Best ever song lyrics

I found myself thinking about my all-time favourite song lyrics today. This may sound a little off-topic for me but it started because I was thinking of theme music to use for videos. These lyrics aren’t necessarily from my favourite artists (my number on favourite lyric comes from a song and artists I don’t like at all) and even the ones that are by my favourite artists don’t come from my favourite songs.

My number one all time favourite lyric is (drum roll please):

Lucky that my breasts are small and humble / so you don’t mistake them for mountains – from “Whenever, wherever” by Shakira. I have no idea if this line is intentionally funny (I understand English is not her first language) but I find it absolutely hysterical. That’s how juvenile I am.

My favourite angry lyrics are:

Say what you mean and say it mean – from “Ramrod” by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel. This stands a good chance of being Mr Angry’s theme song.

This is gonna hurt you / more than it’s gonna hurt me / and I wouldn’t have it any other way – from “Take Your Punishment (Motherfucker)” by Crent

Wake up / this country needs a fucking shake up / wake up / these cunts need a shake up – from “77%” by The Herd

You never had it so good / the favourite phrase of those who always had it better – from “Bring it Down” by The Redskins

I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye? / no I don’t / I just wish he fucking died – from “Cleaning Out My Closet” by Eminem

Don’t know what I want / but I know how to get it – from “Anarchy in the UK” by the Sex Pistols

Gotcha / you Argie bastard / gotcha / you fucking spik / gotcha / you latin bender / gotcha / you dago prick – from “Gotcha” by Crass (the lyrics were an ironic response to a headline in the conservative Sun newspaper during the Falklands War for anyone who’s worried)

And some random favourites, mostly because of their poetry:

The white moon comes out / like a hole in the sky / the mangrove goes quiet – from “Bye Bye Pride” by The Go-Betweens (lyrics courtesy of the late, lamented G W McClennan)

I gave you a necklace of purple and blue / you took it so gently I felt see-though – from “Lock It” by The Falling Joys

I never made the 1st team / I just made the 1st team laugh – from “The Saturday Boy” by Billy Bragg (very hard to pick just one Billy Bragg lyric – I could have easily compiled a list of my 20 favourite Billy Bragg lyrics)

Big black Nemesis / parthenogenesis / everybody happy as the dead come home – from “Nemesis” by Shriekback (featured simply because they were able to work “parthenogenesis” into a song)

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me / no hope, no harm / just another false alarm – from “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” by The Smiths

You never do what you know you oughta / something tells me you’re the devil’s daughter – from “Sorrow” by David Bowie

What a scummy man / just give him half a chance / I bet he’ll rob you if he can – from “When The Sun Goes Down” by The Arctic Monkeys

He thinks of himself as a victim of love / but he’s a volunteer – from “Victim/Volunteer” by Christine Lavin

In a way I yearning to be done with all this measuring of truth / an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth / and anyway I told the truth and I am not afraid to die – from “The Mercy Seat” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I never dreamed that I would get to be / the kind of creature I always meant to be – from “Being Boring by The Pet Shop Boys

You said I wasn’t cheap / you paid me twenty pounds – from “You’re Gorgeous” by Babybird

I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am today – from “I Sucked a Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am Today” by Regurgitator

The banks put out bright posters / saying we’ve got money to give away / and it’s as easy as that right here / but the bank man is a bastard – from “The Marriage Is A Mess” by Not Drowning, Waving

These are lyrics that “speak” to me somehow – sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re poetic and sometimes they’re suitable angry. I’d like to know your favourites too, I’m sure others can come up with a better list than this.



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32 responses to “Best ever song lyrics

  1. This is gonna hurt you / more than it’s gonna hurt me / and I wouldn’t have it any other way – from “Take Your Punishment (Motherfucker)” by Crent

    Now that is a funny sumbitch.

    Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me / no hope, no harm / just another false alarm – from “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” by The Smiths

    This one might be MY theme song. How the hell am I going to have 5 husbands if I can’t even get LAID? 😀

  2. Kerryn

    Echoing a couple of your choices:

    When a woman learns to walk / She’s not dependent anymore / A line from her letter, May 24 – Bye Bye Pride, The Go-Betweens

    Gave you a necklace in purple and blue / You took it so gently I felt see through – Lock It, Falling Joys

    And off the top of my head, otherwise I’d be here for hours…

    Squeeze me out of your life / Down the drain like molten toothpaste / I feel used and spat out – I See Red, Split Enz

    Writing on brown paper / In desperation / Sitting up because I can’t lie down – Tuesday, The Hummingbirds

    In the paper today, tales of war and of waste / But you turn right over to the tv page – Don’t Dream It’s Over, Crowded House

    And it’s something quite peculiar / Something that’s shimmering and white / Leads you here despite your destination / Under the Milky Way tonight – Under the Milky Way, The Church

    And it’s true we are immune / When fact is fiction and tv reality / And today the millions cry / We eat and drink while tomorrow they die – Sunday, Bloody Sunday, U2

    Vested interest united ties / landed gentry rationalize / Look who bought the myth, by jingo, buy America – Exhuming McCarthy, REM

    A simple prop to occupy my time / This one goes out to the one I love – The One I Love, REM

    I want a switchblade to cut their lovebeads / An enema not love / That’s what the world needs now – I Want To Spill The Blood of a Hippy, Doug Anthony Allstars (okay, I had to go looking for the cd to refresh my memory on this one but it was worth it, I hope)

    As to whether these are better than yours… meh…

  3. Sandra: I think you can have one without the other 😉

    Kerryn: it’s spooky how much some of our music taste overlaps – 80’s indie Oz bands like the Hummingbirds! Woohoo!

  4. Kerryn

    Now I’m glad I didn’t include the Clouds (couldn’t pick a favourite lyric), Died Pretty, The Triffids… Ah, the joys of Triple J 🙂

  5. ditto on the Shakira line. I’m pretty sure she’s being purposefully funny.

    One of my faves is Ani DiFranco with “some people wear their heart up on their sleave/ i wear mine underneath my right pant leg strapped to my boot” – from Out of Me.

    and from Tool – Aenima Some say the end is near./ Some say we’ll see armageddon soon./ I certainly hope we will. /I sure could use a vacation from this/ bullshit three ring circus sideshow of/ freaks

  6. I think you’ll find that the best ever song lyric is simply this:

    “I’m as serious as cancer when I say that rhythm is a dancer.”

    I’ll let y’all guess where that one is from…love liv!

  7. Sounds like cheesy 90s dance music to me… Snap I bleive. Thanks for adding it Liv!

  8. My personal favourite is:

    “I have this recurring dream / Where I am in control. / It’s a no win situation / tearing at my soul.”

    — “God Bless America,” The Models

  9. The Models! Yeah! I like the naivety of “I think that you’re so romantic / I’d follow you across the Atlantic”

  10. Paul

    My favorite is by the legend that is Pete Doherty. Song `killamangiro`

    Why would you pay, to see someone in a cage and why would you pay to see me in a cage, which the whole world calls a stage.

    Download it and you will understand.

  11. Jarrod

    Tossin’ my two cents in..

    I dream of naked ladies leaping over me / I like peeping through holes in public lavatories – “Animal” by the Anti-Nowhere League

  12. Terry

    he said if i fill my lifetime with sin, i could have myself a seat that was right by him, if i didnt, that was fine by him because every day a million sould fly right in.

    An audience with the devil – hilltop hoods.

  13. Eleanor

    Get a LIFE!!! I have brain cancer and can’t afford the tomotherapy treatments so I’m really going to die.

  14. “I saw two shooting stars last night
    I wished on them but they were only satellites
    Is it wrong to wish on space hardware
    I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care”
    Billy Bragg, A New England

    I also like anything Woody Guthrie. And Bloodhound Gang. And Steve Earle. And Mellencamp.

  15. Eleanor: let’s hope it’s soon – you sound appalling.

    Daniel: nice selections.

