In the neck from Mr Angry and the Bastard Clan

Has there ever been a better expletive than “fuck you in the neck with a…”? If there is, I haven’t heard it. I first saw “fuck you in the neck with a butter knife” on Happychick’s blog and instantly knew I must make it mine and used it often. Then I was introduced to Sandra (Momma Bastard) and the Bastard Clan who were the source of this very wise saying.

I soon learned the diversity that could be applied to the saying, from the graphic (fuck you in the neck with a chainsaw) to the abstract (fuck you in the neck with your own shitty attitude). This is indeed a saying for all seasons, so it simply had to have its own t-shirt. This video is my tribute to “fuck you in the neck” and starts with the “making of” (see, you don’t even have to wait for my DVD to come out to get the behind the scenes stuff). I had to think for a while about the background music for this one. I’m keen to promote independent Australian music and I though the choice of the tune “You shit me to tears” by The Tenants was an appropriate choice.

I’m going to have to start doing the stand-up performances I was always intending to do, if for no other reason than to wear this shirt in public. I wouldn’t be game to wear it walking down the street. And let me know if there are any quotes from my previous posts that you think deserve to be immortalised on a t-shirt. I’m already looking into Range’s suggestion to feature some sort of Mr Angry image.

The URL for the video for anyone who wishes to propagate it in whatever form is:



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17 responses to “In the neck from Mr Angry and the Bastard Clan

  1. I am so touched….I may have to shed a tear! You can be assured that this video will be spread far and wide!

    Actually the term was invented by my youngest son the bastard jr, when his big brother bested him on something. Not having a sufficient comeback he said “just fuck you in the neck with….a wooden spoon.” This term was invented at least 13 years ago and has since traveled widely over the US of A and, thanks to my Aussie kids, over their fair country as well.

    The shirt looks great on you and suits your attitude to a tee! 😀 Loved the music too!

  2. I like the term too. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that is appropriate in the most dire of situations. I used in one of my stories Sandra, did you see that?

    A DVD? That is cool. When?

  3. Sandra: glad you liked it – I thought a tribute was in order

    Range: the dvd reference was pretty much a joke, but you never know…

  4. not hellboy anymore

    hhhmmm send me a free dvd then + a t-shirt, no it’s cold here, i want a parka, my birthday is hhhhmmm in 10 days time is it enough for you to send me?!

  5. Mr. Angry, I am truly honored that you would take the time to give a ‘shout-out’ to our family. That is some funny stuff!

  6. Adam said he is nominating you for an emmy for that one. 😀

  7. Dear Mr Angry – as you can imagine, I have never used the phrase in my life 😉 but can’t wait to see you in live stand up . Let me know of the US dates and my friends and I will be in the front cheering you on – charmingly of-course!

    How are you? hope you are doing very well! Glad you stop by my blog. See you soon.


  8. The Blonde

    Hello Mr. Angry, this is the wife of The Bastard and that is just too cool. Totally hilarious video, that is some funny shit. Keep up the great stuff, your just too funny for your own good. 🙂

  9. Hey Mr Angry! Yeah, I thought as much, but I think that you should do an DVD. You try to keep costs really low, and burning them yourself when you get some orders. And also try selling them for like 5$ or 10$ with a T-shirt included or something like that.

  10. To all of the bastard clan: I always try to attribute my inspirations! An you guys gave me one of my new favourite phrases 🙂

    Dr Nazli: Speaking of inspiration, your blog is always a good source of positive inspiration to me – the yin to my yang perhaps

    Range: I have kepy high quality recordings of all my vlogs, not just the compressed ones for YouTube so you never know

  11. hellboy: I might work my way up to hoodies but I don’t think I’ll have them ready in time for your birthday. Maybe some thermal underwear.

  12. I must admit that I thought the video was hilarious!!

  13. Thanks willow, I aim to please

  14. Academy award definitely Mr. Angry, jst LMFAO on this! haha 😀

    ‘fuck you in the neck…’ sure is one my all-time favorite phrase in the world now! thanks to Sandra and the rest of the Bastard Clan, which i’m proud to say am an ‘honorary member’ of! 😀

    Mr. Angry, send me a bunch of yer DVDs, friends of mine might get interested once they see this video and i might have to fuck them in the neck with my DVD if they try to get my copy! LoL 😀

  15. I want to hear my award announced:
    “And the winner for angriest performance is… Mr Angry for ‘Fuck you in the neck'”
    I want the award to be presented by Samuel L motherfuckin Jackson

  16. bofhjr716

    After all this time I still have to come back and see this. The fact that something uttered in flippancy so many years ago, has become a household phrase. Still enjoy the videos man. Keep it up!! =-)

    The Bastard Jr.

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