Mr Angry vs Alan Jones part three

A little more Alan Jones hilarity. The background information for people who have never heard of Alan Jones:

Among other things, he was coach of the Australian rugby team in the 80’s so occasional references to rugby teams and sportspeople pop up. His main employment is as a talkback radio announcer where he makes a fortune shilling for anyone who pays him. Sometimes this transaction is obvious (he’s obviously recording an ad in many of the soundbites I use) but he’s also caused some controversy by appearing to state his honest opinion when was being paid a fortune to put someone in a good light (reportedly around a million bucks to improve the public image of banks).

He’s been number two in his field in Australia for ages. He just can’t get ahead of the “Golden Tonsils” of John Laws in ratings or money or credibility. Although they have mainly worked for the same radio station, they are bitter rivals. And as the sound bites I use in this video show, being number two makes Jones very frustrated and bitter. In fact he’s a complete prima donna. Good for a laugh.

As always, feel free to spread, embed and use this and other videos in any way you wish so long as you use my original YouTube video as the source. Other than that you can pretend it’s yours for all I care. So long as people watch it. The link to the video is :



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7 responses to “Mr Angry vs Alan Jones part three

  1. So Alan Jones is Daffy Duck so to speak?

  2. alan jones = gay toilet incident.
    He actually swears like that on public radio?

  3. Michelle: I’m not quite sure of the daffy duck reference

    Range: those were off air. He was recoding ads etc and sombody kept the tapes. I’d say he pissed someone off enough that they released them “into the wild”

  4. Matt

    I’m assuming John Laws is the highest paid guy? What a whiney little bitch. Omg omg, it’s fucking dust. Get over it!

  5. Bingo! That’s why I used this sound bite, he’s sucha whiny little prima donna – jealous of the one radio voice who gets paid more than him.

  6. karen hagan

    Great commentary on our ‘pervert’ of democratic process. What may be ‘amusing’ for your (informed) audience would be to publish the 1993 poster “IND’ANAL JONES’ as promulgated by our venerable Gay Community. I am reliably informed that this really ‘pisses him off!!’

    God Bless Chris Masters.

  7. Yeah, I could care less who he shags – it’s the hypocrisy that pisses me off.

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