  16. Yep
    Ramrod by Foetus.
    I use a line from this for my tag line of myspace:
    “stay hungry, stay angry, stay lean, stay keen…
    say what you mean and say it mean”

    A perfect mantra for everyday life

  17. Nice to meet another Foetus aficionado Finlay 🙂

  18. sam

    its gotta be : ***It Goes To Show With Both Eyes Closed You Fall To Blood In Thorn Stem Roses.***

    by bullets and octane (the best band ever)

  19. maro

    nice songs….I like wish you were here and stairway to heaven for their beautiful lyrics but the song that I like because it reminds me my homo love with whom I can’t be together is emily from “from first to last”… “smiles and her laughter is the only thing that I’ve been waiting for a time regardless of our distance and our hope grows greater…”

  20. DANI


  21. Congratulations “Dani” – you win this week’s prize for most stupid, reactionary comment. I assume you’re referring to “Gotcha” by Crass which is actually a protest song AGAINST the British military actions in the Falkland. Mind you, talking about stealing the islands makes you sound like a warmonger anyway.

  22. DANI

    Really darling?, Luckily I’ve never heard of that song before but… Well that fragment does’t sound as a protest song “against” the British military actions in the Islas Malvinas AT ALL.

  23. Ah well, that was why I pointed out in the post it was ironic. Crass were a fairly hardcore band of anarchists who were absolutely disgusted by the Sun newspaper printing the headline “Gotcha!” when the Argentine ship General Belgrano was sunk. They just took that mentality to an extreme to illustrate why they didn’t like it.

  24. Matt

    she was a a fast machine/she kept my motor clean/she was the best damn woman that I ever seen.
    You Shook Me All Night Long. AC/DC.

    Anything by Billy Joel, a songwriting Genius.
    Khe Sanh, Flame Trees, Cheap Wine/Cold Chisel.
    Anything by The Beatles and AC/DC.

  25. Kels

    I agree with Matt about Billy Joel.

    “So I would choose to be with you, that’s if the choice were mine to make. But you can make decisions too, and you can have this heart to break”
    -And so it goes

  26. jacob

    haha if you want angry lyrics listen to glassjaw.
    “It’s sexual debauchery you fucking cunt/
    you fucking whore you cost what you’re worth”
    “I kiss up to God my fists
    and I pray to keep my head
    though I like your pretty eyes better blackened
    and my fists all fucking red.”

  27. Kimberley

    I love this list. Was looking for name of artist for falling joys song so googled the lyricanf found this. Love go betweens song too

  28. jerro

    when pressed, my favourite song lyric (ignoring dylan not to be obvious, oh hell why not – “between the windows of the sea where lovely mermaids flow”) would be from “the seabirds” by the triffids, from their album born sandy devotional, simply because it opens the album and you KNOW straight away that THIS is going to be different:

    “No foreign pair of dark sunglasses will ever shield you from the light that pierces your eyelids, the screaming of the gulls.”

    theres my two cents, youve all got some lovely picks in there

  29. Maddie

    My boyfriend of three years dumped me for another girl..and when that didn’t work out he tried to come crying back. These angry lyrics just helped fuel my fire and I let him have it. Thank you 🙂 “This is gonna hurt you / more than it’s gonna hurt me / and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

  30. the.anarcist.

    We’ll be better off when it’s buried underground.
    I want to tear you away, live in a new skin.
    Because I’m tired of being covered in this film of fiction.
    band= tides of man soong = dreamhouse

  31. Jenl Martin

    If you have beef with overbearing and abusive parents…like I do..
    ..then “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette is great.
    “Be a good girl – You gotta try a little harder- That simply wasn’t good enough….to make us proud. I’ll live through you – I’ll make you what I never was – if your the best, then maybe so am I – compared to him, compared to her. I’m doing this for your own damn good. You’ll make up for what I blew. What’s the problem? Why are you crying?” ………… “Be a good boy – push a little farther now- that wasn’t fast enough… to make us happy – We’ll love you- just the way you are….if your perfect”
    That last line gives me chills.

    or how about “Bully” by Shinedown (awesome fing song!)
    “All you’ll ever be is a faded memory of a bully. Make another joke while they hang another rope…so lonely.”
    “No one’s gonna cry on the very day you die…your a bully.”

    Thanks for letting me contribute! elle

  32. Jenl Martin

    also..Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother”

    “If I tell you want to hear, will it help you to sleep well at night? Are you sure that I’m our perfect daughter? Now…just cuddle and sleep tight”

    “I’m hungry, I’m dirty, I’m losing my mind….EVERYTHING’S FINE!”
    “I’m freezing, I’m starving, I’m bleeding to death….EVERYTHING’S FINE!”

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