Waste Not Want Not

I am the sort of cheap bastard who likes to get the last bit of value out of everything. For instance, after you empty a can of drink, if you let it sit for a minute a tiny bit more drink pools at the bottom which allows you to get another tiny drink. I was just doing this when things went a little wrong.

I tipped both my head and the can back sharply to get that last bit of caffeinated goodness but my aim was off. Instead of going in my mouth, the drink shot straight up my nostril. Today is one day I would have preferred it if my nose was blocked up. It wasn’t, so now I have carbonated liquid caffeine blasting its way through my sinuses. This leads to the coughing fit from hell, followed by much sneezing and nose blowing.

On the plus side, I now have really clear sinuses.

UPDATE: I have decided there is no upside to this.  I have been blowing my nose all day and it feels like this poison I drink is corroding my skull from the inside out.  As Maryam says, it sevres me right for being a cheap bastid.



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6 responses to “Waste Not Want Not

  1. serves you right you cheap bastid! hehe

  2. I can remember when you drink something and it goes in the wrong hole, down into your lungs. That sucks badly too. But I have never tried soda pop.

  3. Trust me, this experience sucks.

  4. Coke when it is still fizzing sucks the big one…up the nose or in the lungs. OMG you think you’ll never breathe right again.

  5. Yeah, the other day I pinned down my friend and pretended to spit on his face (don’t ask- teenage stupidness). Taking a swig of my Cola (not Coke, some cheap brand Mum buys), he said “Wow, I can see up your nostril from here!”, and I laughed so hard that it all came spurting out of both facial orifices, and he really COULD see up my nostril.

  6. happychick” well, he brought that on himself, didn’t he?

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