An angry drive (part two)

Well, after a bit of editing, here’s the second stage of my drive to work.  I start off fairly philisiophical but then my mood degenerates pretty quickly.   In other words, it’s Mr Angry being Mr Angry.

For anyone who wants the URL, here it is: 



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5 responses to “An angry drive (part two)

  1. OMG, I get really, really bad road rage, and I don’t even have a license yet. No seiruosly, I get so fucking angry, my Mum’s like, WTF? Where did you get that sot of angryness? And I live in a country town- I’m actually a little afraid of what I’d be like in the city. 🙂

  2. Di

    Careful you don’t crash now, Mr Angry, cuz if you died, who’d be angry for the rest of us?

  3. happychick: if you’re like me you’d probably be overwhelmed in the city at first. Then you’d get angry.

    Di: I wou;dn’t want to deprive you 🙂

  4. happychick: watch out, learning to drive in cities is totally different than anywhere else. People get really angry in cities and drive like imbeciles. I come from a smaller town, 640000 people and moved to a metropolitan city, montreal, over 2 mil. And wow, it’s crazy here.

    I always start with stopping really close to idiots, then I flash my lights and then comes the horn. I had to train myself to use the horn effectively in a timely fashion because you need it a lot when you live in a big city.

    You have to be careful with guys who don’t care about their cars if you care about your car.

  5. Range: I think happychick comes from a waaaaaaaaaay small town. The main thing you have to watch out for is other drivers with guns.

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