Mr Angry vs Alan Jones – Part One

I hate Alan Jones.  I love TripleJ.  I’ve posted my thoughts about Alan Jones several times and as a result I figure pretty highly in search results for people trying to find out what happened in that public toilet in London back in 1988 when he was arrested as part of a “public morals” campaign.  The truth is, I don’t know exactly what he was doing there and I don’t really care.  I think persecuting people for their sexuality is bullshit.  What I care about is Jones is a liar and a hypocrite.

The wisdom about the Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon presidency is that it was the cover-up that hurt him, not the crime.  Well, if Nixon’s crime had been trawling for anonymous sex in public toilets it might have been the crime that did him in.  Jones has gotten away with the cover up for nearly 20 years but the forthcoming publication of a biography by respected journalist Chris Masters may change all that.  I’ve covered that ground before so I’m doing something a little different today.

To get to why I love TripleJ.  TripleJ has in their posession what they call “The Closet Recordings of Alan Jones” – basically outtakes of when he was recording commercials for his radio show.  They have made these tapes available throught the website for their current affairs show, “Hack”.  In these tapes, Jones swears like a trooper, disparages the advertisers paying him, follows some very weird trains of thought and acts like a prima donna.  I’ve been meaning to do something with these recordings for a while and now I have the technology at my disposal to do so. 

Thanks to the magic of computer-driven special effects I have simulated Jones himself reading so you’re not limited to sound (which I thought would be too boring for YouTube).  Enjoy!

Isn’t the CGI flawless?  I should be working for Spielberg!  And as always, distribute far and wide of you so desire.  Here’s the URL:



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6 responses to “Mr Angry vs Alan Jones – Part One

  1. The special effects are incredible.

  2. custador

    I tried to post a comment, but alas my rig crashed, so now I have to type it all over again….

    I like the phrase “fuck-knuckle”. It is a good phrase. I shall steal it. You are correct: There are many, many right-wing, fear-mongering morons in the world: they are called Americans.

    You shall have a blogroll entry at and then you shall have a cookie, because anger is good: it makes us strong.

  3. range: no expense spared

    custador: consider “fuck knuckle” open-source swearing. Spread it far and wide along with the angry meme. And all shall be angry and all shall be strong.

  4. Sigh – Someone who doesn’t even know me just dis’d me. Anyhow – the video is cute as usual.

  5. custador

    To be fair, I should have narrowed that to “Republican Americans”, shouldn’t I?

  6. Custador: more accurate. Let’s just say intolerant people everywhere are the bad guys

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