Mr Angry on MySpace

This is another YouTube “response” video, answering the question posed by Mr Safety: What would people do in a world without MySpace?

If you know somebody who needs to adjust to life beyond MySpace, send them the following link:



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6 responses to “Mr Angry on MySpace

  1. That’s right!
    MySpace sucks!
    Check out Ze Frank’s “I knows me some ugly MySpace pages” competition.

  2. I’ve just watched Ze Frank for the first time recently. Damn that guy’s good. He’s my new benchmark for good video performance.

  3. so true, so very very true…lead the antimyspacerevolution

  4. hehehe, I just can’t be bothered to get into myspace although I might try it eventually. Besides, the popular kids at school always hated me and myspace is just high school cliques writ large so screw them.

  5. There is no such thing as an Online Friend. As you say, people online are totally unknown, post photos that are NOT them, lie about their age and sex and ethics, and are often totally made up, pretend, illusory non-entity chatbots.

    MySpace is a toilet of fat ugly whores chasing gay boys all around, and poor kids in bands trying to sell shit music to other poor kids in bands who are trying to sell music to other poor kids in bands who….

    Have a nice day raining on parades, mate.

    I love Mr. Angrrrrrrrrry, in a brotherly way.

    I shall post this splendid video at Vaspers the Grate tonight, since all the videos I tried to make today fell flat into failure.

  6. Sometimes the truth is painful 🙂 Painful but necessary.

    Yours in fraternal love,

    Mr Angry

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