YouTube is overrun by Nazis

According to Godwin’s law if you call someone a Nazi in an argument, you’ve already lost the argument (actually, this isn’t accurate – check here for the history of Godwin’s law.)   It all becomes a moot point when you’re dealing with actual Nazis.

I joined in the YouTube anti-racism campaign without realising exactly how bad that Nazi infestation was.  Since posting some anti-racism videos I’ve had a first hand introduction to the pathetic fools populating that place who think they’re the master race.  Some hide behind the euphemism “white nationalist” (not that I think that’s much of a euphemism) but a lot of them are literally flag waving Nazis.

This is absolutely pathetic and it’s been making me progressively more angry.  The anger burst forth into the following video – probably the angriest one I’ve made for a while.  The funny thing is I forget to switch the proper light on so it ended up too dark.  I cheated a bit with my video editing software to boost the light so you could see me and I actually quite like the gothic look I ended up with.  I think the time has come to play with my video effects more.

As always, spread the message far and wide, however you choose.  The URL for this video is:

EDIT: A message explaining “house rules” to the nazi morons who may be popping by can be found on this post



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29 responses to “YouTube is overrun by Nazis

  1. OMG! The best angry video yet! It is informative, accurate and funny as hell. I can see the t-shirt getting a workout on your vlogs. I love it!

  2. Yeah, well, I think science is on the verge of proving that the enire concept of ‘race’ is bogus (eg. a white guy like me might genetically have more in common with an Asian/African/etc. than with another white guy like you).
    Have you ever noticed that, at a glanve anyway, these ‘master race’ advovates would, in all likelihood, be the first one into the chambers? I mean, come on, my daughter could probably throw a bitch-slappin’ into Hitler, were he alive. These guys are literally Darwin’s fucking rejects…
    Finally, may I recommend a great tune by a great band: Master Race Rock by the Dictators (it’s not a racist tune, if anyone’s worried)

  3. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch American History X, with Edward Norton and Avery Brooks. Excellent film about neo nazism in particular and racism in general. Norton provides proof of what you said on the vlog – when the intelligent ones start talking, you actually find yourself listening to them for a while before your bullshit reflex kicks in. His character seems so sincere that you almost find yourself agreeing with him. Scary.

    Speaking as someone who lives in a country where whites are the minority, and are discriminated against by law, good on you for pointing out it’s not just the whites at fault. When Zenstar was taking a social science course at varsity, the lecturer insisted that only white people can be racist, and that there is no such thing as a black racist. This was put forward as a fact, btw, that counted for the exams. Makes me mad.

  4. Moonflake – at my job I am a minority. I am the first white female to be a supervisor. Anytime I make a decision someone doesn’t like, it is because I’m a white bitch. I am often reminded how I oppressed ‘their people’ before the civil war. No I didn’t! I wasn’t alive. Get the fuck over it. Besides I am Native American heritage, so fuck them in the neck with a tomohawk!

  5. Sandra: I am determined that everyone in the world get to hear “fuck you in the neck with a…” 😀

    Moonflake: Yeah, I think I qualify as a loony leftie but it pisses me off when someone on the “left” says it’s ALWAYS whitey’s fault and other races are NEVR at fault. It’s so stupid, it’s insulting.

    Howard: Glad you liked it !

  6. Kyklops: I don’t think there was ever much science in racism, just a lot of fear and ignorance.

  7. Some of my best friends are …
    Hate the racists, especially the nazis.

  8. I just can’t believe anyone who wants to be taken seriously who join a bunch of losers (literally) like the Nazis.

  9. White and proud

    What a moron. When will people realize that we Nazis are everywhere, even in your dreams, sieg heil comrades

  10. you will be getting a lot more than emails faggot man, we are everywhere we are growing in numbers day by day, your time is coming gays

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can believe you sad losers are almost everywhere… festering under compost heaps, enjoying your favourite food in septic tanks, mouldering in dark little cellar corners along with the rest of the fungus. Nothing that shining a bright light and a little sping cleaning can’t help with.

    Can you hear the soccer crowds chanting? 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0!

