3. Range: everone else on youtube is an attention whore, I am like a whore but I will do it for money.

    Paul: I screwed up! got the placement wrong by a second or so, then I couldn’t be bothered to re-edit. Oh well.

  4. You can give your vlogs away for free….when you go on the road we’ll charge double to make up for it. That will teach the cheap bastages.

  5. Hell Boy

    got any request of sponsorship?
    selling soul for 50$, hhhmmm i’d do it for 40 bucks, btw may i have a sip of your beverage?

  6. Sandra: exactly, a fine plan. And the t-shirts too, we’ll sell a million of them.

    Hellboy: glad to share, nobody’s come through yet with sponsorship

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