Blogging from Beirut

I was listening to my favourite radio station, TripleJ, on the way to work this morning and they interviewed a guy by the name of Mazen Kerbaj who, like many, is suffering through the bombing happening right now. Mazen is a musican, comic artist and painter and has been expressing himself on his blog through his art.

He’s posting lots of images inspired by what everyone’s going through, the following is one of my favourites:

mazen's art - we resist

He has also recorded some amazing audio of him playing his trumpet to the accompaniment of bombs which you can find here and here. This follows on nicely from my rant of yesterday. I don’t like to wax too lyrical about “the power of blogs” but it’s damn important that the human face of this tragedy is seen and understood.

I sent this link to boingboing and they’ve featured it! Woohoo! Hi to anyone arriving here from boingboing. I hope this really lifts Mazen’s profile.



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4 responses to “Blogging from Beirut

  1. fantastic. my blog partner in crime posted this the other day, glad to see the word spreading… its haunting.

  2. Kerryn

    Thankyou for sharing these links. Not the ideal way to start the morning but you are right about it being important to understand the human face of what is happening. Work such as this makes the point very eloquently.

  3. Since posting this I revisited his blog and it seems he’s now getting heaps of media interview requests. Good to know his message will be reaching a bigger audience.

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