  12. chris

    what a shame that your lack of intelligence and blatent hippocrisy makes you the fascist MR angry.

    and to which ever ‘genius’said that white people would have more in common than asians than any other white man. i strongly disagree with such a foolish and ill informed statment.
    and to rectify a mistake of truly astonishing proportions i would like to direct your attention to the blatent fact that if this were true it would all ready be proved by now idiot.

    and to all those who oppose nationalism and national socialism. good luck trying. because it wont work. goodnight red scum

  13. chris

    dispite the fact, yes im proud of being a national socialist. your video was quite amusing on the level you intended it to be. well done.

    but in responce to your statment ‘there are no nationalists from minoirty groups’ infact yes there at least were.

    in the mid 70’s the british movement was a nationalist political group who did allow black members.

  14. Um, I think you misheard what I said. I said from my experience anyone of any nationality who calls themselves nationalist is racist. And they can be any colour, creed or religion – my opinion is “nationalist” is code for someone who doesn’t want to come right out and admit they’re racist. But I’m glad you can take a joke.

  15. Wow, I just noticed the first comment. Were they really by the same person? Let’s see, I could make fun of you because you can’t spell. I could make fun of you because you can’t string together a coherent sentence. I could make fun of you because you spout a series of nonsensical no-sequiturs and seem to think you’ve mounted some sort of argument.

    But you know what? You’ve clearly shown yourself to be a complete tool without my help so there’s nothing more for me to do.

  16. Skinhead

    Scared to take that mask off? It’s funny that you make a video saying things such as “fuck you Nazi bastards”, do you have the courage to say that to one of us on the street? I seriously doubt it, but I do hope you try so you’ll find out who the fucking master race really is.

  17. chris

    nope im the bottom ‘chris’ well, technically both but didnt write the first one.
    but to defend my friends good intentions in his post. who by the way is no tool, he just has problems with spelling. but hey we all have flaws, yours i seem to think is your anger problem. hence this site.

    anyway to his point i think its a fair one. and by the way his post was more than understandable as you well know.
    but to the point, and yes there is one. and yes, he did mount some sort of argument. dont you think it would have been a major discovery to realise we all share common genealogy. it would render any and all argument of a higher culture and or bloodline meaningless. the aryan would quite simply not exist by default of such a discovery.
    but i, and other national socialists do believe in it. but as much more than a race. please rerer to mein kampf for the theory.

    you believe nationalist is code for racist. fair point. but define nationalist in the context of racism you believe it exists in.
    i believe it means holding the herritage and culture, and preservation of these traits of a nation above all else. its the duty of a nation to promote its culture above those form immergrints. not to merge with another culter etc. but to remain conservative and make no exeptions in the preservation and promotion of your countries identity.

    but yes i would say nationalist is somewhat of a pseudonym, in todays word for racist. not in my grandparents day. but that is a different topic.

    today its racist becuse to want to preserve the identity,culture herritage of the indigenous population of ones nation, is in itself racist.

    national socialism is growing. and will continue to, in the real word. not just behind computer screens. you really would be suprised.

  18. chris

    i thought you were some sort of burn victim so wasnt going to mention it. then i realised you seem to be donning some sort of mask. repercussions, so i could imagine wouldnt be a pretty picture.

  19. *sigh* well you can go on for as long as you like with semi-coherent rambling. In my opinion, you’re dissembling. In simpler terms, you’re making excuses for being racist. No level of excuses will change the fact you’re racist and no level of obfuscation will hide the fact. And I’m not going to let obnoxious, outdated and quite frankly unintelligent crap go unchallenged.

    And it seems unlikely you’ll understand as it requires some capacity for abstract thinking but the mask and persona are a CHARACTER. People often use characters to make a point. People often use characters to entertain. Stupid people often don’t understand the seperation between a character and the person behind it and so end up saying all manner of moronic things they think will insult the person playing the character.

    One prerequisite for successfully insulting me is I have to respect you enough for what you say to mean anything. Rest assured, anyone flying the nazi flag is a contemptible moron who has no chance whatsoever of insulting me. A lobotomised hamster would get more respect from me.

