Beauty tips from Mr Angry

This video is a response to one of the popular YouTubers, i.e. another desperate attempt by me to ride on someone else’s coat-tails. It also features the behind the scenes “making of” video of the first of my new t-shirts, courtesy of my wonderful, talented girlfriend. Bound to be the top fashion item of the summer.

I’m having a bit of a mad run on videos today so there’s a few more to come. Stay tuned. In the meantime this one is also at:



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2 responses to “Beauty tips from Mr Angry

  1. This is pretty funny. I liked the return of the masks. You need to put Mr Angry somewhere on your new t-shirts, I liked seeing them created. That was cool.

  2. Yeah, I like the creation video too. I agree with you about a mr angry image… something I’ll have to work on.

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