An angry drive (part four)

This is why it’s dangerous to let me have a camera – I get a head of steam and don’t stop.  This one’s almost six minutes without an edit and includes my calm and measured attitude to 4WD/SUV owners.

The Malcolm Gladwell article I referred to in this rant is at the following URL:

The URL for the vlog is:



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4 responses to “An angry drive (part four)

  1. I get into the same situation when I want to go downtown. With parking and petrol prices, it is a lot cheaper to take my car than to take the underground to go into the city. It is more convenient. I hope that they would make it cheaper to use the underground to make it more attractive to use public transport.

  2. I firend of mine’s just moved right into the city so he can walk to work. Driving definitely sucks on all sorts of levels but I really think people who drive into the city every day only have themselves to blame that it sucks.

  3. True, we only have ourselves to blame for:
    – not able to stand public transport because it sucks on so many levels
    – not able to stand driving to work/school because it sucks on as many levels
    – not able to buy/rent a house near where we have to drive/take public transport because we don’t have the money to do so
    – not able to use one of those beam-me-there thingy in Star Trek on account of it not being invented yet.
    I feel like killing myself after blaming myself for all this.
    But then again, there has been a lot of things that I blame myself for for years and still manage to not kill myself.

  4. Ohhhh tru, don’t be like that. Like my situation, sometimes public transport sucks so much you don’t have a choice. Don’t tell me you drive an oversized 4WD? Yikes, you wouldn’t have liked that rant if that’s the case. Reminds me of when I pissed people off by ranting about smoking.

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