  20. chris

    is that at least some sort of praise mr angry.

    though praie enough is knowing your over exaggerated definition of the mask and its meanig, to me and to most says you have reached the end of your argument. and have resorted to ‘angy maode’ for lack of a better discription of your hamster comment and the likes.

    at this point i might as well cut out atemping to describe non racist nationalism, and just say ‘yes i am racist.’ because ill allways watch out for my own people above others. and those people are the unarguable indigenous white population of britian.

    so anyway before i say my final farewell, please continue your semi-coherent ramblings on video. as ill still watch from time to time as it is actually entertaining.

  21. You would be doing the world a favour by stopping these pathetic efforts to prove you are not racist. You are a racist by the dictionary definition – you make judgement on people based solely on race. You favour one race above other based on race alone. And you hang out on a fucking nazi message board!

    And I don’t “resort” to angry mode – I’m in angry mode 365 days a year, just like the banner says.

  22. Paul Brown

    Chris – I hadn’t realised until now that you were British as most of the nationalists that come here spoiling for a rumble seem to be American; you really need to check out some history, mate. Britain doesn’t have an idigenous population; we are all immigrants of some description, the only question is how many generations your ancestors have been here for. Personally my family goes back about four generations before leaving this damp little island – one of my great, great grandmothers was from Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, I think, although I’m not sure). Go back a few more generations and I’m part French, part Italian, part Indian and all sorts of other crap. So, you tell me, how many generations does it take before you become British?
    As far as I’m concerned, anyone with British citizenship or born within the borders of this country is as entitled to be considered British if they so wish. Maybe you should check your own family tree and find out just how “pure” white you really are.

  23. Paul: Imagine the cognitive dissonance I experience in Australia when whitey proclaimes it “their country” when nobody with white skin has had family here for more than ten generations. Actually, no wonder they’re paranoid, they know white settlers all but destroyed the previous inhabitants and they’re worried about the same things happening to them. Lighten up guys, it’s a different age. Only the weak and foolish let paranoia rule their lives.

  24. caual lad

    u soft cunt why do u hide ur face u mong 88 fagit mong

  25. you pathetic snivelling waste of protein. Typical of these incoherent hypocritical fools, talks about me hiding but doesn’t even identify himself. the master race is in safe hands with fools like this.

  26. angry aryan

    die!!! judging from the rest of my fellow aryan’s, your video was shit, I didnt even watch you jew video hopefully you will wake up to the real world and realise that blacks are a weight on socitey. holding the supreme race back from it’s true potential.

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH! OK, I swear I did not make this comment up! As much as it seems like heavy-handed satire, this is how stupid these feebs actually are!

    I love how these idiots make their own “arguments” redundant by showing what cretinous morons they are.

  28. lizzy

    I just had to pay my respects to your most awesome video and your blog entry! I came across it, and you, doing some research that seriously annoys the crap out of me with its necessity. I really love Viking and folk metal, but those particular genres are infested with the worst sorts of racist and Nazi scum who clothe themselves in the raiment of their “ancestry,” and use it as a vehicle to attack, well, pretty much anyone who isn’t white. Every time I run across a band, I have to spend a huge amount of time running an “ideology check,” i.e. Googling for hours with “[insert band name] Nazi” or “nationalist” or “politics” or “NS.” Frankly, I’m getting pretty damned sick of it, and of them. Your video gave me a much needed laugh in the middle of one of my lovely “checks.”

    I’m sick of these little stupid fucks and their goddamn 88s and 14s and stupid dipfuck symbols or symbols they’ve stolen and perverted from ancient religions. I’m sick of some of the more borderline cases hiding their racism with the worlds “volk” or “volkish” or “Odinist” or “nationalist” or whatever the fuck. I’m even sicker of the ones who hide their racism so deep that I only run into it by accident later when I go back to a website and read an interview after I’ve already downloaded and polluted my ears with their music. Gah!

    Well, you made me feel better for the moment anyway, and for that, I thank you!

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