How to hang toilet paper – the video version

So here’s one of the old favourites converted to video form.  I’m always amused by how many searches for the correct way to hang toilet paper end up on my blog.  So I decided to put the question beyond doubt with a video guide.  I think I got a couple of edits wrong so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make sense in places.  I also think I’m too lazy to re-edit it, but you never know, I might fix it later.

Oh, and a shout-out to the folks at Current Configuration who seem to be even more obsessive than me about hanging toilet paper.  So much so that they went to the trouble of producing the beautiful graphics you see in this video.

This one is an important message for the future of humanity so spread it about… here’s the url:

If you want to embed it in your blog and are not sure how to, leave me a message and I’ll help you out.



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5 responses to “How to hang toilet paper – the video version

  1. Heh. Mr. Angry, you are one sick, twisted individual. Keep up the good work!

  2. Flattery will get you everywhere kylops 😀

  3. “Messing with your head!”
    Of course she is!

  4. Doreen

    I have just had a rather a long conversation om this matter of toilet paper hanging, I think it looks much better hanging it at the front, my partner thinks different. so every time I use the toilet I have to turn it round, to find next time it is turned back. what do you suggest we can do?

  5. Drive a stake through your partner’s heart – he’s clearly a toilet vampire. If that’s going too far for you just smear crushed garlic all over the toilet paper.

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