Technorati seems to be having some problems

I was doing one of my random trawls through Technorati (I’ve hit the top 50,000 by the way, woohoo!) instead of working and saw that they may have a few bugs to work out with their new-look site. For those of you who don’t keep track of things (99.9% of the human population) Technorati revamped their site recently giving it a sleeker look and feel and changing a few of their features. Broadly I think the changes are good although I’m still getting used to a few of them.

I did a search for new posts on Google and got the following result:

no posts contain Google
I don’t wish to suggest that the blogosphere is completely unoriginal but how many posts relating to Google do you think appear every day? I’m guessing more than zero. This happened a couple of times in a row then it started working and I got a more realistic 320,000 hits. I guess you can’t make big changes without experiencing a few teething problems.



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4 responses to “Technorati seems to be having some problems

  1. tng

    Yeah, Technorati has been sucking donkey balls lately. Half my incoming links don’t show up and then suddenly a link from months ago will appear. And it’s become useless to track conversations in the blogosphere. Oh well. Too bad, I really liked Technorati. What’s next?

  2. That’s the fun part isn’t it? Someone could come along and wipe out Technorati in an eyeblink. It must be ulcer inducing to head up a “web 2.0” company.

  3. Capri

    Instead of wasting that money on revamping the site, it should have been better spent on fixing their internal problems. šŸ˜ˆ

  4. New interface of Technorati looks good.

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